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The shinobi villages all have their own history and secrets. They all create their own military and run their government. It is up to each village leader how they run their village, who they are allies with how to host chuunin exams and other things. On this site, villages can be destroyed and created. Only the top 5 shinobi villages have the right to call themselves Kage's. On this site (though it will start with the canon ones) that can change. We rank the villages based on a military and economy system we have. The top five get a bonus, as well as the right to be called Kage's.

Running Villages

Each village has a leader (if you are in the top 5 kage) Because it is possible to invade, destroy and occupy villages we need an economic system. Nothing complicated, and it is only set for villages. This will also help be able to rank each village. For economics system, there will be a monthly cost of Ryo to each village. How do you pay this? Simple by doing missions, either created by admin or your Kage. Each rank of mission will give your village a set amount of money that can go towards paying the fee. The amount a village pays is dependent, on how many active members it currently has. So if a village has about 10 people, they are going to have to do less missions a month than a village with 15 people to stay afloat. What happens if you don't pay the monthly fee? Your village goes into debt, it cannot purchase forces for defense. It falls in the rankings, and goes into an anarchy. In other words, you no longer have control, if your village falls too far in debt, it will be easier to be invaded, criminals to come to your village, and missions give you less money. If a member of the village rp's it they can also steal money from the village treasury to give to other villages, and stopping them will be difficult. As opposed to being economically stable, where stealing money from the treasury could get them killed. If your village falls deeper into debt, it will be disbanded. If your village is one of the 5 able to call their leaders Kage, you will have a money bonus too how much missions give you.

Attacking Villages

Attacking a village is a pretty simple process. Still it is not as easy as, just having a group of people walk in and start destroying things. Villages have boarder defenses, and defenses in the village. When attacking a village, it costs money, dependent on how many troops you send to the attack. (Yes that includes npc's) When you attack a village, their defenses will stop you, along the way. Before you reach the village, and after you get in the village. Lets say village A sends 100 npc's to village B. Of that four people are actually people that are controlling players. On the way, dependent on how much village B has strengthened their defenses, will determine a loss of soldiers. When attacking, when it comes to NPC's you will always lose soldiers at a 2:1 ratio. Unless the boarder you attacking from is undefended then you lose soldiers at a 1:1 ratio. When your army reaches the village it will lose soldiers at a 3:1 ratio, cause it's the other armies home turf. By undefended we mean, the defending village didn't pay for a stronghold in that area, if village A. attacking from there area will cost more soldiers. They can cross over into another country and attack from there. Either starting a war with that country or, outright, making a deal with a village. Though moving an entire army into attack position makes things pretty obvious for the defending village. When attacking a village you DO NOT have to declare war. Though if you do not declare a war, you can only send a max of 500 soldiers. But all battles are lost at a 1:1 ratio, and the village is fought at a 2:1. If you do declare war, you can send as many soldiers as you want (up to 900) so long as you have the money. When a village loses, they have lost all NPC's defenders, or it falls to a point where common sense says they lost. Like if there are 300 attackers in a village with only 30 people left. Then the village can either occupy, the other village, and take in that villages income, shinobi among other things. And they choose when to leave, unless forced out. Or burn it to the ground, thus destroying that village. Occupying a village takes at least 80 soldiers, by the time the defending force has lost. To sum it up if a country has it's boarders fortified, assuming that at both the village and stronghold there are only 50 soldiers each you would need 330 soldiers minimum to occupy or destroy the country. If you are in the top 5 villages deployment costs are lower and the max amount of soldiers is higher.

Defending Villages

Defending villages is a lot easier than attacking them. There is no real need to take time to muster the forces needed to attack. Player controlled attackers are usually sent to deal with, player controlled defenders. Each village has 2 anbu, outside the village, and 3 inside the village for defense. By this I mean player controlled anbu, either by an admin kage, or other person in the village. Villages in the top 5 ranks have 3 and 4 anbu. To defend your countries boarders you must purchase a strong hold to defend the boarder. You can also purchase soldiers at a set price to station there. The more soldiers the better it is to defend. Countries in the top 5 everything costs less. If your village is invaded, it is possible to repel the attack. Though when it becomes obvious there is no chance for victory, you can leave a village as well. Or if a member wants to start a resistance, they can. In an attempt to push the occupying country out of their home. As to prevent from "OOh, leaf is attacking let me buy a strong hold on their area now." When a stronghold is purchased it will not count as being in effect until 3 days after the purchase.

Occupying Villages

If you manage to fill the requirements for occupation, and you manage to occupied a village, then it basically becomes part of your country. Missions, shinobi men strongholds income all becomes part of your country for the leader of the winning village to get. The two village overalls also get combined, it is possible for another attacking village, possibly an ally to push you out of the village. Or a village resistance to stop the occupation.

Creating Villages

To create a village you need at least one S-rank and 2 A-rank shinobi. The three shinobi must choose a country to form there village and get approval from admin. The admin will then create a forum for the village and so on. Before the village is formed the three members must decide on who would run the village. Or if they want to use their own form of government that is perfectly fine. They will be given a start up amount for the treasury of the village, and will be left alone from there. Newly formed villages cannot be attacked until one month after formation. This is too protect them from you bully kage's out there who would just want to attack new places to gain more income as they show up.

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