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 Cloud Sykes

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PostSubject: Cloud Sykes   Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:25 pm

Name: Cloud

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village: Village of the stars

Element: Lightning

Personal Info

Cloud was born into the Sykes family, part of an ancient clan of exorcists called the archanox, however his parents were murdered and only he and his sister Elena remain

Clan: Archanox


Angel Form

Requirements: Full Moon

Clouds hair grows to be almost as long as his body and a pale white colour.
He grows large white wings that can act as a shield from minor attacks such as kunai and low level Jutsu’s.

In this form Cloud is 3x faster and has double the amount of chakra he has in his normal form. He also wields a stave which is one and a half meters long and capable of blocking any normal weapon without breaking.

Demon Form:

Requirements: Lunar Eclipse
Appearance: Cloud becomes bulks up tremendously, growing two large horns on his head and tough black skin that can nullify projectiles such as kunai and shuriken's and also defend against weak jutsu’s. Cloud also has retractable claws that can extend to as long as a kunai. Cloud has double the amount of normal chakra in this form as well as being 3x as strong.

Tattoo(s): none
Scar(s): none

Looks: (Picture or description)


• Kunais
• Shurikens
• Family heirloom buster sword
• Smoke bombs

• Shoulder pad on left shoulder

standard ninja stuff?

Extra Info

Cloud was born in the village of the moon 17 years ago. His parents were exorcists for their village, an important yet thankless task as he was picked on by some of the other children his age because of his family’s occupation. When Cloud turned 14 there was a lunar eclipse, a once a year event that had the villages prophets in a frenzy saying it was an evil omen.
While Cloud does was not there to witness it, during the lunar Eclipse Clouds parents were brutally murdered inside their home, leaving only Cloud and his younger sister alive. Elena never saw the gruesome sight of their parents spread across the floor, walls and ceiling but Cloud did and became withdrawn ever since. The culprit was never found and many believed it was the demons that had been exorcised coming back to take revenge on Clouds family and the villages Kage had little choice but to do something to alleviate his people’s fears.

The next day both Cloud and Elena were sent to live with their relatives in the village of the stars, there they have lived ever since. Cloud had been trained as a Ninja from the age of 5 at the village of the moon, and continued this training at the village of the stars, his motivation protecting his little sister- his only living blood relative at all costs.
Cloud is now 17 and his sister is 14. Cloud has spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and has a habit of wearing entirely black long pants, shirt, shoes and gloves in the style of the Demon exorcists that he descends from. Cloud also possesses his family’s ancient heirlooms- a talisman which he wears under his clothes and is in the shape of the arcane symbol for protection and a large sword that was used for exorcisms.

Rp sample:(Required for rank higher then Academy Student)

Cloud stabbed his sword into his stricken foe. The armored figure was on the ground in front of him, crying for mercy but Cloud was deaf to his cries as he plunged his blade through his chest, cleaving flesh form bone and shattering his spine. Cloud turned to the dead man’s comrades who numbered no more than seven and stood hesitantly only 10 paces away, after seeing Cloud dispatch one of their own so coldly, so ruthlessly, that their morale had been sapped. Cloud extracted his blade from the dead man with a hideous sucking sound as the flash released the blade.
With a flourish he whipped his blade to the side, spraying the man’s blood onto the ground and leaving his sword clean. With cold detachment he began towards the remaining foes before him. They garnered whatever courage they had and rushed towards him, hoping to stop this demon that was bearing down on them.

Cloud ducked a careless swing and punished the wielder by impaling his midsection and forcing the blade upwards, splitting his spine in two. He swung the sword around with the already dead man still impaled to block a man wielding a mace. The man’s body was torn apart on impact leaving Cloud free to swing again. With speed that seemed impossible with such a blade Cloud blocked a blow from behind, his blade over his shoulder and flat against his back, point stuck firmly into the ground.
The remaining 4 men took the opportunity to strike at him while his blade was occupied. Cloud jumped, holding the blade firmly embedded in the blood soaked earth and flipped backwards, kicking out at the mace wielders neck, hearing cartilage break on impact and the man was down, choking as he held his neck.

Without hesitation Cloud knocked the man over onto his back and slammed his boot into the man’s skull and proceeded to crush it with a loud and echoing crack that stopped the other 4 men in their tracks. Where Clouds foot was, there remained only a puddle of brain matter and broken skull fragments. Cloud drew his sword from the earth, swinging it at the hapless men, spraying sand into their faces. In an instant Cloud was upon them, beheading one man and cleaving off the upper left portion of another’s torso. Blood flew, splattering over Cloud, but he didn’t care, he was relentless, a machine.

The remaining two men made to flee and Cloud watched them go impassively, perhaps they thought he didn’t care about two men getting away… They were mistaken. Cloud rushed at them, easily outstripping them, bringing long talons slashing across their backs, cutting into their spines paralyzing them. He would leave them for the vultures to feast on, if they were lucky they would die before then.
Cloud turned his back on the flames and set off back to the city. In the silhouette of the flames, covered in blood, he was a truly demonic presence to behold with the sun eclipsed by the moon high up in the sky above.

Cloud woke from the nightmare with a start, breathing heavily he got out of bed, going into the kitchen to get a drink. When he turned on the light he was met with walls painted in blood and parts of his mother and family strewn across the floor.
Cloud screamed...
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PostSubject: Re: Cloud Sykes   Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:34 pm

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Cloud Sykes
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