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 Haku's Clan

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PostSubject: Haku's Clan   Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:51 pm

Haku's Clan:

A clan that lived in the Land of Water. Some time ago, the country was in the midst of a civil war. In this war, different sides battled each other using ninja, some of whom possessed kekkei genkai. After the war ended, memories of the horrific battles still lingered in the minds of the people, causing wide-spread persecutions against those with kekkei genkai. Because of this, Haku's clan, whose members carried the Ice Release kekkei genkai, went into hiding.

Haku and his mother, both deceased, are the only known members of this clan. What happened to the rest of the clan is unknown, but it is assumed that they were either killed or, like Haku's mother, went to live peaceful between normal people, without revealing their bloodline.

Haku's Clan traits and attacks:

Haku's kekkei genkai, Ice Release (氷遁, Hyōton; Viz "Haku's Secret Arts of Water", English TV "Ice Style") allowed him to combine wind and water-based chakra to create ice which he could manipulate through willpower alone. The ice Haku created was largely immune to fire-based attacks, only melting slightly when coming into contact with flames. Using his special ability, Haku developed the Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors, which allowed him to create any number of mirrors made of ice to use as a shield or trap an opponent.

Name: Demonic Ice Crystal Mirrors (魔鏡氷晶, Makyō Hyōshō; Viz "Demonic Ice Mirrors", English TV "Secret Jutsu: Crystal Ice Mirrors")
Type: Kekkei genkai, No rank, Offensive, Short to mid-range (0-10m)[1]
User: Haku
Using his kekkei genkai, Haku can create a dome of twenty-one mirrors made out of ice to trap an opponent. Twelve remain at ground level, eight are placed above the first twelve and angled toward the ground, and the final mirror is above the rest and facing the ground. Haku can then enter one of the mirrors and instantly transport to another mirror. While moving about he bombards the opponent with attacks at very high speeds, such that the rest of the world appear to be moving in slow motion compared to him. If the mirror Haku is in is broken, he can leap out of one of the fragments and continue his attack or move to another mirror. The technique requires a large amount of chakra to maintain, so Haku's movement becomes progressively slower the longer he maintains the mirrors.

Though they are made from ice, the mirrors are imbued with enough chakra to resist fire almost completely

Though these are the attacks feel free to create your own

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Haku's Clan
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