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 The Four Bears of Entaracrose

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PostSubject: The Four Bears of Entaracrose   Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:29 am

Name: Molniya, Ogonʹ, Voda, Zemlya

Rank: A

Element: Raiton, Katon, Suiton, Doton


The four bears of Entaracrose each have a personality of their own according to their element.

[*]Molniya has an electric personality, she can attract people quite easily, but after a short while she will pull out something that will completely surprise you.
[*]Ogon' has a fiery personality, he is strong and courageous, he really won't take anything against him or those of the other four bears.
[*] Voda has a smooth and soothing personality, she is also quite lenient in what she believes to be acceptable and it takes much more for her to become upset.
[*]Zemlya has a stubborn and rock solid personality, he rarely communicates outside the four bearsl however he is quite smart and would be considered the tactician of the group.

Each bear is an element upon itself, and as such they are of the colors associated with that element.

[*]Molniya is a deep yellow color, her fur sticking up on end due to the constant flow of electricity that runs through her body.
[*]Ogon' is a fiery bear possessing a deep charcoal color as well as a dark red undertone, his fur seemingly singed although touch can prove this is not true.
[*]Voda is a very light blue, she possess a coloring that can seem almost white if the sun is bright, her fur seems wet to hethe touch and water seemingly drips off of her as if she had just exited the ocean.
[*]Zemlya is a dark brown color, his fur smells of the earth and he seems to possess a light cover of freshly tilled dirt across his fur.

Weight: Eight hundred pounds

Height: twenty feet on hind legs

Specialty: Each bear possess a specialty in jutsu of their respective element.

Family: The four bears are related as quadruplets.


The four bears of Entaracrose possess power of the elements, the only element not represented within the four bears is wind, for wind has no substance and so it is impossible to embody within the shape of a living creature. Standing taller than any normal bear and possessing physical strength to crush boulders and throw buildings, these bears are quite powerful.

Each bear is immune to its respective element and a jutsu of that same element only makes them stronger, however the bears weakness seems to be along the same lines as you would find within a shinobis jutsu, they take double damage from the stronger element and so it is much easier to hurt them if you use this to your advantage. However, it is nearly impossible to exploit this weakness for the bears are summoned together and work together to take down an enemy, if you can take out Molniya however, the rest would soon follow.


Each bear can use any jutsu of its respective element, up to and including the rank of which it possess.

Elemental Transfer
A-Rank Ninjutsu
By conforming their powers the bears can pass on their elemental affinity and ability to perform jutsu of that element for a short while, however this comes with a few restrictions. First of all a person may not possess more than one elemental affinity that was passed onto them from an outside source, and second the jutsu that are able to be performed are a single rank lower than that of the bear who passed them on. The bear that passed on their affinity retains only a small amount and is incapable of fighting, or even moving while another possess its power.
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The Four Bears of Entaracrose
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