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 Xane Legend's Summoning [Done]

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Flame Special Jounin
Flame Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Xane Legend's Summoning [Done]   Fri Mar 26, 2010 2:16 pm


Rank: S

Element: Wind

Personality: Defensive/ Calm. This Giant Hercules Beetle is the king of the beetles (minus the Nanabi). His royalty does not go to his head as he would rather take an active role in his rule rather than tell people what to do. His great strength allows this to be possible with few tasks stopping him.


Weight: 2941

Height: 55'5"



Immense Strength: Kenta is able to crush buildings easily. If it were to catch something in between it's pincers the unlucky object would easily be destroyed/beheaded/etc. The shell of Kenta is insanely strong to boot being able to support 850 times his weight.

Movement: Kenta is slow and decisive in it's movements while on the ground. Though when Kenta takes to the air the inverse is true. Kenta is quite the aerial ace, able to achieve a variety of acrobatic moves while flying.

Unparalleled Defense: Kenta's shell can withstand even the strongest attacks with little effect. It is perhaps the refining point of being slow on the ground. There are weak points at Kenta's joints where he could potentially become immobilized.

Advanced Wind Mastery: Kenta is able to create hurricane force winds at the flap of his wings.

Kaze no Yaiba: Blades of Wind
Rank: A
Element: Wind
This jutsu creates blades of wind. The blades are said to be impossible to block because of their intangible nature. Kenta creates these blades with a mighty flap of his wings. This attack is used as a counter for foes from behind.

Fūton: Jūha Shō: Wind Release: Beast Wave Palm
Rank: S
Element: Wind
A powerful jutsu that uses large amounts of wind nature chakra that can cut and slash through any material. Kenta activates it by summoning chakra in his horn and then swipes a slicing chakra wave which appears to be controlled by Kenta's will and thoughts. Kenta can use this technique with a moderate succession while on the ground and a rapid succession while in the air.

Giga Drill Breaker
Rank: S
Element: Manlyness (none)
Kenta launches himself forward with it's powerful legs and wings using his massive blade like horn to pierce through his foe. With a strong defense it is unsure if the foe will be able to block this attack. Kenta has a hard time stopping after releasing this technique with anything in his forward path facing the consequences of this.
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Syndicate Leader
Syndicate Leader

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PostSubject: Re: Xane Legend's Summoning [Done]   Fri Mar 26, 2010 11:14 pm

Accepted... Only problem is you won't be able to use till you are S-Rank...
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Xane Legend's Summoning [Done]
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