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 Masami Ayaka

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Masami Ayaka
Flame Academy Student
Flame Academy Student

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PostSubject: Masami Ayaka   Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:55 pm


Name: Masami Ayaka

Age: 16

Gender: Female


Village: Village of the Flame

Element(s): Wind

Personal Info

Family: Her father, mother and twin sister, all dead

Clan: none

Bloodline: none

Tattoo(s): none
Scar(s): none



Weapon(s): twin katana, kunai and explosive notes

Armor: A light mesh worn under her normal clothing, arm guards

Equipment: wire, smoke bombs

Extra Info

Bio: Ayaka was born second out of a set of twins to a family that specialized in taijutsu. Her father was very headsrong in his ideals and after seeing that her older sister was a girl, he wanted Ayaka to be his first son but was severely dissapointed when she was a girl as well. Ayaka and her sister had very different personalities as they grew older, Ayaka was a tomboy who always got in trouble and her sister was a polite little girl who always got her way. Her father insisted that if she wanted to act like a boy then she should take life like one, so her punishment would often be training where he beat her to the point of being called abuse. As a result Ayaka got stronger physically and mentally, while she also noticed how her sister acted and was treated so well.

One day when she was snooping around the village she saw a ninja trick someone else with genjutsu. She had never seen something like that due to her being raised to practice taijutsu. After getting the ninja's attention, she got him to explain to her what he had done. Because it was a way to counter her fathers methods, she became obsessed with the power of tricks on the mind from that point on a took up a study in genjutsu. She went as far as to join the ninja academy to learn more to beat her father one day. But the difference between how her and her sister were treated annoyed her more and more until she snapped.

After her family was declared dead people wondered if her sister had really died as well, because she took on a seperate, polite personality that she put on around other people. She carried through with learning genjutsu and taijutsu, but never really focused too much on ninjutsu.

Rp sample:
Ayaka walked away from the burning house a much changed person. With every step she took the snow crunched under her feet and her shadow cast by the blaze grew steadily smaller. By the time she reached the cliff leading into the forest by her house, the roar of the fire had become a dull crackle, people from nearby scurried around like ants trying to put out the flames that had consumed it entirely. The flames filled her with a sense of release, she was no longer bound to any part of that wretched place, including the floors she'd been left to bleed on so many times before. She stopped to actually think of what had just taken place... a petty war had finally effected her own home. The ending wasn't a good one, but she couldn't say she was completely unhappy about it. Years of what had been happening to her made her think otherwise... "At least I got to be the one to light the fire..." she mumbled as she turned away into the trees.
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Kenshi Orekami

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PostSubject: Re: Masami Ayaka   Sat Jul 11, 2009 2:06 am

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Masami Ayaka
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