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 Akimichi Clan

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PostSubject: Akimichi Clan   Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:25 pm

Akimichi Clan:

The Akimichi clan (秋道一族, Akimichi Ichizoku) is a clan that is able to convert calories into chakra, which they then use in their hidden technique, Multi-Size Technique and its various related body-enlargement jutsu. Most of these jutsu are known to rapidly consume the user's chakra upon activation, and maintaining them during a prolonged battle can be tiring indeed, which must be why the Akimichi is prone to overeating in order to constantly replenish their chakra reserves. As a tribute to this, both Choji and Choza wear the kanji for "food" on the front of their clothing. If standard calories aren't enough for a battle, Akimichi can use the clan's Three Colored Pills to convert excess fat into chakra, at the cost of one's health.

The Akimichi clan seems to have a special relationship with the Nara clan and Yamanaka clan. For at least two generations, members of these three families have formed an "Ino-Shika-Cho trio," named after the first part of the names of the members. The Akimichi members are the Cho in the trio. "Ino," "Shika" and "Cho" are the names of three cards needed for a highly prized trick of "Inoshikacho" in the Hanafuda.

Akimichi Clan jutsu and traits:

Name: Multi-Size Technique (倍化の術, Baika no Jutsu; Viz "The Art of Expansion", English TV "Expansion Jutsu")
Type: Hiden, No rank, Supplementary[1]
Users: Akimichi clan
Hand Seals: Ram, Bird
This is a secret jutsu passed down in the Akimichi clan that expands the user's stomach. This jutsu increases the user's body size by using up the user's food energy, converting calories into chakra. Akimichi clan members tend to eat fattening foods and have large physiques in order to support this technique. When Choji Akimichi uses this jutsu in Part I, it gives him a very round appearance. When he uses it in Part II it increases his size, similar to the Super Multi-Size Technique

Name: Super Multi-Size Technique (超倍化の術, Chō Baika no Jutsu; English TV "Super Expansion Jutsu")
Type: Hiden, No rank, Supplementary[1]
Users: Akimichi clan
The Super Multi-Size Technique is basically a larger version of the normal Multi-Size Technique, but unlike the original which seemed to only expand the torso, the user's limbs and torso seem to stay in regular proportion to one another. It gives the user gigantic proportions. When Choji uses this jutsu in Part I, he must first take his clan's Three Colored Pills to increase his chakra reserves.

Name: Three Colored Pills (三色の丸薬, Sanshoku no Gan'yaku)
Type: Medicine, Supplementary
Users: Akimichi clan
The Three Colored Pills are secret medicine used in the Akimichi clan. As the name suggests, there are three pills, each with a different color. First is the green Spinach Pill (ホウレン丸, Hōrengan), next is the yellow Curry Pill (カレー丸, Karēgan), and last is the red Chilli Pill (トンガラシ丸, Tongarashigan).

By forcibly converting the body's fat reserves into chakra, each successive pill ingested gives a tremendous power boost. The Chilli Pill is even said to increase one's power a hundred times. However, the pills have a drawback. Each pill damages the body, poisoning it and since the third pill converts all one's fat reserves, the user will become dangerously emaciated. It is said that after the third pill, death is imminent.

Feel free to create your own attacks for this clan

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Akimichi Clan
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