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 Didn't see that one coming

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Flame Special Jounin
Flame Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Didn't see that one coming   Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:34 am

Standing in the office of the Honou Kage Xane waited for the elders to tell him his mission so he could be on his way. After rocketing through the ranks with his success in the Chuunin exams and gaining an extra rank after his stellar work at the Academy the young Special Jounin seemed to grow exponentially beyond his means. While similar people in his position at such a young age would possibly be reckless, pompous and gloat about their power Xane was not so easily swayed into the notions of the norm. Xane stood with great reverence as he waited for the elders to decide where he should go.

After a long silence the elder in the center began to speak. He was slightly taller than the rest of his peers with an older feel to his features. While the rest of the elders ere in their 30s to early 40s the elder in the middle was roughly 20 years older than the rest. His low gruff voice made the room quit immediately as he spoke, showing the others clear reverence for this man. "Ah Xane, it's a pleasure to see you this afternoon. Your work with the students at the academy is top notch. That being said we of the Flame Council have decided to entrust you with a rare mission to say the least. You are to meet up with Nejiguma and Onigumo. They will lead you to their master of whom you may have had a minor acquaintance with his brother it seems. Old Takeyo Yuda's brother is growing old and as such it has been decided that he will pass on the Bijuu residing within him to a young prospect from his former village. . . so it is with great honor to say you have been chosen to attain the Nanabi no Kabutomushi!"

Xane shuddered for a second while the enormity of this mission began to sink in. The honor of becoming a jinchuriki . . . Was this some kind of joke? He had only heard tales of Takeyo Yuda's brother recently but he knew that the power residing within him was not something to take lightly. This was both a good and bad thing from the stories he heard. While he was young Shichirou Yuda was feared by the other villagers for the demon beetle residing within him. He had a hard time making friends with anyone and though he possessed great skill it was hard for him to gain the acceptance of others. During his days as a ninja he was feared for his impregnable defenses and strength. The village soon grew to accept him as their protector and the rest of his life he was accepted by everyone. As he grew on in age it was said that Shichirou moved to the ocean, masking his chakra, to live his days in peace as a simple fisherman. Rumors had grown that he was no longer with the living shortly after arriving at the fisherman village but a select few knew that this was simply a front to help him assimilate into life as a simple villager.

As the information within his head began to swirl tenaciously around his brain Xane was wrenched back into reality by the gruff voice of the eldest councilman. "Ahem. . . So Xane you are to set out on this mission immediately. We will expect you back to report the success of this mission, godspeed to you on your journey you are dismissed." When the mission briefing was complete Xane collected his mission scroll and prepared for his journey to The Ocean Fisherman Village. He was still trying to wrap his mind around the idea of having one of the 9 great demons locked within him. Surely this would be a hard task for anyone to accept and even harder for them to succeed. If he had been chosen it was because the council had great faith in the success as they would hate to lose such a precious and powerful commodity.

As the sun was beginning to reach it's peak Xane stood before the east gate of the village he was greeted by Nejiguma and Onigumo who would lead him to their master. As they greeted each other it seemed as though should he die during the process it was clear how his village would learn of it. The two escorts seemed ready to tell the council of Xane's failure right now to avoid the formalities of it. This did not shake the young Special Jounin from feeling all too smug to prove them wrong. "Alright let's be off quickly" Nejiguma stated in his bored temperate voice. It seemed as though they would know all too soon how things would turn out in person.
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Didn't see that one coming
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