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 Karamu Tomasu

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Karamu Tomasu

Karamu Tomasu

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Character sheet

PostSubject: Karamu Tomasu   Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:03 am

Name: Karamu Tomasu

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village: Rain

Element(s): Water

Personal Info

Family: Two weapon makers (they are adoptive parents)




Looks: He also often wears a long brown coat and straw hat above these clothes. He wears his headband on his forehead with hair covering some of it.


Weapon(s): Karamu carries 2 umbrella's strapped to his back which contain a good amount of senbon which he uses to rain senbon down upon on opponents. He also carries kunai around pockets on his clothes and he has explosive tags and poison gas bombs

Armor: Shoulder pads and some along the arms

Equipment: Breath mask for underwater or tough breathing conditions and pouches for containing weapons or food.

Extra Info

Bio: Karamu has grown up in the rain villae for all his life, or at least the part he can remember. He was told he was adopted at an early age, apparantly his parents dropped him in the village and then ran away. Karamu took it well but he was still young and he grew up with two weapon makers who taught him how to use different weapons and how to use his body as a weapon and so he grew up efficient in weaponry and taijutsu, his favourite weapon was a umbrella which he would throw into the air and it would open up and rain senbon down and he could direct the majority of the senbon with chakra, it was the ultimate offence because only a wall or shield could hope to stop it, there was no escape and not many defences. By the age of 7 he joined the ninja academy and he got through with average marks, his ninjutsu was fairly poor but he made up for it with tremendous weapon and taijutsu skills. He graduated at the age of 10 and became a genin. He then was posted with a few squads, he kept getting moved because the squads kept getting killed and leaving him and sometimes the jounin as the soul survivor(s). He has since became 15 and is one of the most deadly ninja in the genin when it comes to weaponry and taijutsu, a feat he is proud of, he continues to better himself by going on expeditions where he goes and lives of the wild and trains for long amounts of time. He normally spends his time training or relaxing, not much else since he has no squad. He has made it a goal to become a powerful enough ninja to leave the village on good terms and travel the wide and mysterious world he lives in. This is the story of Karamu Tomasu so far.

RP sample: This was from a other site, I hope you don't mind: Shibito had missed with most of his kunai but one had landed some damage and Shibito had felt quite happy in his head, but then he saw Cyrus coming closer after he had regained his footing, he saw Cyrus checking his pockets and Shibito felt a slight dread 'Please no more tags, i've seen enough explosions' To his joy Cyrus had more tags but then he did someting else, he said that he would not miss and then he blasted airwaves forth, without thinking, Shibito brought forth a tube in each palm which blasted out flames towards the airwaves and Cyrus. He saw the waves could not reach him but the flames could not reach Cyrus, The flames continued for a bit then died out, He would need to wait a bit for the flames to come back, he knew the air waves would of died out by then, no one at genin level could keep the waves coming for longer then Shibito could shoot flames or not by much, he got hit by a small wave and fell back a bit and dragged himself back by his hands, He had been burnt slightly but it did not matter, he was not blown back into the wall, if he had been then he would of been smashed against the wall, this guy was evil, he was not wanting just a win, he wanted death as well. Shibito stared at Cyrus and felt a slight dread, he had pulled out all the stops and he could still not win. He knew what he must do, he raised one hand and shouted "Right that is enough, I'm gonna have to give up, please can some one get me out of here, I can't walk as you may be able to see."
Shibito hoped someone would come down, he did not want to spend anymore time with this guy, if he could cry he would of, he felt he had done well but he had still failed, there was nothing more he could do. He lay against the wall and hoped that Cyrus would back off.
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Kenshi Orekami
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Karamu Tomasu   Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:27 am

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Karamu Tomasu
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