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 Toshihiko Yoinagi's Character Application

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Toshihiko Yoinagi
Leaf Chuunin
Leaf Chuunin
Toshihiko Yoinagi

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Toshihiko Yoinagi's Character Application   Sun Jul 19, 2009 6:16 am

Name: Toshihiko Yoinagi

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Rank: Genin

Village: Leaf Village

Element: Fire

Personal Info:
At first Toshihiko is a shy , almost non-speaking person. But if she can find trust and honesty in somebody she can be fun and have a open mind. She doesn't like to talk about herself and she can get angry very fast.
Since the influence of her father was always there , Toshikio is afraid of making mistakes and being physically hurt.
Her specialtity is lying in chakra controlling and in using weapons.


Father - Shusuke Yoinagi (alive)
Mother - Raikouu Yoinagi (deceased)

Clan: None yet.

Bloodline: None yet.

Tattoo(s): none
Scar(s): none

Looks: See picture.

Weapon: Katana -Shorter than a regular one.
(Later she will have a scythe)

Armor: None yet.

Equipment: Smoke bombs, Metal Threads , Kunais , Shuriken , Flash Bombs , Exploding Tags.

Toshikio was born in a normal shinobi family in the Leaf village. Her mother , so says her father , was sent out on a secret mission and never returned. She was five years old when this happened and from that day on her relationship to her father had changed. Her father , Shusuke Yoinagi was always cold to her but decent after all. He did not interfere Toshihiko's dream of becoming a kunoichi. Years past and Toshikio visited the Ninja Academy and always tried her best so she wouldn't disappoint her father. Everything Toshiko wasn't able to learn right away her father had taught her in extra lessons.
She was very thankful for that.

After Toshihiko became a Genin , Shusuke decided to teach her about controlling chakra elements.As it turned out that her chakra element is fire , she was afraid. She never liked fire because it simply reminded her of things she didn't like - pain,destroying,killing etc.Shusuke helped her to overcome her fear and taught her the basics of controlling chakra elements. The results of the training are accetable.

Rp sample:

The alarm clock was ringing. Toshihiko , who has been awake already , turned it off while sitting up. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. Why do I always wake up before 8 am? She made her way to the bath room washing her face and changing into her comfortable,ordinary clothes. Her father was already in the kitchen making break fast. As she entered the kitchen her father stood there in a kitchen apron "Morning Toshihiko. Sit down and eat. You need to train today." She rubbed the back of her neck taking her seat in front of the kitchen table. "Will you train with me today ?" Toshihiko asked unsure as her father handed her a plate of scrambled eggs. Actually she knew the answer already. Both of them always walked together to the spot where she trained. It was a wide open field so she couldn't damage anything. On the way he already told her what to do and what she should work on. After he watched Toshihiko training for a while he headed to town. Sometimes he got drunk or he just went out for a walk.
Her father replied head-shaking that he wouldn't come with her today and he wouldn't walk with her to the spot either.

After she ate up Toshihiko grabbed her equipment and headed toward the training grounds.Since he didn't give her any instructions so she planned to train her accuary in firing. Lost in thoughts Toshihiko threw shuriken at the targets. For her surprise she didn't miss. Other Genin came too. They trained together and none of them came alone like she did.
Toshikio decided to work on Taijutsu and left the training grounds. She walked for a while kicking a stone in front of her. As she reached her own little secret spot she didn't really know how to practice taijutsu so Toshikio made 200 sit ups. Sighing she finished the sit ups and thought she should try to practice the fire element basics. Running she headed to a near lake. "Time to practice Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" Toshihiko was exited since she wanted to be able to use it as a trump card when it is needed. Her father didn't allow her to train it alone but since there was no reason for him to worry Toshihiko decided to do it anyway. First she wanted to practice the signs. "Mi, Hitsuji, Saru, I, Uma, Tora.." Toshikio said mumbling while doing the signs. They weren't to difficult for her so she tried to gather her chakra in her longue doing the hand signs.

The sun setted already and Toshihiko was only able to make a middle sized fireball. Disappointed she quickly headed back home. On her cheeks there we're little burns to see. As she entered her house she noticed that nobody was there. On the kitchen table was a note from her dad. It said that he won't come home until later and that food for her is in the fridge. She wasn't hungry but she was a little mad that her father probably got drunk in his favourite bar. Heading to the bath room Toshihiko took a quick shower and changed into her sleepsuit after it. Snuggling into her bed she salved the burns on her cheek. Toshihiko was already sleeping when her father returned from his trip.
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Ryusaki Uchiha
Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader
Ryusaki Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Toshihiko Yoinagi's Character Application   Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:52 am


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Toshihiko Yoinagi's Character Application
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