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 Nami Hozhimi

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Nami Hozhimi
Rain Jounin
Rain Jounin
Nami Hozhimi

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Character sheet
Rank: Jounin
Village: Village Hidden In The Mist

PostSubject: Nami Hozhimi   Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:56 pm


Name:Nami Hozhimi

Nickname/Alias: (What your character is known by, Only applies to Missing-Nin.)

Weight:94 ilbs

Height:5.4 feet




Village:Rain village

Element(s):Wind, Water, Ice(bloodline)

Personal Info


Clan:Hozhimi clan(only one living)

Bloodline:Koori no yuki, meaning ice of snow.


Scar(s):a large scar going from ehr left thight to her left shoulder, along the back.

Looks: Avatar


Weapon(s):Kunai`s, shurikin, standard small katana every ANBU has.

Armor: The standard mist ANBU armor

Equipment:kunai`s, medical kit(standard for ANBU`s), steel wire, shurikin, kunai holster, storage scroll.

Extra Info


Past/befor genin.

It was a snowy night in the small \"pure white\", village, as it were referd to. The village was known for its peacefull farm-alike culture, it was said that the small village was pure and innocent as the new-fallen snow, wich also gave it, its name. Its villages were poor, the houses were commenly made by the family itself, and used for generations beyond. The leading family in this small village, was what was most people referd to, the strongest and best of them all. The family was called Mimozhi. It wasent a big clan, 4 years ago, a great flu had whiped out most of it, all that was remainning was the current leader, a old man who had survived the great flu and was the grandfather to the next leader. The next leader was named Ishiho. He was a strong willed man, and when people asked him why he never lost hope even in the darkest hours, he said it was because of the light his wife had. Ginji was the \"light\", of the clan. Her beauty was far greater than the villages in the little village. With her shoulder-long white hair, her baby-blue eyes, kind face, and mild voice, people referd to be than being more pure than the angel itself.

However, nothing was as it seemend. A gang of missing B and A class nins, had been on the run from the rain village in weeks now. Their bones were visable on their backs, their food supplies had run out days ago, and they were tired because they had to move almost non-stop, with only a few hours of rest over to many days. It was by pure luck that the small gang came accros the \"pure white\", village. Because of desperation and hunger, they attacked without mercy. The villages didnt stand a chance. Only a very small amount of the villages knew any jutsu`s at all, and it were only basics that even a genin would find to easy. When the gang reached the Mimozhi mainhouse, they didnt stop there.

3 days after the attack, all that was left of the village was half-burned down buildings, dead bodies laying on the street, in their beds, on the farms, everything was dead silence. Suddenly, a babycry broke through the village. 3 meters under the ground, in a small safe-room that had been created by the first family in the Mimozhi family, the beautyfull Ginji was laying. Her pale skin was more pale than ever, as if she was already dead. In her arms, a little babygirl with her father´s strong eyes, was tugged tightly into a black carpet, protected from the cold. Ishiho looked down at his dying wife, the chock over the attack, starvation in 3 days, and the pain of giving birth, had been to much for her.

The north stream 50 miles from the village, ran through half of the country, eventually passing the hidden rain village. A frail looking man with once strong green/grayish eyes was shiwering as he bend down on the shore next to the mighty river. In his arms was a home-made basket, looking as worned down as the cape covering his almost naked body. In the basket, a little infant with pale clean skin, short white hair and small hands was laying. She was sweept in worn and frail looking clothes, along with a carpet. It was clear the man had given her everything he had on him with her on that basket. He placed the basket on the river and smiled his last smile to himself, remebering his beloved Ginji`s last words. ...nami...her name shall be nami.... Ishiho fell down on his knees, feeling his once strong body giving after for the thirst, hunger and sorrow it had been dealing with on the trip. He gently gave the basket a last push, befor he fell onto the snow. In the eyes of the now dead Ishiho, the journey of his only child, and the only survivor of the Mimozhi family, was beggining.

A Genin squad from the rain, was catching a few fish in the river for their lunch. A young girl saw the basket and stopped it with the spear they had made by shapening the ends of a long stick they had broken off a nearby willow. When she saw what was in there, she yelled to her 2 teammates to get their sensei, who was trainning to become the ame-kage.

Genin/chunnin act.

And so, it let to nami being taken in by the future Kage of the Hidden rain as a personal assistant. For many years, she was left tending to paperwork, as well as her Kage’s many personal requests; a matter that allowed her to learn a great deal about the duties charged to the amekage. As she grew up, nami was able to learn from the amekage personally, allowing her fighting skills to develop at an expedited rate. Though she saw this man as her sensei, their bond
had become quite platonic, a father-daughter love forming in the wake of their time together.

She surpassed the other students in her academy quite rapidly, her skills allowing her to bypass the rank of chuunin, all together on her road towards perfection. Many of the Mist’s
occupants believed that she would be the future of the village, and that when the amekage had been prepared to step down, he would pass the honour onto his adopted daughter. Unfortunately, before such things could be set into motion, the amekage was killed by akatsuki. Once again, nami had been deprived of a family.

Current state.

As time went on, nami was given the title “angel of the hidden rain”, not only for her impressive looks, but for the sublime beauty of her abilities. When nami turned 18, She reached jounin status, passing the exsams on her first try, oddly enough to no one`s surprize.

Rp sample:

A harsh wind blew accros the rain village, it was winter, always a hard time to travel in, even to be out in. The streets were empty, only the rain falling down from heavy clouds, were the only moving thing. Inside a small apartment, close to the building were the amekage had his office, and not to far from the hospital, a 19 year old nami was sitting.

It had been one of thoose worse missions. Serval innocent had been hurted or killed during the A ranked mission, she herself, along with her ANBU team, considering of a medic, their tracker nin, and taijutsu using captain and team leader. The mission had invovled a group of genin-chunnin ranked rouge nins from the hidden rain, that had taken control of a small village. The tracker nin had pointed out the amount of them, but one tracker nin was among the rouge`s, meaning they had called in help.

The Mist nin looked down into her cup of tea, letting out a small sigh to herself, still feeling the chills when she saw the chunnin ranked missing nins, attack the innocent. The long white her, going 5 inches under her hips, was damp and sligtly wet from the shower. Her skin was in a unsual pale color, with no trase of un-clean skin or fat anywere. She was wearing a simpel lazy tanktop in plain black, some loose pants in the same color. nami got up from the chair she was sitting in, and went into the bedroom in her 1 room apartment, maby she was once gonna get some sleep tonight.
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Ryusaki Uchiha
Akatsuki Leader
Akatsuki Leader
Ryusaki Uchiha

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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Nami Hozhimi   Sun Mar 14, 2010 7:37 pm


How much evil must humanity do before it does good

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Nami Hozhimi
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