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 Legend Bloodline -Complete-

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Flame Special Jounin
Flame Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Legend Bloodline -Complete-   Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:08 pm

Name of Bloodline: Legend Bloodline

Rank of Bloodline: C-S

Description of Bloodline:
Unlocks Diamond as a sub element. (Fire+Earth)
Users can master the production and storage of diamond within their chakra for instant use. Upon reaching stage three users unlock the eye technique Blue Bladed Eyes.

Stage 1 (Genin Rank): Users are just beginning to learn chakra control and have limited supplies. Able to use six B rank diamond jutsu before diamond supplies run low.

Stage 2 (Chuunin) Chakra reserves and master are improved. Able to use five A rank Jutsu and 9 B rank before supplies are low. Ocne during battle users are able to replenish half their reserves (two post prep).

Stage 3 (Special Jounin +): Real master for Chakra and reserves. Able to use 2 S rank Jutsu, 9 A rank, 15 B rank. Twice per battle able to replenish 75% of reserves.

Blue Bladed Eyes:
In stage 1 overall stats receive a 25% boost (stamina/strength/chakra) Reaction time is boosted as well as speed. The enemy seems to have slowed though in reality the user's speed has just increased that much.
Diamond Dust: Users are able to control sand-like clouds of diamond with similar results. Used for quick defense and can be turned into a solid attack on the fly.
Rank: C

Diamond Slag: By melting a cloud of diamond dust Users turn it into a less refined liquid state. In this state clones can be created with a resilience much higher than that of a kage bushin or standard clone. In this state a mock Katon/Fuuton like blast can be fired.
Rank: B

Diamond Slag Katon: Similar idea to a standard katon but with the added effect of splash damage should the attack miss.
Rank: C

Slag Clone: Self explanatory, a diamond slag clone with higher defense than a standard clone.
Rank C

In stage 2 overall boost is raised to 35% with telekinetic abilities appearing.

Telekinesis : Able to move objects with their mind. Able to stop B rank ninjutsu or redirect them before impact.
Rank: A

Levitate: Users are able to float above the ground with the sensation of ice skates paired with the speed of skydiving. The speed of the user is increased significantly.
Rank: A

In stage 3 overall boost is raised to 40% with telekinesis abilities mastered.
Users are able to lift heavy objects with their telekinesis such as giant summons.

Sands of Time: Users are able to slowly tear their enemies apart by wearing their skin away as if sand being blown from a dune. Their skin begins to deteriorate and then depending on what the caster wants done with the victim they could be set free with what would be likened to 2nd~3rd degree "burns" on their skin or they could be blown into dust. The caster would have to catch their prey with their hands before lifting them up into the air. While caught in this jutsu the prey could escape using Genjutsu or attempt to shake the caster's attention with a Ninjutsu. Though they would have to accomplish this without hands as the caster locks extremities in place.

Rank S

While in the state of Blue Bladed Eyes massive quantities of chakra are used up. In stage 1 the strain on the body is easily manageable. In stage 2 prolonged use results in fatigue at a more expedient rate with Telekinesis causing bleeding from the nose/brain. The mind is aged at a quicker rate (Users are actually weakened while using this tech even though there is a booster in general stats)

Stage 3 the mind suffers serious strain. Users could potentially pass out during battle if they are not careful. The aging process is increased further with the user becoming physically weakened after use as well as mentally drained.

Mastery: While mastery of each stage can allow for prolonged use without negative effects it takes extensive training to reach this state. Even when fully mastered the user only slows the negative effects/dulls them but never fully stops them.
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PostSubject: Re: Legend Bloodline -Complete-   Mon Mar 29, 2010 4:07 pm


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Legend Bloodline -Complete-
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