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 Kawazoe Taiki

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PostSubject: Kawazoe Taiki   Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:23 am


Name: Kawazoe Taiki (Radiance Upon the Riverside)

Nickname/Alias: The Scorpian of Rain

Weight: 195

Height: 5'10"

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Rank: Retired Nin/ Ex Anbu Black Ops (I Know you said Academy Student or Genin but I am quite the RPer, have been doing it for 8-9 years and would very much appreciate if I could RP with this character)

Village: Amegakure

Element(s):Suiton(Water), Dokuton (Poison)

Personal Info

Family: Deceased

Clan: Kawazoe

Bloodline: N/A

Tattoo(s): Tattoo Resembling a spiraling scorpion on his left shoulder
Scar(s): None



Weapon(s): Dual Snake Swords, Hebi (his original one from the Kawazoe Training) and Bibu no Sasori (clan heirloom extended snake sword given to him by Kawazoe clan head for his achievements while an Anbu)

Armor: Customized Rain Anbu Suit (Shown in Pic)

Equipment: Wooden Bakuto, Rain Needle Unbrella, Kunai, Customized Wrist Blade.

Extra Info

Bio:This ninja's name is Kawazoe Taiki, a 24 year old Elite Anbu from the Village of the Hidden Rain (Amegakure). He was a war orphan from the Earth Country during the Ninja Wars (similar to how Kabuto was supposedly orphaned). He left his ravaged village after seeing Konoha shinobi kill his shinobi mother and father and headed east towards Amegakure.

When Taiki was found by his foster father, he was stung by a scorpion native to the Earth Country by the Hidden Rain near the Taiki River (thus his name). This particular species has a poison that increases the chakra of the victim momentarily, with a side effect that can either completely drain or kill the victim. Because of his age (he was 6) and his size, death by the venom was imminent. Since medical shinobi were not widespread in the Hidden Rain, the Kawozoe drained half of Taiki's blood and replaced it with an anti-venom/blood mixture and implanted the scorpion's poison gland in his body to help take in the venom they could not extract. The result was a success and somehow allowed Taiki to extract poison out of his system through his pores, which has a negative effect on a victim's chakra flow, yet when used, is not as damaging to Taiki's body.

Being raised by the Kawazoe clan of the Amegakure who practice Sasori no Ken (scorpion fist) in the Hidden Rain, Taiki found himself fit to live a lifestyle as a shinobi. Sasori no ken is no easy task to master (somewhat similar to the jyuuken that the Hyuga clan practices, in terms of difficulty) as chakra control must become more than second nature to the user.

As for training in Sasori no Ken, it generally takes 10-15 years before one can master the art, which includes both unique forms of taijutsu and kenjutsu. Sasori no Ken is a well rounded art, founded on the basis of confusion and partial to total paralysis of the enemy. Genjutsu is highly used in this form of fighting, especially during hand to hand combat. The average Sasori no Ken user can perform Genjutsu while in the middle of a taijutsu move, ranging from appearing like a scorpion while charging to making the user believe that they have been poisoned. How is this possible you might ask? Well, their taijutsu incorporates handseals as their attacks. One might think that would ruin a shinobi's hands joints and hands, but due to strenuous training, their hands become very rigid and can grip many things with great force, like a scorpion's claw. As for their kenjutsu, each trainee must first become familiar with a katana. Once that is complete, he must break his katana with his/her hands, then use his/her chakra to control, merge, split, and attack with the sword. A Sasori no ken user is not allowed to join the Hidden Rain shinobis until they have mastered the art, thus a majority of Kawazoe nins began at the late teens in their shinobi career. When a Kawazoe shinobi masters the Sasori no Ken, he/she receives a tatoo that is similar to Taiki's on his right shoulder which personifies a scorpion. (which is now covered due to his Anbu clothing)

As a Kawazoe shinobi, Taiki started his shinobi career late at the age of 7 1/2. Taiki was no prodigy in the beginning, as his venom played as both a positive and negative handicap. Similar to Sakura, but in no way in terms of power, Taiki could mold chakra very well, but his stamina was very low due to the adverse effects of the venom flowing through his body. In his teens, when he began kenjutsu, puberty became a very powerful factor in his growth. In the beginning, he would consistently hurt himself due to the lack of chakra forming when practicing the broken swords because of the hormonal and physical changes while growing up. Thus, if his body is shown, he has many scars from those days. Once he hit the late teens, his body began to mature and develop, finally becoming used to the venom and the scorpion gland implanted in himself. Taiki learned how to manipulate the gland to his liking and has finally become second nature to him. He quickly rose to the top and was able to gain much strength from his early painstaking handicap, eventually becoming a Genin at the age of 20. The only thing that bothers him is the fact that he will more likely die sooner than his comrades due to the negative effects of the poison to his body. Only time will tell.

Since becoming an Anbu in four years from the time he became an Amegakure genin, the top shinobi of the village have kept a promising and watchful eye upon Taiki. His amazing mission success rate (98%) has most of the village and his superiors calling him the next successor to the Kage. His ability to kill swiftly and silently has given him the nickname “the Silent Scorpion.” He has also had been known to take out an entire Anbu squad from the Hidden Rock on his own and has encountered and survived the secret organization known as Akatsuki, mind you all the facts are subject to who is telling them. Although Taiki is very modest about his accomplishments, there is one thing that that definitely been bothering him. During his time in the Anbu, he has had to complete many strenuous missions which seem to be having an adverse effect on his body. The poison gland in his body is being overworked as Taiki relies on it for many of his jutsus and general health, and he fears that it will fail soon and leave him dead. Hopefully Taiki can find a way to cure himself of this ailment as the village would hate to lose a worthy future Kage to something other than battle.

Rp sample: Taiki listened to the pattering of the rain just outside the lowly lit ramen shop. He sighed contently, it had been awhile seen he'd seen any action but it was fine by him. He looked to the old man behind the counter giving him a slight gesture, signaling his need for another cup of sake. He turned around in his seat to take a quick glance outdoors, the streets of the Rain Village were bustling quite oddly for this sort of weather, people shopping, stopping for slight conversation, children splashing in the puddles, odd...for anyone not native to these lands. When it rained it seemed as though the people of Amegakure became more lively, it brought hope to their heart and smiles to their faces.

Taiki turned back around as the old man placed the cup of sake down on the counter, Taiki placed a few Ryu down and drank the sake down quite fast and stood up. Throwing a light cloak over his shoulder and head to keep himself dry, he headed out into the street of his villages, hoping to see a friendly face.
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PostSubject: Re: Kawazoe Taiki   Tue Mar 16, 2010 7:12 am

As it says in announcements high ranks are available, and your village is kageless at the moment, so if you want the position go ahead. But either way


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Kawazoe Taiki
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