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 Bleach Online

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Ryusaki Uchiha
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Akatsuki Leader
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PostSubject: Bleach Online   Sun Mar 14, 2010 2:11 pm

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Like Bleach? Like Roleplaying?

Why Not use those lovely skills of yours to Roleplay on Bleach Online?!

On Bleach Online you could be a Shinigami, Arrancar, Quincy, Spiritually Empowered Human, or even A Bountou! You can choose your destiny on this forum so come join us in the Soul Society! (Or Hueco Mundo or Karakura Town, you get the picture!)

The Story So Far...

The devastation of Karakura Town was soon to behold. The Bountou striked back onto the Town with hatred knowing that they did it only to kill those who currently lived there. Using their powers as a tool to kill the place they once used to live beside, they left their home in a fury of smoke. In a flash of fire and destruction, Karakura town was Obliterated from existence to leave the surrounding areas in confusion. The bountou now stationed on their boat off in the ocean, they forced the superhumans to find a new place that they would call their home and would head off to take down the Soul Society. With the help of their scientist, the The Ascended Ones (TAO) now live in the air among the clouds and wind in the Sky Ship called the Caelestis Navigatio. With incredible technology, they knew that no one can find them there. Wielding the powerful hope and justice to continue on their quest, the Super Humans continued to fight for not only their lives but for the good of their race and the well hearted people that live nearby and also aim to Take Hueco Mundo as their new home because all of their powers feel home there. With luck that the Quincy seemed to hold, the Quincy forest along with their beloved hospital was spared from the large explosion. The Quincy settled down, they havn’t been viciously attacked like the others but plan to rid the world of even the rogue Shinigami(Vaizard and Rogues). With many new leaders to come among the races, the distant future that will become a reality is soon going to take place. Then with the vaizard, they have yet to make a giant step among the lives of the races. Who will they kill and who will they save? The same distant future has yet to reveal itself.

With a New 1st Division and Captain Commander, the missions that were brought out will soon changed. After attacking karakura town, they fled from the explosion and returned to the Soul Society where they will now prepare defense against the Bounts. Knowing that they had attacked before, they would either strike back or get ready to defend themselves for the strong power that the hollow seem to hold. Then as shinigami spread out in the rest of Earth to find souls and kill hollow, they will soon join their shinigami brothers and sisters back in the seiretei. With the espada vanishing from existence like Karakura town, who knows what they will do next! Simple, gain more Espada and get ever stronger. Although along with several ranks among the arrancar changing, a new Cero Espada will rise up to fight and protect the race of the Arrancar. With the Hollow feasting on the souls of the people who once lived in Karakura Town, the Hollows themselves have created their own rule of their race. Knowing that the Shinigami could soon come and strike at them during their meal, they continued to make themselves stronger in any way possible. Then as the rogue, members of races that they left to go on their own way of life, plan out their next move to kill. They themselves are being tracked down by the races they once used to live with. Will they live or will they die a bloody and horrible death!? You decide their Fate.

Bleach Online has a dedicated staff. We are very active and try to help out members ASAP. Along with a terrific staff Bleach online Also offers: A thorough informational section, unlimited selection of elements, custom weaponry and characters, artist corner and plenty plenty more.

How much evil must humanity do before it does good

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Bleach Online
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