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 Aww, crap, now the field's on fire too...

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Kurokotsu Dokueki
Mist Jounin
Mist Jounin
Kurokotsu Dokueki

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PostSubject: Aww, crap, now the field's on fire too...   Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:38 pm

There were black flames…everywhere. Kurokotsu had thought to go to a large clearing outside of town to attempt control of his new eye. He had focused on a point about five feet in front of himself, originally planning to meditate and hope for guidance. However, the second he opened his eyes to sit down, the area burst into flames. He knew they weren’t natural though, based solely off the pitch black coloring of them, a type he knew only special techniques could form. Real flames never got that black, to his knowledge.

The sudden appearance jolted him out of his semi-meditative state though, and as he tried to focus on calling up some mud to put the flames out, he found black rocks landing on top of them. “Oh, dear, this’ll be tough…” He said with a sigh as he shut his left eye and stamped out the flames, growling all the while. “So, It seems like it forms black…chakra? But the way it manifests is tied to my will, which gives it a great level of adaptability. I wonder…” He said with a smirk, spinning around in a circle as if he was ready to burst into song.

As he turned, he tried to focus on points around himself, aiming to make a full circle with the flame-typed chakra. Due to his lack of control, though, he only succeeded in making little patches of fire that quickly died out. “So, if I try to make a long stream of this chakra, it has to stay connected to itself?...” He said, ceasing his spinning and holding his hands out in front of him. Closing his eyes to concentrate and then opening them, Kurokotsu achieved his goal of making a short, thin line of the flames, a line which he focused on to draw out. By the time he finished, he had made the shape of a kunai about three feet long in the dirt.

Holding his hands up in the air as a sign of a small victory, Kurokotsu realized something…odd. When he twirled around, he instinctively spun to the right, as if his body had already noticed the blindness he experienced on his left side. “Aww, damn, guess there is a real downside to this technique…” He said with a sigh, falling backwards onto the ground with his arms still stretched above his head. ‘Well, at least I learned a bit of this mystical eye. Maybe with time I’ll learn more, but at least for now I can make the fire type. I’d imagine with that, the other basic forms should fall into place…’ He thought with a smirk.

Turning his head to the side so his good eye was against the ground, Kurokotsu focused directly in front of him and called up a smog-like version of the chakra. “Oh, yes, this will certainly help me out…” He said to himself, falling asleep from the chakra he had exerted in learning that much. Although, he was sure that with time he would slowly use up less of his own chakra on the technique.
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Aww, crap, now the field's on fire too...
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