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 Sîn Nara

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Sîn Nara
Mist Chuunin
Mist Chuunin
Sîn Nara

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Character sheet
Rank: Chuunin
Village: Village Hidden In The Mist

PostSubject: Sîn Nara   Fri Mar 05, 2010 11:34 pm


Name: Sîn Nara

Nickname/Alias: (What your character is known by, Only applies to Missing-Nin.)

Weight: 150 pounds

Height: 6'2

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Rank: (Chuunin if its possible, else its up to you)

Village: Hidden Mist Village

Element(s): Water/Wind

Personal Info

Family: Shizuka Korano (mother), Unknown Nara Clan member (father)

Clan: Nara Clan


Being not keen on martial arts, Sîn isn’t outright muscular and looks rather slim, though his formation as a ninja forces him to a certain degree of fitness. Out of pure laziness he rarely takes good care of his appearance, and thus his black hair is usually left as wild as it was when he woke up. His face is nothing extraordinary, not ugly but not outright beautiful either, and he usually harbours a neutral or bored expression. His eyes are brown in colour, inherited from his mother, and his gaze is often lost in the sky or whatever surrounds him, as he prefers observing things and thinking by himself over listening to people. As for his clothing, he prefers dark colours best, black or dark blue if possible, with his vest over it. His headband is placed over his right shoulder and attached to the vest itself, as it bugged him off a lot to wear it around the head.


Weapon(s): His preferred projectile weapon is the Kunai and he always carries quite a few with him. He is trained with swords and posses one but he often forgets it at home and thus rarely has it on except on crucial missions.

Armor: Nothing outside of the vest, as he prefer to avoid close-range combat.

Equipment: Sîn always keep a few pieces of trap-setting equipment, exploding papers, ropes and such to prepare an ambush at any time.

Extra Info


Sîn’s father was a renowned ninja of the Leaf village from the Nara clan, who had come to the Mist village for diplomatic reasons. He worked as liaison for the two villages for quite some years, until he fell for a bossy woman like the men in his family usually do, Sîn’s mother. Shortly after the boy was born, Sîn’s father was called back to Konoha, and though he offered his wife and newborn son to come with him, the woman refused. She said she wouldn’t leave her village, and that he should stay instead. The argument lasted for a while, and in the end, incapable of directly refusing the woman he loved, the father left the village in secret (like any good ninja would do !). Sîn thus grew up under the quite oppressive grasp of his bossy mother, who sorta forced him to take up the path of the shinobi. Possessing the natural shadow-bending abilities of the Nara but having no real teacher to help him master them, Sîn had a harder time than most of his fellow classmate. Out of despair he turned to the books he could find about the Konoha ninjas in his village’s library, and learned about the basic techniques there.

(Next part is applicable if Chuunin)

After slowly working out his way through the life of the ninjas, Sîn developed his abilities and began to free himself from his mother’s influence. Still, being too much engaged in the ninja path already, and being somewhat praised for his skill by his superior (though also shunned for his laziness), he kept going steadily. Now recently graduated as a Chuunin after being pushed into the exams, he looks anxiously to his future tasks, hoping to get it done without too much effort, as he always did.

Rp sample:(Required for rank higher then Academy Student)

After catching a quick meal at the Academy’s mess hall, Sîn went straight for the Zanjutsu Dojo. Walking at a slow pace, he took his time to immerse himself in the atmosphere of the Academy, which he found quite peaceful after all he had been through. He let out a small sigh at the sight of the dojo when he arrived in front of it, assailed by a nostalgic feeling from his first times here, months ago. He didn’t quite know if the man he was here to meet was still around with all that had happened, but taking a look inside was the only way to find out. Same old hallways with weapons of all sorts hanging on the walls, white mattress-covered floors that matched the white walls, dummies and other practice devices scattered all over the rooms Sîn could see on his way. Classes were held in some of them, but that was not what interested him at the moment; he had a specific goal.

Then he found what he was looking for, a single man, looking like in his forties, training with the energy of the youth on a poor wooden pillar that was about to chatter under the repeated slices. With a little laughter, Sîn reflected on how people themselves don’t change all that much even when your own perspective on them does change. Without turning around to face the student behind his back, the man merely stopped and stated out loud :

“I thought I told you not to skip class last time we met…and that was quite some time ago.”

Sîn’s expression quickly changed to a pensive one, as he was trying to recall his last meeting with the man. Yes…he had told him something like that when he had given him the wakizachi Sîn was still keeping on his side.

“Long time no see, Iwao-sensei. Sorry about classes, I’ve been sort of busy lately.”

With a little laugh, the man finally turned around to face Sîn, who was leaning on the room’s door in a relaxed stance.

“Yeah, I heard you took the graduation exams…”

“You learned ? How come every one of my teacher seems to know about it ?”

“Well that’s a stupid question boy, we were consulted about it of course ! Did you think you could just walk up to these exams like this ? That’d be insane, those tests are for the elite of the Academy, and every teacher was consulted about it beforehand.”

“I see, well it does make sense. I assume you recommended me, no ?"

“Ah, how presumptuous of you boy ...”

For a little while, silence filled the room, as Sîn had a little cocky smile on his face while Iwao was trying to keep his severe expression. He finally yielded at the silent competition, shaking his head at the student’s stubbornness.

“Tsk, yes I did. But now I guess it was mistake, since you didn’t make it.”

“Please don’t say that sensei, I failed because I didn’t quite had the occasion to put in practice all you taught me. And that is why I am here.”
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Katsuoru Hyuuga
Katsuoru Hyuuga

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Character sheet
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Village: Village Hidden In The Mist

PostSubject: Re: Sîn Nara   Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:21 am

Approved. I remember you saying something about using your weapon in a way that Asuma used his trench knives. You may have to apply for that in the custom weapon creation section. Other than that, you're good to go.
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Sîn Nara
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