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 Organization Ranks

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Ryusaki Uchiha
Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader
Ryusaki Uchiha

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PostSubject: Organization Ranks   Organization Ranks EmptyThu Mar 25, 2010 5:40 pm

Now obviously Akatsuki or Syndicate could not be rated the same way as all of the other villages or they would be godly strong (none of us want that). So I had to do something different for them. Here is whats first, S ranks for these organizations will take a 25% penalty in points of worth. I want to point out, when it comes to players, points do not take into consideration skills or abilities. Understand this is how strong these organizations are at the moment, and much like village ranks, are subject to change.


4 S-rank

Rogue Soldiers: 100

Military Overall: 1,600

Status: Unknown to entire ninja world


2 S-ranks, 1 A-rank

Rogue Soldiers: 100

Military Overall: 850

Status: Unknown to entire world

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Organization Ranks Bfc1245

Organization Ranks UchihasigJM
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Organization Ranks
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