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 Red Clouds - A Naruto SHIPPUDEN RP

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PostSubject: Red Clouds - A Naruto SHIPPUDEN RP   Thu Apr 15, 2010 2:12 pm

We have entered into the second part of a story. A story of a boy, his bonds, and the monstrosity within him.

A new dawn has begun to rise. The horizon in the distance is not a warm orange or a soft yellow. No, the sky has begun to change. Its transformation from a natural yellow has begun to shift the color spectrum, crimson and black bleeding into the heavens; the shroud of Akatsuki has made its presence known.

Their first attack was on Sungakure, made by Deidara, capturing and siphoning the ichibi (one-tail) bijuu within the Godaime Kazekage's body, killing him. The Akatsuki member Akasuna no Sasori was killed in a resulting battle by Haruno Sakura and Chiyo, Sasori's own grandmother.

Akatsuki's second attack was on the Kumogakure shinobi Nii Yugito, a woman whose body containted the nibi (two-tails), a cat-like demon referred to as the Living Ghost. Captured by Hidan and Kakuzu, the "Immortal Twins", these two were later killed by Team Kakashi and Team Asuma after the death of the latter team's leader, the final punch thrown by Uzumaki Naruto with his new, elementally recomposed Fuuton: Rasen-Shuriken.

Next was the sanbi (three-tails). The giant, turtle-like monster was captured in the wild, lacking a jinchuuriki host. The three-tails was captured by Deidara and Sasori's replacement, Tobi.

The Sannin Orochimaru attempted to take over one of the last members of the Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Sasuke, but failed. In a fight for dominance, Uchiha Sasuke proved the superior in Orochimaru's time of weakness.

And now, Uchiha Sasuke has formed a team of specially chosen shinobi, a team called "Hebi".

The world is becoming a more dangerous place as the organization Akatsuki accelerates its movements towards their true goal: world domination. With only a few bijuu left to capture, they climb ever closer to that goal. In this world of risk, danger, and fighting, the shinobi of the world begin to ready themselves for the inevitable battle which put their lives at stake. All the villages know that war is coming and their shinobi prepare themselves.

Who will you stand with? Who will you face? Train, prepare, and get ready, for the world of shinobi awaits!

What we have to offer!

Original plots, original characters, original jutsu -- the world is free-roaming! Make your own plots and develop your characters to their full potential with your fellow members and enjoy a grand mixture of canon and original material! Many canons are also still open and we're looking for great roleplayers to fill those empty spots!

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Red Clouds - A Naruto SHIPPUDEN RP
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