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 Leonardo Devangari

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PostSubject: Leonardo Devangari   Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:18 pm

General Character Info

Name: Leonardo Devangari

Nickname/Alias: Leonard, Leon, Leo

Age: 21

Birthdate: January 4th

Gender: Male

Height: 6'9"

Weight: 234 lbs


Leo is a tall lightly tanned male who has naturally blond shoulder length hair although he dyed it a dark purple when he decided that it might look good. He has sky blue eyes that are kind unless he dislikes you then they are full of hatred and sometimes blood lust. He has a tattoo upon his right shoulder on the shape of his clan emblem although he does not know what it is.

Leo wears a white cloak that is about 1" above the ground when he is standing. His silver bladed black glaives are strapped to his back whereas his other weapons mainly knives are hidden about his body. He has black leather boots which have both a steel heel and toe, a knife can be seen sticking out of the top of both.



Leo distrusts everything he rarely speaks and when he does it is more likely to be something cryptic that could be an answer to your question or it may not have anything to do with it. He refuses to speak to strangers and is more suited to hunting down and capturing missing nin than escorting rich merchants or other things where he has to interact with people especially young children or children in general actually. He has actually gone so far as to lock all emotions away for reasons unbeknownst to anyone but a few.

In battle he kills without mercy and goes for the vitals with every attack always trying to bring his opponent down or at the very least force them to surrender. He will always accept a surender unless his enemy has forced him into Battle Mind and once he enters battle mind he will not stop until it ends.

Relatives: Alice and Jashin (Mother and Father), Numerous unnamed people holding the same last name.

Nindo: To rid the world of fools

Clan Information

Clan Name: N/A

Clan Symbol: N/A

Kekei Genkai: N/A

Kekkei Genkai Description: N/A

Clan History: N/A

Rank/Village Information

Rank/Classification: Jounin/Syndicate/A.N.B.U

Village: Sunagakure no Sato

Skill Information

Skill Specialty:

Elemental Affinity: Fuuton

Fighting Style: Goken

1x Pair of size 17 steel toed and heeled white leather boots

4x 5" knives, 1 in each sleeve and one in hidden compartment inside sole of each boot

4x 12" knives, 1 located on outside of each boot and 1 in sheath on each leg

2x retractable arm blades that are designed so that when the fist is clenched the springs cause it to release

1x pair of gloves with steel nubs one each knuckle

2x Glaives strapped to back

1x Ninjato in sheath that is underneath glaives on back

History/RP Sample

History/Background Story:

Leo was born into the Devanagari Family living happily and peacefully until the age of ten where he was found to be able to use the clans KKG Battle Mind. After passing the test he began training in the fighting style of goken becoming physically stronger. He was a prodigious student and quickly surpassed the expectations as most people born to his clan took months longer to get as far as he had. He longed to become a true ninja of the hidden mist but as was the rules of his clan was not permitted to go tot he academy until he was able to control his KKG to the acceptable standard which took most 2 years although he was unable to do it until he was 14.

When he reached the age of 14 he was enrolled into the academy although he was given separate classes than the other students due to his age and quickly learned all the jutsu he was given to learn and the classes he was in quickly became boring as they usually involved things like politics and geography which he disliked. He passed onto genin after a year at the academy due to his previous training and the fact that he already knew most of that which was taught at the academy.

He graduated from the academy at 15 and quickly learned all the jutsu and other lessons his sensei gave him, he even went so far as to surpass both his team-mates with ease. He went on multiple missions and never failed in a single one of them always succeding even if his teammates went down or failed to complete them. It got to the point where he took the Chunnin test and passed with ease coming out in first position for the elemination tournament.

As a chunnin he was sent on more difficult and dangerous missions and yet again never failed a single one, until he was given a S rank mission as he was the only person available at the time. This mission was to escort a princess through dangerous territory and defend her against all threats which included high ranking missing nin looking for a ransom and other dangerous individuals. He failed the mission when he was unable to defend the princess against a group of Missing Nin who had teamed up to capture the girl and would share the ransom equally among themselves. Leo almost died trying to defend the girl and would have if a member of the A.N.B.U from another village had not been passing by after returning froma mission. The A.N.B.U quickly disposed of the three missing nin and took over the mission leaving Leo on the ground bleeding and dying.

Leo returned to his village crawling the entire way and survived through sheer willpower, reporting that a member of A.N.B.U from Kirigakure had taken over the mission and that he had failed to complete it. He was disgraced by himself and even though it was not his fault he hated that the Kazekage had given him the mission when he would be unable to complete it. From that day on he vowed to destroy the five kage and rid the world of fools like them.

He trained himself every day eventually attaining the rank of Jounin and succeeding in becoming a member of the A.N.B.U which allowed him acces to secrets that he did not have before. He now continues his career as a shinobi awaiting the day when he grows strong enough to fulfill his vow.

RP Sample:

Patrolling, a duty that got a ninja out of the village and gave him the chance to go places, for most it is something they look forward to others prefer to sit at a desk and push a pencil and still others preferred teaching future shinobi the Ninja Arts. But for some they fell into none of these categories and rather were placed in a third, this third category contained people who were A; Either too important themselves to patrol or able to handle much more important missions that patrolling was a boring unappealing thing to do or B; it was the only thing they were trusted to do without screwing up.

On this day the average weather of Sunagakure enveloped the village in the form of a hot beaming sun falling down upon the sand and increasing the heat due to the crystallized properties of this sand. A man of abnormal height walked through the entrance gates of the village with the familiar gait of someone who was not only on business but would destroy anything that tried to stop him from going where he wanted to be. This man who stood about 6'11" was a tall imposing figure with his hood pulled up to hide his face or rather the blue ceramic feline mask that concealed his face from view.

This many definitely fit into the third category choice A, able to handle much more important missions so patrolling was boring an unappealing to them. This man was of the A.N.B.U. and the only reason he had agreed to go on a patrolling mission was because he was to be meeting a group of Genin and he was supposed to show them the ropes of patrolling so that they could "one day" take over for him. He had no plans of sticking around long enough for these Genin to grow to like him he was going to teach them what they needed to know and then watch from afar as they went about it clumsily helping only if there was serious need otherwise he would just sleep or read.

As he walked along the path outlined only by a few small rocks every two or three meters to the shady rock that he was to meet his charges, he checked his mask making sure it would stay in place, he always wore the mask because if he took it off anyone who saw him with the mask would instantly know he was a part of A.N.B.U. and while it didn't really matter to him personally it might screw with missions he went on. So when he reached the clearing mask in place and early by a couple hours he jumped up into a tree and sat on a branch leaning against the trunk and waited there silently and without movement for the Genin.
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PostSubject: Re: Leonardo Devangari   Sun Mar 28, 2010 3:07 pm

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Leonardo Devangari
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