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 Taking Missions

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PostSubject: Taking Missions   Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:10 pm

Use the template below to apply for a mission. Once you fill it out, PM it to me. If it is approved I will link you to your mission thread. Once approved, you will be able to begin your mission.

Here is the template.
Just copy and paste, fill in the info, PM it to me, be a little patient and have fun. :]
Remember, DON'T delete the codes.

[spoiler][b]Mission Rank:[/b] The rank of the mission requested. Don't expect for it to be approved if you have a Genin and request an S-Rank Mission.

[b]Mission Location:[/b] Where you want the mission to take place. Should be an area inside a country or village,
depending on what you want to do. ([i]Ex: This post is in the Village Hidden in the Sand, under; Kazekages Mansion[/i])

[b]Extra:[/b] Any specific requests for the mission you are applying for.

[b]Description:[/b] You should describe in BRIEF detail your idea for the mission, and me or whoever decides to take the mission as an NPC. Like I said, Brief, because if you made the mission, it would be easy and no fun :] Don't worry though, it will be similar to what you want.[/spoiler]

If you want to take a regular mission, a list of pre-made missions are below. Simply PM me the rank and number of the mission (ex: 1E) and I will link you to your mission thread.






IMPORTANT A-S rank missions are for Jounin and up only. You must treat them as a custom mission, and follow the rules at the top of the page pertaining to custom missions.
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Taking Missions
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