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 Kyra's CW

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PostSubject: Kyra's CW   Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:08 pm

Name:Hell Gauntlets


What kind of weapon: Fist/Arm (Cover hands up to elbow.)

What does it do: A gift given by Eligos upon the contract between Kyra and Eligos. They appear to be the same as Eligos's gauntlets. The guantlets provides the user with a great boost in taijutsu and defense in the arms and hands.

Taijutsu boost: It provides a 30% increase to taijutsu damage.

Defense/Block: It allows her to block kunai and other things with ease. (Physical... The user can still be pushed back but the gauntlets absorb most of the blow. It can only block 5% of ninjutsu damage while it can block kunai and other weapons fully. She still takes damage if hit on other parts of her body. It only works if she blocks with her arms. The metal from the gauntlets are the same as Eligos, making them extremely difficult to break by normal means.)

Example for blocking: Tetsuga charged at her at full speed bringing his sword down upon her. With a flash of quick movement Kyra brought her arm up blocking the sword. Then quickly bringing in her other arm attacking Tetsuga. (Works with taijutsu too.)

Example for blocking ninjutsu: Tetsuga took a deep breathe before unleashing a flurry of hand signs. Within a split second later he unleashed a powerful attack that would normally destroy someone within an instant. Kyra brought up her gauntlets at the last moment, but the protection from them was useless against the oncoming attack. Kyra was devastated by Tetsuga's attack.

Perfect Fit: The gauntlets change shape to perfectly fit the user's arms.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyra's CW   Sun Mar 28, 2010 4:01 pm


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Kyra's CW
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