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Ryusaki Uchiha
Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader
Ryusaki Uchiha

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PostSubject: Values   Values EmptyFri Mar 19, 2010 11:34 pm

This thread will state each shinobi's Value in a village or organization.


Academy Students/ D-rank- 0 points

Genin/ C-ranks- 10 points

Chuunin/ B-ranks- 50 points

Jounin/ A-ranks- 100

Kage/S-ranks- 500 points

Bijuu- Each mastered tail is worth 100 points, plus the base of that character. (I.E a jounin has mastered the 3 tails, he is now worth 400. 100 for being jounin, and 100 for each of the 3 Tails


Fronts on each boarder cost

Front= 30,000 from treasury

50 Soldiers= 15,000 from Treasury

Deployment Costs are difficult since we don't know how each village will grow so it can change

2,000 from treasury=50 soldiers to deploy

To do some simple math deploying, deploying 100 soldiers would cost a village 4,000. Soldiers can be used to attack other villages and fight against rogue camps and groups built up (only possible by akatsuki)


This is how much each mission gives to a villages treasury.

D-Rank= 1,000

C-Rank= 3,000

B-Rank= 4,000

A-Rank= 7,000

S-Rank= 10,000

To avoid constant S-rank missions, no mission can have more than 3-4 S-rank mission a month. They must also be approved by an admin, when a village completes a mission, the kage or completer should make a thread here, with a link to the thread, as proof for me. This will be a perm mission link, thread, every time your village completes a mission, you post the link there. At the end of the month with the updates, the links will be deleted to avoid clutter. Lastly A-rank missions take a minimum of 150 sentences to complete. Though if there is more than one person on the mission that is subject to change.

*Prices, things to purchase and amount given on things are subject to change based on future events*

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