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 Battle Mind

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PostSubject: Battle Mind   Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:07 pm

Name of Bloodline: Battle Mind

Rank of Bloodline: C-A-S

Description of Bloodline:

Battle Mind has three levels each of them are about the same as the previous but are more powerful and enhanced and can only be activated while in the previous level. It only surfaces in a few people mostly males and no one that has been born so far can use level 3. If you can use Battle Mind you always know by the age of 10 as this is the time it will begin to surface.

Battle Mind level 1:

This is the easiest level to activate and is the most used as all that is required is for the user to be injured via a punch kick or any other attack that comes unexpected.

The user is thrown into a state where he/she has limited control over body functions and reflexes and the inner mind takes over protecting the body as best as possible using all styles of jutsu and any other means possible. The user also has limited immunity to Genjutsu for jutsu of and under the rank of C.

Battle Mind Level 2:

The second stage and much harder to activate than level 1 this coupled with the sheer ferocity of it and aftereffects make this a much less desired effect.

The user loses all control of his/her body and all feeling of pain is dampened to almost nothing, the users organs begin working at an abnormal speed especially the brain which begins sending and receiving messages nearing the speed of sound. The user attacks the enemy with every intention of killing it and when deactivated the user loses consciousness although no physical effects have been noticed as of yet the minimum reported bout of unconsciousness was 17 hours.. Genjutsu immunity increases up to rank of A and the user loses ability to complete a Genjutsu.

Battle Mind Level 3:

The most powerful level of battle mind and the most dangerous as it leaves the user unconscious for a minimum of 4 days and the effects on the body cause muscle and brain deterioration as well as cell destruction.

The user has no power over the body and can not tell what is happening the Battle Mind does not end until everything within the area is completely destroyed including the enemy and anyone else unfortunate to be within the range of site. Genjutsu immunity is increased up to Rank S as this would be considered an S rank level of KKG.
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PostSubject: Re: Battle Mind   Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:10 pm

I like the idea. And you're pretty slick.

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Battle Mind
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