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 Kazura Clan / Kaosu's First Branch

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PostSubject: Kazura Clan / Kaosu's First Branch   Kazura Clan / Kaosu's First Branch EmptyWed Mar 17, 2010 1:11 pm

Name of Bloodline: Ayatsuriryoku - Power of Manipulation.

Rank of Bloodline: E - S

Description of Bloodline:

First State: Life Finder - Itonami Fainda

the first state of the Ayatsuriryoku, the Itonami Fainda, a member can allow their chakra to flow through a certain part of their body, and use it as they want. This is mainly used within the limbs(Arms, legs, palms, hands, feet, etc), and for uses of their chakra sensory abilities. Within this first state, one can slide their chakra into the ground, or in the air around them and use it as a medium for a sensory, seeing where an opponent might be, and what kind of threat it can do. Other abilities in this state include the ability to form weapons, shields, and other types of stuff with their chakra, this is utilized by condensing their chakra, to an explosive, or for an object form.. But is limited by how much one's chakra can do. This skill can also see what elemental property, amount of chakra, and how much of a threat that ninja is, but is limited by the range. A member must be at least 10m from the target of the sensory. this is triggered by the motion of one's own chakra, and their elemental affinities, shown by the feeling of the chakra against another, or grasping an opponent, and totally seeing what kind of chakra they have, and how much.

Second State: Life Flower - Seimei Kusabana

The Second state of the Ayatsuriryoku, the Seimei Kusabana, usually named for it's 'Flower-like' texture for the release of one's chakra. The flower-like texture is mainly showed because it has small streams of chakra flowing through the veins, pulsing a bit up from the skin, and through the waves of chakra being released, almost like a breeze across flowers. One's veins and arteries begin to show on their arms and legs as the chakra network begins to expand for the more rapid use of chakra. This is mainly used to condense or manipulate chakra freely through their bodies, or around the area, yet at a small cost. Using the chakra they release, takes more of their energy to utilize. Yet, the same abilities still go through, but at a more powerfully and smooth pace. For some reasons, a member can utilize chakra to mend their own wounds, but have to have precise precision for this to happen, and to their own wounds, not anything else.

-Medical Ninjutsu skill needed for healing.-

Third state: Life Giver - Jinsei Ataenushi

The Third state of the Ayatsuriryoku, the Jinsei Ataenushi, the Life giver, a member can use chakra to their own extent, using their own elemental chakra, or just plain chakra. It depends on what happens to the user, and what can happen, to see what can truly be achieve. Hence the name, one's chakra can become a healing property, using a Medical Science for their own use to actually heal a person with their own life energy. Using their chakra in a constant flow, nothing holding it back, one who uses this state, can conjure up Jutsu much more powerfully, and more effective. Yet, using this state can slowly break down the chakra network to nothing, making it impossible to use any Ninjutsu or Genjutsu ever again, because both of them use chakra. This state is dangerous enough to kill a person in their tracks if used too much.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazura Clan / Kaosu's First Branch   Kazura Clan / Kaosu's First Branch EmptyWed Mar 17, 2010 1:26 pm


Kazura Clan / Kaosu's First Branch Yondaime_Approved_by_soltian

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Kazura Clan / Kaosu's First Branch
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