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 Ocean Coast

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Sîn Nara
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Mist Chuunin
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PostSubject: Ocean Coast   Wed Apr 14, 2010 2:19 pm

Team 9 of Kirikagure had been on the move for only a day, but they had already reached the coast of the Great Ocean, and intended to follow it until they reached the southern border. Having a very important naval traffic, the Land of Water had a more developed coast line than inner land compared with the other great countries of the continent. Its ninjas being masters in the arts of manipulating water, this position also gave it a great defencive advantage. As such, Kirikagure's old enemies and rivals often tried to bribe traitors into helping them gain a foothold on the island before any invasions. This was why getting rid of such traitors at the fastest rate was a priority, even if in themselves they were a small threat.

Moving along the coastline road, Sîn, Chiro, Lyia and Inei walked at a brisk pace, trying to not spend too much energy while still reaching their destination in a short amount of time. Having adopted a silent approached, the four ninjas tried to draw as little attention as possible on their way to the troubled area. Even if they were missing-nins and traitors, their target had probably rallied part of the locals, even under the threat of fear, under their orders. Luckily enough for the three chuunins, their old sensei knew the Land of Water quite well, especially its western shore, and he would notice anything out of the ordinary on the way. With a steady pace, they could reach the targeted area by the middle of their second day of walking, locate the enemy's hideout and take it out...
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Ocean Coast
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