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PostSubject: Missions   Tue Mar 23, 2010 12:00 am

Use the template below to apply for a mission. After filling the template out you are to send it to me via pm for approval. Be realistic! A genin will not be chasing after a A-Rank MN.

Here is the template.
Just copy and paste, fill in the info, be a little patient and have fun.
Remember, don't delete the codes and post it at the top.

[b]Mission Rank:[/b] The rank of the mission requested. Don't expect for it to be approved if you have a Genin and request an S-Rank Mission.

[b]Mission Location:[/b] Where you want the mission to take place. Should be an area inside a country or village,
depending on what you want to do. ([i]Ex: This post is in the Village Hidden in the Sand, under; Kazekages Mansion[/i])

[b]Extra:[/b] Any specific requests for the mission you are applying for.

[b]Description:[/b] You should describe in BRIEF detail your idea for the mission, and me or whoever decides to take the mission as an NPC. Like I said, Brief, because if you made the mission, it would be easy and no fun :] Don't worry though, it will be similar to what you want.


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