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 Calintz Vernheart

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Calintz Vernheart
Syndicate Member
Syndicate Member
Calintz Vernheart

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Rank: A-rank missing nin
Village: Syndicate

PostSubject: Calintz Vernheart   Mon Mar 22, 2010 8:48 pm


Name: Calintz Vernheart

Nickname/Alias: Vern
Weight: 90kg

Height: 6’3

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Rank: A

Village: Syndicate

Element(s): Lightning and more Lightning

Personal Info

Family: Passed away


Bloodline: Arcala’s Gate

Tattoo(s): 4 black bands of symbols on his left arm spaced between his wrist and shoulder

Scar(s): None

Looks: Avatar



Armour: None

Kunai, shuriken, exploding tags, coils of wire, smoke bombs,
Extra Info

Bio: (Do not put Unknown everyone has a past)
Calintz grew up in the village of the Hoobernoogan. Located Somewhere between the village of the Cloud and the village of the Sand. Calintz was a gifted child inside a very, very sub-par village which no one had ever heard of. However, when he was 8, a rogue ninja on the run from one of the main 5 villages came into the village of Hoobernoogan by chance and took up residence in an attempt to conceal himself from the authorities. After some months had passed, the rogue began to notice Calintz’s potential and began to teach him the ways of the ninja, as well as how to wield a blade. Over the course of the next 10 years, Calintz made amazing progress, showing adeptness in lightning Ninjutsu and Taijutsu while having absolutely no ability in Genjutsu whatsoever. This adeptness was due to a thought to be extinct bloodline known as “Arcala’s Gates” which manifests itself as a series of marks that appear to be tattoo’s on the body of the possessor. After 10 years had passed, Calintz had reached what would be acknowledged as ‘A rank” in any other village and he had surpassed his teacher. So, feeling no attachment to his cess pit of a village, he left in search of better things, whether it be fame, infamy, wealth, glory or a great adventure.

Calintz is a laid back individual with an air of self confidence about him. Whilst being quite skilled as a ninja, he tends to downplay his own abilities to others partly out of modesty, but also because he finds that it is better to be under estimated than over estimated. Calintz does not anger easily, but if provoked he has a fiery temper. He does not go out of his way to pick fights, sometimes appearing to be somewhat of a pacifist, but he will strike first and ask questions later if he deems it necessary. Calintz has little time for self important nobles after being raised in such a backwater village and sympathises with the lower classes of society. Calintz has a habit of introducing himself as ‘Vern’ to people he doesn’t know whether to trust or not, this is based on the teachings of his master who opted to stay in the village and remain undetected by those looking for him.

Rp sample:(Required for rank higher then Academy Student)
Calintz stood at the crest of a dull yellow sand dune with the sun behind him in such a way that made him appear as a dark an ominous silhouette which Calintz thought was fantastic and wished for a fleeting moment that there was someone around to witness it... But there wasn't, so he continued trudging ahead through the desert.
Behind him, his footsteps could be traced well into the distance as the only record that he existed on earth. Stopping to take a swig from his water flask he was disappointed to find that half a mouthful of lukewarm water was all he had left. With a sigh he simply replaced the lid and let it fall- its fall cut short by a short piece of fabric that tied it to his waist.

It had been barely a month since he had been forced to leave behind the closest thing he had to family and he found that his memories of them were fading, probably because of the trauma associated with them... But it helped to heal his broken soul even if it came at a price. After walking through the desert that connected the sand village to the other villages for so long he had begun to wonder if he had become hopelessly lost... it wouldn't surprise him, in fact he expected that the insanity form lack of hydration would start to set in soon... he would start making imaginary friends and seeing things that weren't there... He had heard the various stories as a child and now he was in the position of the guy who he had once thought of as a brainless idiot. "Oh the irony", he muttered to himself just to prove to himself that he still possessed the power of speech.

As Calintz reached the bottom of yet another rolling sand dune he made a bet with himself and God- if there was in fact a god like so many people claimed- that if over the next hill there wasn't a village, he would... he would... he didn't know what he would do but he would sure as damn hell do something crazy! With agonizingly slow progress he crested what he dubbed 'the last sand dune' and peered down cautiously. "Well I'll be dammed, there is a god after all" he laughed as he looked down at what he knew to be the village of the sand. With renewed vigor he proceeded down the face of the sand dune- a great amount of hot sand finding its way into his shoes and causing significant irritation, but Calintz ignored it- taking on an absurd hopping limp to maximize his speed despite his sand filled feet.

Upon reaching the village gates he was let in, along with peals of laughter from the guards as they watched him hobble along. Then finally, at long last he reached the public well where he filled up his flask and drank it all 3 times before collapsing onto his butt and pulling off both shoes and watched sand cascade out of them. He then laid back against the wall of the nearest house, taking full advantage of the shade it was currently provided and dozed off, his shoes by his side like trusty, extremely sandy watchdogs.
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Katsuoru Hyuuga
Katsuoru Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Re: Calintz Vernheart   Tue Mar 23, 2010 3:37 pm

APPROVED (though, I should deny the last name.... such crap).
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Calintz Vernheart
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