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 Seal Creation Template.

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PostSubject: Seal Creation Template.   Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:14 pm

There aren't many rules about creating a seal, but there are a few things. For one, you CAN NOT create one if fuuinjutsu is not a specialty, no exceptions. Secondly, if a seal if not one of the cannon orochimaru seals, it can not have a second stage. The chakra increase must be much lower as well. Or if your creating a "seal" seal, nothing permanent. Like, forever sealing chakra, making a bijuu unuseable to anyone or anything forever. Or something along those lines, every seal can be undone, sealed away itself etc. Lastly, nobody under A-rank can create a seal. Now onto the template.






Duration: (If it is one meant to be used in battle i.e curse seal of heaven)

Drawback: What happens after use.

Description: (What does it look like)

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Seal Creation Template.
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