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 Yondaime Hitokari

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Yondaime Hitokari
Flame Chuunin
Flame Chuunin
Yondaime Hitokari

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Character sheet
Rank: Chuunin
Village: Flame

PostSubject: Yondaime Hitokari   Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:01 am


Name: Yondaime Hitokari
Age: 15
Gender: male
Rank: Genin
Village: the flame village
Element(s): Fire

Personal Info

Family: raikou Hitokari -father (deceassed), Tsukiyomi Hitokari- mother (deceassed)
Clan: Hitokari clan (scattered to a few families in other villages, Shenshi hopes to lead them to greatness once again)
Bloodline: HiZeke
Tattoo(s): a Small insigma of the Flame village on his right shoulder
Scar(s):a long scar up his chest
Looks: (see image)


Weapon(s):a long Katana that was once his father, its currently unuasble due to aging but Yondaime dreams of oneday finding a swordssmith who can recreate this great blade
Armor: he doesnt wear any armor because to him it slows him down
Equipment: 4 kunais 10 shurikan 12 senbon and a few smoke bombs

Extra Info

Bio: Yondaime was born into a once great family, they were the last rich family in his district of the Flame village, When he was around 5 disaster struck, leaving Yondaime with out a family (explained in rp story). The rest of Yondaime's Life was a complete terror, constantly put down, treated like dirt by all those who used to be his friends. Yondaime worked as an apprentice black smith while trying to get trough the academy, He graduated the academy at the ripe age of 14, from there Yondaime has been eagerly awaiting the next chunnin exams, using his new found ninja status as a means of a job. At around 16 he finally found a suitable home, he moved into a large building overlooking the kage's office. To his pleasure he gained the top room.

Rp story: A young Yondaime hid under the large wooden table as he scuffled way from the ember flames that were eating at his once beautiful house. To him this was acts of complete violence, it happened so fast he couldn't even recall how it started, one minute he was eating dinner with his family, the next a Kunai hits the table and then he's being ushered away by his mother, At that thought Yondaime stood up a bit 'My mom.. Where my mom!?' he hadn't realized it til just now but in the rush from the living room to the back dining room, he was separated from his mom. Stumbling as he stood Yondaime found his way to the long hall as he pulled his shirt over his nose, trying to stay from the smoke. As he limped against the wall he could feel the house rumbling as if it would collapse, This sent a surge of fear through his mind, forgetting the pain in his leg he sprinted down the hall glancing into the rooms one by one until suddenly he saw a pink kimono. a red flag was raised in his head as he made his way to the side of the body, cautiously he grabbed turned the body over, what he saw scared him half to death, before him lay a beaten, mangled version of what used to be his mom.. her hands were wrapped around a shiny black ornament jutting from her stomach, looking at the ornament closer he found that this was a kunai. Suddenly a flood of anger and grief washed over Yondaime, gripping the kunai he charged back to the front of the house where the violence began, to his shock before him stood 3 ninja, one in tears with a black blade , the other two had piercing cold eyes each holding kunais. As the 3 ninja charged each other he could tell, one of the ninjas was is father, the other two.. were bandits, just as the battle swayed in his father's win, four more ninjas jumped from the windows, each throwing flaming kunai at his dear dad. with a deafening scream a kunai pierced trough his dad's chest, exploding on contact. The mangled body flew over Yondaime's head with a loud crash following, he turned to see his dad bleeding out laying just a few feet from his mother. In a act of pure child-like instincts the young boy ran full speed towards his dad, who was taking his last breaths, "son... do not worr..." his voice trailed off for a second before returning "me ... i need you to ...something for me... son please.. revive or clan, our bloodline, and become a fine ninja.... i love yo-" His speech was cut short by a burning log that crashed down, realizing the end was near he grabbed his blade and gave it to Yondaime, "take it.. run, now!" he used the last of his strength to kick Yondaime away, sending him flying trough the rice paper walls of the outside, as he did a large wooden log came crashing down, putting an end to the once great ninja.

As he sat outside, holding the sword and sheathe in hand the bandits found there way to him, encircling him they began to laugh maniacally until the leader stepped up, looking Yondaime in the eyes, his purple eyes seemed to be taunting in the dark night, with only the embers from his house giving the eyes an eerie glint, finally something happened, a hard fist came, knocking Yondaime out, although he was unconscious the proceeded to strike him, although they tried, nothing could save them from Yondaime's wrath, even in his state of slumber, he vowed to one day find them, and murder not only them, but there families, their loved ones, and even their friends, everyone associated with them will die by his hands.

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Ryusaki Uchiha
Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader
Ryusaki Uchiha

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PostSubject: Re: Yondaime Hitokari   Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:39 am


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Yondaime Hitokari
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