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 Apollo of the Sun

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Sun Genin
Sun Genin

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Apollo of the Sun   Thu Jul 16, 2009 9:06 pm


Name: Apollo Kaze

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village: Sun

Element(s): Fire, Wind, Lightning

Personal Info

Family: None

Clan: None

Bloodline: Illuminate Pulse

Tattoo(s): None

Scar(s): None



Weapon(s): Sword - Name: Angel Silverfiend, This sword has a blade with a silver hue to it, whose form suggests a plume of smoke. The guard strongly resembles a hand making a mystic gesture. Its grip is of a red metal set with tourmalines and aquamarines.

Scythe - Name: Drake Dreadwatcher (In terms, imagine a black version of Hidan's Scythe)

Armor: None

Equipment: Ninja Stars and Kunai

Extra Info

Bio: Apollo, god of the sun in a religion from a far away land. A boy was named after him in the Village of the Sun, being presented to be a god of the ninja world. On the nineteenth of August he was born into the Village of the Sun, the month of fire in which is the power of the sun. In the time that he grew up he was secluded for some time to be self independent. He was fed by nurses but for the most part left alone for the first few years of his life until the age of five.
By that time of age he had already shown great signs of high amounts of Chakra, so in which he was taken aside once more for training with Chuunin and Jounin ninja to control his chakra. One of the starting exercise's he did was simple but challenging, seeing what his elemental chakra was. Given a leaf he was told to concentrate his power to that leaf with one part of his mind, trying as hard as he could he could not do anything to the leaf. He told his instructor but he only shook his head and told him he would not leave that room until he did something to the leaf. In frustration he tried harder but still barely managed to shake the leaf, so for five days he was stuck in that room given food and water only so he could continue his training. But on the six day he small leaf burnt to a small crisp leaving only smoke in the air, he quickly went to the door pounding on it saying that he finished. But his instructor only came out with another shake of his head giving him another leaf, telling him to use another part of his mind and power on this one.
Apollo only fell to his knee's cursing the village and his trainers as he glared at the leaf in hatred, but he knew to get out of the room he had to continue the training and not whine about it. So he began to try to use another part of his power and mind on the leaf, only burning it again by accident many times only to get another leaf by his instructor. This took him two full weeks until he finally was able to tap into the other part of his power, causing the leave to be cut in half in which this time the instructor was in the and nodded with a small smile. Telling him that his elements were Fire and Wind, both very strong and he would have very few weaknesses since one of his own were the weakness of the other.
At a time before Apollo would have smiled to know that he succeeded at this difficult task but being so young and forced to do this he could not smile but only walked out the room for rest to the next challenge that his instructors would give him.
After four years of training at the age of nine he was brought to the Academy, filled with beginners not even knowing what elemental chakra they were. He merely brushed them off when they tried to speak to him, not caring for they're lazy aspects. Each day and every hour he was in the classroom or in the field he was bored and uninterested in the baby lessons they were giving him. For two years he was stuck in the academy, only learning simple jutsu's which took him at most a few hours at most while it took all the other students weeks. He was called a genius at the end of the whole ordeal, for him learning the jutsu's so quickly.
At the ceremony to become a Genin he was the first called up for his headband, and they explained on how much of a skilled ninja he would be. Although the only thing different about his graduation is that the Tenpikage was there to present him with a sword named Angel Silverfiend. It was a legendary sword of the village said to be given to a Tenpikage in ages past, infused with chakra it was unbreakable. This part of the ceremony was the only thing that Apollo enjoyed and did not expect, he took the sword and bowed to the Kage respecting him more then ever.
And in so he was to be placed in squad 1 which unlike the other squads he was the only one in it besides the jounin who he knew from his training before. Not knowing what his first act would be he waited in patience for his Jounin to arrive to the spot in which they were to meet. After an hour or two of waiting he finally arrived, with nothing but something clenched in his hand. Apollo quickly asked what mission they were to go on but the man only put his hand up to stop him and showed his other hand, unrolling it to reveal a leaf. He told him he still had one more elemental chakra to be unveiled, telling him it would be a great strength and he understood taking the leaf.
Now he had to yet again use another part of his mind and power on his leaf, to seek out his true potential. Knowing how to tap into his powers this task only took him six hours, six aggravating hours but when he succeeded in doing so the leaf slowly moved and stuck to his chest. In response to this the Jounin raised an eyebrow and touched the leaf only to yelp and pull his hand backwards as if shocked. He slowly regained his posture and told Apollo his third and final Elemental Chakra was of Lightning, a rare element among the Sun Village only deeming him more of being a great prodigy as he grew in strength.
Three more years passed until Apollo was given a B class mission, only for the reason that most chuunins and Jounins were out on missions already and he was the closest thing to them. The TenpiKage told him that he was to infiltrate The Village of Oni, a great and dark village of the ninja world Apollo would have his work cut out for him but before he would be sent he was to learn his bloodline that he was never told of. When he asked of it the Kage him that he was the villages top curiosity, telling him that he was an only child for a reason. His family was one of the strongest families in all of the Village of the sun for their blood line called Illuminated Pulse, allowing them to see the heat from any being or any heated attack also letting the user control the element of fire much more easily then other ninja. It had to be controlled so the other villages would not find out about their hidden power so they limited the child rate of the bloodline to one.
He was the only one of his kind, and he could understand that so he asked what to do to unlocke his birth right. The Kage chuckled and pointed his fingers at his eyes, telling him to focus his fire chakra to his eyes to see. And so Apollo did what he was told and found himself in a golden light, his looked around to see blotches of blue, black, purple, red, yellow and orange. He smiled to himself as he felt his new power take hold of his body, he felt it becoming natural and in sync. He chuckled to himself before telling the TenpiKage that he'd go immediately.
The morning after the meeting for the mission Apollo and his Jounin squad leader ran towards the Village of Oni, on the way he was told that they would act like normal visitors and not do anything suspicious. In two days they reached the village in which Apollo was told just to explore while he did the work but not get in trouble. And so Apollo did what he was told and explored the village until he found a temple. *Continued in RP Sample*

