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PostSubject: Zodiark   Thu Mar 25, 2010 6:53 pm

~General Information~

Name:Kisho Kimura

Nickname/Alias: Zodiark

Weight: 142

Height: 6' 0"

Age: 28

Gender: Male


Standing nearly 6 feet tall, Kisho wears a long blue coat, reaching down to just above his ankles. The edges of the jacket are trimmed with gold, while a large silver design travels up the right hand side of the front of the jacket, behind the collar, and down the left side, stopping mid way down the chest. His pure silver hair is long enough to cover his eyes, yet he keeps it swept back, creating a series of spikes in the back. Over the years, his hair has began to grow shaggier, growing down either side of his face. Recently Zodiark has changed from his solid blue jacket to one with the same silver dragon-like trim going up and down the front but is instead a darker shade of midnight blue or even black.

Personality:Kisho comes off and a normally relaxed person, taking the easiest solution possible to get out of any situation. Even though he is normally calm, at times he can be quick to anger, go so far as to murder people on a whim. As a fighter, Kisho is a rather straight forward attacker, preferring to just break down his opponent rather than trick them, leading to a rather berserk like fighting style. And instead of quickly finishing off opponents, Kisho chooses to fight at their level, toying with them until he becomes bored and decides to end the fight.

~Clan Information~

Clan Name:Kimura

Kekei Genkai:Knights of the Round

Clan Symbol:

Clan History:Even though they played a large role in the 1st ninja war, they went unnoticed until late in the 2nd war when it was realized how much of an influence they held on the outcome of the battle. As a mercenary clan, they worked for whatever village it was that paid them the most. On rare occasions would single ninja from the clan leave to join a village since they had their own academy. Between the boarder of both the Fire and Wind countries, they would often send scouts, posing as Leaf and Sand shinobi to learn of useful information, ranging anywhere from new jutsu to war plans. Members of the clan are notorious for having exceptional senses, and also for the creation of the jutsu Zatôichi, causing blindness but increasing the other senses to super human levels, along with being masters of taijutsu

Ability Summary:Taijiquan- a specialized form of taijutsu that utilizes not force but instead, the user is trained to the point where he is able to deflect blows aimed directly at him away from his body, move with the lightness and grace of a falling feather, and evade most attacks anyone can bring to bear against him.

~Rank/Village Information~


Letter Rank:


~Skill Information~

Skill Specialty: Main Taijutsu Sub ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Water and Lightning

Special Characteristics: Weaponry and being able to open the 7th chakra gate



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~History/RP Sample~

History/Background Story:
Missing-nin originally from the Hidden Rain, from an early age he was always seen as a very disturbed child. His parents were killed in the great ninja war while on a mission, leaving Kisho an orphan. Other children would often ridicule him for not having parents, causing him to think that aloof the people around him were corrupt, and that he would be the one to save them. The village elders saw that he would one day try to fulfill his goals by eliminating those he deemed "evil" . One day after finishing a mission he set his plan into action, along with several fellow jounin, he led an attack on the village. The attack was unsuccessful, leading to the deaths of his comrades and his capture. As his punishment, he was sentenced to death, but the day before he was set to be executed, he broke free and ran from the village.

After wandering the world, meeting new people, fighting strong opponents, and collecting valuable treasures, Kisho made a deal with the Raikage to join the Cloud Village in exchange for various rights and privileges. After a short time of being a Cloud genin Kisho was allowed to participate in the Chunnin exams. After a fight with his opponent, the judges deemed him worth of promotion.

As Kisho lived in the Cloud Village, he had ample free time to lounge around and think about the on goings of the current world. One day while he was relaxing in the park, he realized how out of balance the world was, at how much order there was and not enough chaos to set the world right. Taking it upon him self to set the world right, he fought and killed a chunnin from the cloud, earning him a kill on sight order from the Raikage. Being a fugitive now, he turned his sights on the mist village as his first venue to restore balance. After destroying the village and killing most of its citizens, he continued on to the stone village, again destroying nearly all of the city and killing most of its citizens. Shortly after news of his dead had reached the akatsuki, he was recruited into their ranks. It was not long before he realized he could be more than just the subordinate to another person, and soon fought the previous leader for right to lead the Akatsuki. After a short fight, Kisho was declared the victor and took his seat of power. Realizing that the name "Kisho" was not one to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, he changed his name to Zodiark.

