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 Narutu Uchiha

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PostSubject: Narutu Uchiha   Tue Apr 05, 2011 10:25 pm

General Character Info

Name: Narutu Uchiha

Nickname/Alias: Naru

Age: 17

Birthdate: jan. 23.
Gender: girl

Height: 5ft 1in

Weight: 99lbs

Appearance: the pic

Personality: nice, calm, short tempered, aggressive, bold

Relatives: uchiha's

Nindo: to be the best kunoichi ever

Clan Information

Clan Name: uchiha

Clan Symbol: white and red fan

Kekei Genkai: sharingan

Kekkei Genkai Description: eye jutsu

Rank/Village Information

Rank/Classification: Jonin/Anbu captain

Village: leaf/sand

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: any jutsu and swordsmen ship

Elemental Affinity: fire

Fighting Style: sneaky but head on

Equipment: sword and any ninja tool

History/RP Sample

History/Background Story: Narutu was 9 when she became Genin, 13 when she became Chunin and 13 when she became Anbu. during the age of 12 sasuke left the leaf village right after the chunin exams so when sasuke left Narutu followed during that time tsunade assembled a team to retrieve sasuke and narutu, when naruto finally caught up to sasuke at the final valley narutu watched them fight. When sasuke won (when naruto was unconscious) narutu and sasuke went to orochimaru when they got there they were greeted by kabuto. The next day Narutu got a gift from orochimaru it was the heaven curse seal. so that day forward they were orochimaru's pawns. a month after that narutu left to the akatsuki when she saw itachi she wanted to join so she did. and she was partnered not with zetsu but with her brother and his partner. That day when she joined the akatsuki (which really was like a invite) Narutu got the mangekyo Sharingan by killing one of her "best friend's" at the hidden sound village. 5 months later sasuke made her go back to the sound.

RP Sample: Narutu walks by glares at Kabuto. "Kabuto i'm bored" Narutu says to kabuto. "Well what do you want me to do about it?" Kabuto asks in a angry way. "Can you get Kimimaro for me?" Narutu asks Kabuto in a bored way. " ... ok ..." Kabuto gets up to go find Kimimaro. "Narutu, what are you doing?" Sasuke asks in a curious way. "Being bored" Narutu says. "What are you doing?" Narutu asks in a curious but bored way. "I'm going for a walk" Saskue says in a calm voice. "Bye" Narutu say's will she looks around the room. "Here" Kabuto says to narutu. "Hi Kimimaro" Narutu says in a happy voice. "So what do you want?" Kimimaro asks suspiciously. "I'm bored, So what do you want o do?" Narutu asks. "Lets train" kimimaro says. "ok" narutu says while standing up. they both go outside. Narutu activates the Mangekyo Sharingan. "Ready?" asks Kimimaro. "...." Narutu just sands quietly. "ok then" "Tsukyomi" Narutu whispers. Kimimaro falls to the ground. "What happened?" Sasuke asks. "I was bored" Narutu says, then walks back inside complaining how bored she is.
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Narutu Uchiha
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