Rp sample: Apollo looked around the temple to find an old man who waved him closer with a gruff laugh. Not being afraid of the old man in black rags he walked over with a bored look. "Yes, what is it?" He asked the old figure as he laughed and took a shaky step forward. "You.. your not from this village are you?" he said with a laugh but put a hand up in a sign of peace. "Don't worry, I'm not your enemy but a friend hehehe." He put down his hood to show his face young but old in spirit. "I have a proposal for you young one." He said turning his back and taking hold of a Tri-bladed black as night scythe. "This here is a weapon of the lord we know as Jashin." A chill went over Apollo's body as the old man said that name. "Jashin?" He managed to say, trembling as the wind seemed to get stronger and darker. The old man nodded and laughed once more. "Yes Indeed Jashin, the great and all powerful dark god of this world who gives us mere mortal humans his power for his praise."
The man stepped forward a few paces causing Apollo to take some back. "You can gain this power to." He told him causing him to stop in his tracks. "I.. can?" He said simply, now curious causing the man to smile and hold out the Scythe. "Yeees, here take this scythe and.." He reached back as Apollo took the Scythe in his hands examining it. "This!" He said pulling out a necklace with a triangle within a circle. "The symbol and sign of our god Jashin, take it my boy and praise him." He laughed as the young ninja took the necklace and put it around his neck.
"Now once your older and more experienced come back and I'll show you the true way to praise him." And so the man walked off back to the temple and vanished leaving Apollo dazed, confused, but also excited. "This god..." He said to himself. "must be a great one"

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Kenshi Orekami
Kenshi Orekami

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PostSubject: Re: Apollo of the Sun   Fri Jul 17, 2009 7:08 am


Excellent as expected of you




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Apollo of the Sun
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