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 The Gift of Doujutsu pt. 2

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PostSubject: The Gift of Doujutsu pt. 2   Thu Mar 25, 2010 1:58 pm

The bright noon sun suddenly broke through the bay window of his own guest room, waking Eiji although he was rather hesitant to acknowledge it. One of his assistants had been asked the night before to wake him at such time, so the disturbance was not unexpected. He soon realized that he was naked, and that he had spent the night with his favorite entertainer. She had done her job right, he was relaxed and more than ready for the day. That was why he took good care of her. It was a symbiotic relationship indeed. After wasting time in his usual morning daydream, Eiji leaned up, the wool blanket creasing at his waist as he did so. His arms were stretched high above his head for a moment, and a yawn escaped his mouth. He retrieved the cigarettes and lighter from his nightstand, and couldn't help an appreciative grin as the flame met the tobacco and a long drag was taken. A thin brunette in professional attire stood across the room, patiently waiting with her arms full of clothes. He smiled and gestured for her to lay them at the foot of his bed, and then for her to leave the room. He didn't mind, but did not want to have an intimate relationship with an assistant of his office by revealing himself in all his glory. The door eased shut, and closed with a gentle thud. Eiji then rose, stretching and yawning again. His clothes were put on at a steady pace. A last drag was taken off of his beloved cigarette before he approached his dresser.

" They look disgusting out of socket..."

Eiji could not help but grimace when he noticed the discarded traces of tissue lingering at the bottom of the jar. Why he hadn't noticed it before was beyond his understanding, but it was apparent that even with sealed container and preservative fluid, the eyes, or one of them at least, needed to be installed at once. That thought led him to ponder why Akumanome had given him two, rather than the maximum one eye for non Uchiha clan members. A quick hand retrieved the jar, and Eiji was out of the door, headed to his quarters where he would return one of them. Knock Knock Knock

Eiji knocked politely rather than abruptly entering despite his ownership of the establishment. The room remained silent for a minute or two, and he decided to enter out of curiosity. He found his room to be empty, so the spare Sharingan eye was removed from the flask, and given to his trusted assistant to be delivered to Akumanome. It was likely that him and his company were out getting supplies for their journey home. His assistant Hikari, made haste into the village to locate him. Eiji followed soon after, his destination the hospital.

The stone doors to the hospital masked the technology hidden inside. Recent developments provided for a more pleasant stay and more efficient pain management. As they doors opened, Eiji made his way inside, and was soon greeted by the Sands best surgeon. He was a tall and slender figure, much taller than Eiji, who wore an almost eery white coat. He was accompanied by five medical nin who were well equipped to help with and perform the transplant. Eiji honestly wasn't too excited about this ordeal, but saw it necessary to further advance his own combative abilities, and thus his ability to stand for and protect his Village. In a moments time, the main figure explained to him the procedure to be performed, and led him upstairs to a large room that was well lit by the sun and other artificial forms. Eiji gently handed the vile containing the powerful eye to the doctor, and he was asked to lie down on a medical table. The eye was sterilized, and an anesthetic administered. Eiji soon drifted into a drug induced sleep. His dreams were rather unusual, and occasionally chatter from the medical shinobi broke through the walls of his sealed psyche.

Is it over......I can think now..What a relief, how long has it been?

Eiji felt his body lagging behind his mind as his right eye slowly opened. He winced at the light, and Hikari who sat at his bedside rose quickly to close the blinds. His right hand raised to touch the bandaged left side of his face. He felt the presence of the Sharingan, it tried relentlessly to tap into his chakra flow. Hikari smiled and went to speak, but was immediately interrupted by the head medical nin who led the operation entered through the open doorway. he examined Eiji for a moments time, and wrote on his clipboard between glances. He smiled before speaking.

"Lord Kazekage sir, you will be pleased to hear that the operation was a complete success. You took to the Sharingan naturally it seems, and that reduced complications to a minimum. It's only been a day since the operation, and since we do not carry the techniques required to easily transplant their doujutsu, you will need a few days rest. Now then, if you need anything, Hikari will see to it that you recieve it."

The man bowed low and slowly before turning to leave the room again. Hikari looked down at him from his side, smiling softly. Eiji returned the smile, silently thanking her for her loyalty before closing his eyes and drifting yet again into a deep sleep.
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PostSubject: Re: The Gift of Doujutsu pt. 2   Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:00 pm


How much evil must humanity do before it does good

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The Gift of Doujutsu pt. 2
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