After a questionably successful reign as leader of the Akatsuki, Zodiark felt he had contributed enough to the world. Convinced that he was an outdated ninja of a dieing generation, he decided to put himself into a self imposed exile. Rather than to let his public image age as he did or to be seen as another casualty of war, he left a lasting image of the peak of his power, and vanished. Over time, several stories came from deep in the mountains of a man vaguely matching a description of Zodiark, but none were more descriptive than "a cloaked man with silver hair". After several years, Zodiark seemed to fade from memory, becoming nothing more than a way to frighten children or a feint memory. Even those who do remember him began to believe that Zodiark had died.

Currently Zodiark's whereabouts are unknown. While a grave site has been made for him in his home village, there is nothing buried there but an empty casket.

Roleplay Sample:
After a few moments when the smoked startled to settle, it was clear that Zodiark was still standing 10m away from Saruno, but it was unclear what condition he was in. Zodiark was breathing heavily, but it didn't sound as if he was in pain, more like he was experiencing pure joy. As the dust finally settled, it was clear to see how bad a condition Zodiark was in. While his skin was still had the grayish red hue, the skin on the right side of his face seamed as if it were peeled off, exposing the muscle and in some are his skull. All over his body, layers of skin were stripped off, causing him to bleed from his entire body. A large chunk was carved out of his left shoulder, there was a section taken out of the right side of his gut, reaching from his hip up to the bottom of his ribs, going inward almost 5". His shirt and jacket were completely obliterated, and there was a piece the size of a golf ball taken out of the front of his right upper leg. Yet despite all of this, he had a look of excitement and joy on his face as he said in a gravely voice "Good, good. You've finally done something." He took in a deep, wheezy breath "But the true question now is." He again took a heavily labored breath "Can you finish the job?" He crouched low to the ground, preparing to take off towards Saruno thinking One shot., but as he did so, his entire body pulsed, causing even more blood to ooze out. Since he had yet to deactivate the chakra gate, his muscles simply began to disintegrate into nothing. Dashing forward, he spun midair just before Saruno, slamming his leg into the ground and sending Saruno flying into the air. Jumping upward, Zodiark began to attack Saruno so fast and with such force, it seemed as if there were three of him attacking simultaneously, finally ending by Zodiark flying down towards Saruno, spinning he slammed his leg against Saruno's chest, sending him flying down, crashing into the ground. As Zodiark fell towards the ground, his skin returned to its tan, but blood stained color. When he landed on the ground with a dull thud, it was unclear is he was even still alive.

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PostSubject: Re: Zodiark   Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:15 pm

Pretty good application to begin with, but there are a few things.

Quote :
Age: Late 20's to Early 30's
Please specify an age.

Quote :
Just add a 0 and quotation marks after that if he's 6 foot flat.

You'll need to post a Bloodline application.
Just keep the names in their appropriate place.
Also, the only S-Rank nins being allowed at the moment are Kage positions.
Obviously, as a missing nin, having a kage is out of the question.
If you'd like to settle for A-Rank that's fine.
Just specify please.

I'm not sure about the chakra gates, I think they're allowed, but I'll get back to you.
And as far as the weapons, you have a SHITLOAD.
Are they in a scroll? If not I need you to put a dash after each one and state where you keep them on your character.

Everything else seems fine. We're not too strict on histories, so you're fine with the ninja wars time frame I do believe, but it'd be a good idea to change it so you won't have to later.

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PostSubject: Re: Zodiark   Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:16 pm

Let me say a few things... Before you get excited.

First: Limit weapons to 2 max and read weapon rules
Second: Your specialties have nothing to do with Kenjutsu so don't expect special techs with your weapons without. (Or a special weapon above C rank.)
Third:Remove the gates for now. (Like Eiji said.)
Fourth:Don't expect to be almighty in anyway.
Fifth: It romotely sounds like you have two Blood Lines or KKG
Knights of the Round
They both sounds like KKG to me
Sixth: Please put everything in the correct areas... Like your BL in Bloodlines and Weapons in weapons...
May be more to come...

I also agree on the points Eiji listed above

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PostSubject: Re: Zodiark   

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