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 Ninja Way

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PostSubject: Ninja Way   Thu Jul 08, 2010 6:13 pm

The start
Ninja Way isn't like all the other Naurot rp's out there. Everyone start's off as a genin and works their way up. You choose your ninja path, village leader, respected shinobi in your village even most notorious rogue. But to do that you have to forge that path starting from genin. We also have missions which help you raise your stats, mission's are important for ranking up. Most sites don't even have mission's. This helps your rp skills work from the bottom to the top. Thank you and enjoy.

Become your Ninja Dream
-Follow your story
-Do anything, anywhere
-Do Missions
-Rank up from Genin to Kage
-Become a known legend

Be supported
-Enjoy frequent, weekly updates
-Use an advanced system for jutsu casting
-Live feed of important events, such as tournaments

Become anyone, anywhere!
-Become a host of a Bijuu after a long journey
-Join the Akatsuki to hunt down Jinchuriki
-Become ANBU to hunt down Akatsuki

Of topic

-Practise area also avaliable
-Roleplay for special events, like birthdays
-Talk about off-topic things
-Battle grounds

Join the NarutoNinja Way!
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Ninja Way
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