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 Naruto Shinobi Awakening (SA) - Naruto RP

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PostSubject: Naruto Shinobi Awakening (SA) - Naruto RP   Thu Apr 01, 2010 1:50 pm

Naruto Shinobi Awakening

The Plot:
Over a decade ago a band of Missing Ninjas decided to form a group and wage War against the 5 Great Nations. The two Ninjas responsible for the formation of this group were known as Shikataru Nara. Along with a certain Uchiha that was known to the world at large as Raiden. It was by chance or perhaps fate that these men decided to become allies. And by doing so established an organisation called the Reshiato 7. It wasn’t before long that both men began gathering other Missing Ninjas. No one was quite sure just what their motives were at the time. But it soon became clear what these men and woman was actually after. It was a set of magically orbs that possessed great power individually. It is said that those in control of these precious items could conquer the Shinobi world. But it was never to be it would seem, the Reshiato 7 did manage to get their hands on a couple of these orbs. Losing members along the way and facing internal strife. The Reshiato 7 was soon split into two factions. Shikataru had men that remained loyal to him and so did Raiden. The Shinobi’s desire to obtain the orbs saw him cross paths with a certain woman. Most notably a young woman by the name of Paksnenarrion followed Raiden endlessly. Both figured that they would finish what they had started, certain promises had been made. And the Uchiha was a man of his word too. After countless devastating attacks on villages, the Reshiato 7’s name resonated throughout the lands, creating fear and mass hysteria.
With the Reshiato 7’s power dwindling in terms of manpower.

Raiden decided to make one final move in order to obtain the last orb. It was the only one that had eluded him all this time. The Uchiha decided to use the Chuunin exams as a cover for his attack. Even during this time Shikataru Nara and his followers was nowhere in sight. But still the Uchiha went along with his plans with optimism. Even the great Raiden’s attempts would end in failure as he went for the final Orb. The Shinobi found himself engaged hordes upon hordes of Shinobi from the Hidden leaf. The man was simply overwhelmed by it all and was thought to be dead. The world at large basks in the peace that reigned supreme. The 5 Great Nations had somewhat succeeded dealing with the Reshiato 7. Not even the remnants of such an organization could be found. Shikataru Nara along with Raiden had disappeared. The Villages knew that Shikataru was still out there, but Raiden was assumed to be dead. No body was recovered but everyone was 100% sure they had rid the world of such a man. After a couple of years had gone by, Shikataru emerged once more. This time round the man had new allies and was head of another organization. The Conquistadors was born as a result of the Nara’s desire to obtain power. During this time however Raiden remained in the shadows awaiting his moment to strike out. The Nara was also on his hit list, along with the 5 Great Nations.

The Uchiha was preparing for a comeback, but it was quickly postponed. It seems the Nara had failed to live up to his expectations. The man suffered a terrible defeat at the hands of the Hidden Leaf. Which meant the Nara didn’t get far at all, being thrown in prison also must have caused even more pain for Shikataru. He was locked away in a cell but wasn’t forgotten by the world. Raiden remained in the shadows, training and gathering his strength. Even undergoing a few changes as far as appearance was concerned. The man had waited just over a decade to show himself again. But this time he was back and was on the war path now. The Uchiha opted to resurrect an organization known to many as the Akatsuki. And much like his Uchiha ancestor Raiden set out on a journey to capture the Bijuu. So far however no one knows just what he intends to do with these beats. In an effort to do things different this time, Raiden allied himself secretly with the Hidden Cloud Village. The Hidden Waterfall Village was also taken over by the Uchiha and was rebuilt. Other groups of Ninjas started coming together after the Uchiha had once again announced his presence to the world. The question that everyone wants to know is, which side will you choose?

Will you follow the path of a Missing Ninja? Or will you stay and fight for your Village? Then again you could always forge a new path for yourself like others did. Everything is up to you, whether or not your forgotten or remembered is up to you. The time has come for an Awakening!

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Naruto Shinobi Awakening (SA) - Naruto RP
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