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 Memories of the past.

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PostSubject: Memories of the past.   Thu Mar 25, 2010 3:11 pm

"Memories... They are just a fleeting dream. Worthless almost... I don't regret a single thing I did back then..."

The air crisp, roaring screams and yells in the background. Chaos flowing threw out the sand village. A slight orange glow illuminated the night sky. The fires were just slight diversions for her escape of the sand village. She didn't want to be bound by some stupid Kazekage. She wanted her freedom... Her free will to gain great power... She looked down into her dirty hand. In the middle laid a crystals that seemed to dance with the reflection of the burning house in front of her.

In order to gain true freedom and power she dedicated her mind to creating a new ability of which the world has never seen. An ability that will allow her to become extremely powerful. Her final test subjects of this ability were... Her very own parents. Their bodies mangled and destroyed by her ability. Their bodies now laid hidden amongst the roaring fire in front of her. "Time for me to go... Good bye mother and father. You were useful in the end to me."

Her plan was very simple even a caveman could do it. First lay explosions around the village. Then finish up the last stage of her bloodline. Then when ready set the explosions off creating a false sense of them being under attack. The real fun part is that they would never expect an eleven year old girl to do all this. Eventually they would figure it out. Since she doubted that they were that stupid.

She turned away and began to run out of the village. Her location was not set to anywhere specific. Nor would she be welcome anywhere specific. She would need to find somewhere extremely hidden since without a doubt that little stunt she pulled will make her wanted. Most likely a bounty will be placed or something in the bingo books.

Escaping the village wasn't exactly difficult like she planned. Even then though she ran into a special jounin. This special jounin she knew well. They even talked in better times... But now... He stood in front of her intent on stopping her. His name was Hituroshi Izuma. A tall well built man in his early thirties. He wore his head band on his forehead. He stood in front of her almost as if waiting for her. "I had a slight suspicion this was your doing. I didn't want to believe it at first... But... I had to know... You had potential to be great here and you just threw it all away like nothing!" Silence lingered in the air for awhile. To tell the truth she was a little surprised.

"??? ??????.... Please... Give up... I don't want to have to do this." She snapped out of her surprise and calmed down with a deep breath. She looked up into his face and smiled warming. "I'm sorry but I can't be bound by these foolish rules and a stupid leader." He sighed with a look on his face unsure on what to do. She was just a little girl. She was almost like a daughter to him. In the end he knew he had to take her in. The village always came first and she was a traitor.

Unlucky for him she had seen his potential and what he could do. Her research on her ability had been kept in secret only known by her. Her main source or research was anaylzing and reading almost everything by every clan with a bloodline. Even then this only provided minimal experience or progress. If she was to learn more she would need to see them in action... See how they work in person. Izuma was one of these said people with a bloodlines. It was hugely earth based and allowed him to use earth chakra like it was his own body. It gave birth to the name of Earth Molding. This became a big base for her ability.

"Very well... It seems like I must take you back by force." She continued to smile at him warmly knowing it will make him hold back. Within a split second he started doing hand seals. A small wave of rock charged towards her with enough force to knock her unconscious and maybe break a few bones. He believed he had the upper hand.... He was dead wrong. As soon as the wave reached her it stopped dead in its tracks unmoving. "What?!" He knew something had gone wrong. Then he noticed something unusual. The air around him seemed to... Sparkle? "Whats going on here?! What is this?!" She walked around his attack which when she was away from it safely the attacked continued crashing into a nearby building. "Hey, I wouldn't go around causing more damage then there already is." She said cheerfully. "Your work is already cut out for you~ My bad... There isn't going to be a you." He noticed a second too late. A genin stopping a B rank jutsu like it was nothing threw him off. A huge solid block of blue crystal came crashing down onto his head crushing him into the ground. He was too focused on her and that lead to his downfall.

She snapped her fingers and the block disappeared. She looked down upon the man who taught her the basics of her ability. "It was fun... I might truly have regretted killing you... But I can risk you spreading word about my power." She began walking away from the body as she did a huge spike of crystal came crushing down upon the body making it unrecognizable by anybody.

With that she escaped the village with no resistance.

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Memories of the past.
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