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 Rika Mizuko

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Syndicate Leader

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PostSubject: Rika Mizuko   Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:44 am


Name:Rika Mizuko




Village: Oni

Personal Info

Family:None (Has been alone at birth She was adopted at one point but they were murdered.)


Bloodline:Akuma Henshin (Demon transformation (Only if it is improved which I will add after this. I will edit this out if it is denied.)


Looks: (Picture or description) Look at avatar(Cept without horns they only appear when in transformation.)

Equipment Just a black trench coat a black shirt boots and jeans

Weapon(s): A sword

Armor: Tungsten carbide arm guards hidden under sleeves


Extra Info

Bio:Ever since she was small she had no family... She was a little abnormal and can only remember stuff from when she was 4... All she knows was that she suddenly appeared in the village of oni. She looked perfectly normal. She got adopted at the age of 5 by a middle aged couple who could not have children of their own. She grew up happily like every other child. She even graduated top of her class and became a genin. At the age of 12 she learned her basics well. Her adoptive father gave her two presents on her 13th birthday. A unusual sword which was just straight but very light and only had a hand guard on one side. The second thing was arm guards that were heavy due from the metal they were created out of. She started learning to get used to both of these. She learned the basics as quickly as she could. She gained experience from every experience she cherished it. Then one day she got a mission that was suppose to be rank d. She left confidently with her team. They were all unprepared for what was about to happen. It was a very easy thing to do they thought... All it was was to find a child that was a trouble maker usually. They followed his tracks. Everyone believed he just left the village due to the fight he got in with his mom. So everyone thought he ran away. We were quickly hired to get him back. He has only been gone for about 9 hours before we got it. No one expected it to be serious. When we found him... He was dead his body was ravaged, torn to shreds. Blood was everywhere. The sight was awful. We never seen anything like this never. Not even heard of it. It was gruesome. We heard a noise behind us. One man stood there. He had a smile and look in his eyes that sent a shiver down your spine. We stood there and got ready to fight."Don't move! Don't get any closer or we will attack you!!!." He disappeared and the team member to the left of me was cut in half in a second. The next moment she was sent flying into a tree face first. The other team member screamed but was cut short by gurgling from the blood. She passed out. While she was asleep... Her abilites awoken her bloodline. "This would be a pain if my master were to die so soon.Since I am inside this body as well." The man that killed everyone looked at her for a second. Her body was glowing. She was facing him now."I am afraid I must kill you now. She must not die yet. She hasn't even fully realized what she is yet." Horns started to form on her head She brought up her sword."She can't even awaken yet fully. She still can't reach her true form. Anyways your time is up." She disappeared from his sight and the next moment he had three cuts that were deep down his torso."This will be the only time I will save you girl. You will have to realize what you truly are from here on out." Her body slowly returned to normal. She laid there in the forest alone asleep. Her wounds fully healed even. She awoke in a mountain that she didn't recall. She was lost. All she remembered was the battle that was horribly wrong. (The rest of this will continue in an official RP lol) But after four years she finally returned to her village.(Like I said rest will be in an RP cause this is a little big lol.)

Rp sample:The morning was bright. She quickly jumped out of bed and stretched."Mmmm, what a beautiful day. I hope it will be like this for awhile. After all its finally spring." It was always a cold winter where she lived. She loved the spring cause the days were never too hot or too cold. She quickly got dressed and put on her sword and arm guards which she was accustom too. They were memento's of her parents. Sure they might have not been her really parents. But she loved them dearly. Ever since she was small she wanted to be a ninja and they supported her. She remembered the story of how they were murdered while she was gone. If only she was there maybe she could have saved them. She blamed herself a little for their deaths."Rest in peace mother and father." She said the same thing in front of their picture every morning. She quickly prepared breakfeast and left she had a job to do today. She had no team since she only recently returned about a month ago. Everyone questioned what happened to her those four years she was gone and what happened that day when her team was murdered. The thing she found strange was that the man who killed them and knocked her out. His body was there. Three large deep cuts across him. Apparently he was a rouge ninja who was hired to create some chaos. He was half a psycho path as well. They heard stories about him and where surprised to see him dead since he was equal to a special jounin. It was still a mystery to her that she woke up so far away from where she got knocked out she always wondered what happened. After finishing her breakfest she smiled and quickly left after locking everything."Today is going to be a beautiful day I know it!"
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Ryusaki Uchiha
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Ryusaki Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Rika Mizuko   Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:23 am

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Rika Mizuko
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