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 Cloud's Bloodline

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PostSubject: Cloud's Bloodline   Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:01 pm

name: Hi no Shin-en (celestial abyss)

Rank: C

Cloud can transform under very specific circumstances

Angel Form

Requirements: Full Moon

Clouds hair grows to be almost as long as his body and a pale white colour.
He grows large white wings that can act as a shield from minor attacks such as kunai and low level Jutsu’s.

In this form Cloud is 3x faster and has double the amount of chakra he has in his normal form. He also wields a stave which is one and a half meters long and capable of blocking any normal weapon without breaking. Cloud is able to choose one time during each month when he wants to transform. If he does not use a transformation before the month is over then the ability to transform that month does not roll over into the next month

genin: 20 minutes

chounin: 40 minutes

jounin: until moon sets

Archanox Blade:

Cloud inherited a unique family heirloom that is passed down through his family's Clan who are master sword users and is now in his possession.

At genin level the blade is perfectly ordinary with no special abilities or functions, however at chuunin level Cloud can break the seal on the weapon and reveal its true form which is that of a blade that can be broken into up to 7 separate blades.

At Jounin level and up Cloud can begin to learn and master the Archanox clans special sword techniques, most notably the afterimage strike which allows all the swords to be controlled handlessly by copying the movements of the blade cloud is holding.

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PostSubject: Re: Cloud's Bloodline   Wed Jul 08, 2009 9:05 pm

If there are limits like genin can only hold one form for so long and jonin have mastered it and so on

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Cloud's Bloodline
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