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 Denkou clan

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PostSubject: Denkou clan   Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:31 pm

Name of Clan: Denkou

Clan Insignia:

Clan Bloodline: Raidengan(Thunder & Lightning Eye) is a Dōjutsu Kekkei Genkai, which appears in the members of the Denkou clan. It is only first unlocked under some stressful, emotional or Training condition after which the Raidengan may be used freely. The Raidengan has four stages the first is considered the awakening stage while the second the Mature stage. As the Raidengan evolves, the user gains heightened abilities. The levels up from the Mature stage is the Arashi Raidengan (Storm's Thunder & Lightning eye), which is gained by means other than training, and the Mashin Raidengan (Devil's Thunder&Lightning eye) which is forbidden among clan members, both of which are Special eyes and not evolutions. The Only level Above the Mashin and Arashi Raidengan is the Joukai Raidengan(Heaven's Thunder&lightning Eye), the Highest level of the Raidengan which is gained by fusing the Mashin and Arashi Raidengan in a user. The eyes drain little if no chakra at all the Mashin and Arashi use more chakra but nothing significant, the Joukai Raidengan uses a significant amount of chakra


Clan techniques:

Clan defining Traits: They all have blue eyes and Jet black hair.

Clan History: The Denkou Clan was found in the land of lightning long before the ninja villages were ever formed and were once one of the primary clans in that region. The creator of the clan as known as Shindo Sayo the first ever to have the Raidengan ability though no one truly knows how he obtained it, it is said that it was bestowed upon him by Raijin the god of thunder an lightning for his bravery in battle, the story goes that there was a large battle between the Sayo Clan and a rival clan of the land of lightning, the rival clan completely decimated the Sayo clan all of whom except Shindo was killed, Shindo was the strongest in the clan and his survival was understandable, he fought bravely but could not fight an entire clan forcing him to flee and hide but the rival clan sent some of its members after him they planned on exterminating all of the Sayo clan. While evading his hunters Shindo was finally cornered on the top of a mountain ridge, details are sketchy on what actually happen but it is said a Loud roar from the clouds shook the area and a large Lightning bolt struck down where Shindo was, the Hunter's were not at the top of the mountain but pretty close after the flash of lightning they rushed to where Shindo would be and confronted him but he was different his eyes were strange and he killed most of them while two were forced to flee, from that day Shindo changed his last name to Denkou.

Rumors spread about a man with strange eyes who defeated all in his path a man called Shindo Denkou. Shindo's main focus was the revival of his clan having seven children all of which when they became of Age had seven children each themselves, Shindo lead the Denkou a new and small clan but very powerful especially in the land of lightning. At the time of Shindo's peaceful death in his sleep he was 90 years old and the Denkou was already an established power in the land of lightning, Shindo was also the only person in the Denkou clan to obtain the Joukai Raidengan (Heaven's Thunder&lightning Eye) with out fusing the Arashi and Mashin eyes the means of how he did it is still unknown but it is probably because he was the first with the Kekke genkai. A Few years after Shindo's death two clan members who were looking for metals to create weapons found a strange black metallic substance in a mountain area which was shaped and created by a meteor Shower thousands of years before, while experimenting with the substance the Denkou found that the metal was stronger than steel and had a better flow path of electricity, the clan had the metal Mined and kept it a secret claiming it as their own. The metal was soon named Denki just to show the clan's ownership of it.

After some time the ninja villages were formed and the clan took its place in the village hidden in the clouds being one of the most influenced clans in it Highly esteemed and respected in t he village for the clans known skill as shinobi and power with the lightning release, around this same time the clan changed its leader ship structure from having one leader to a Council of wise elders to decide and run the clan's affairs.

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PostSubject: Re: Denkou clan   Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:58 pm

Dude, this site is pretty much dead.
Ryusaki, this site's head admin, RPs here. Along with a bunch of other people from and here and other places.

Note for NinjaGirl: NinjaGirl, I have already warned them of your ad attacks, so don't even dare join that site and try to wreck it with your stupid ads.
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Denkou clan
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