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 Shinobi legends.

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PostSubject: Shinobi legends.   Mon Mar 01, 2010 9:25 pm

Years and years ago when the Five Countries were at the base of starting the First great shinobi war, the Hokage took the responsibly and called a meeting with the Five kages. The Kage summit was held in the land of Fire, because the Hokage had called it. The other four kages didn't like the idea of them entering a village that was about to be involved in a war, but for the time being they had no choice. The four kages gathered two of there strongest people to stand along side as the Five Great Kage talked out there problems. While in the meeting with the strongest people in the world a fight just about broke it between the Raikage and Tsuchikage over some bickering. The fight was broken up and the Hokage spoke up telling each kage that they needed to get their act together including himself which he made very clear. After he explained that he had received info about the Akatsuki and there plans to take out each kage while they fought with other villages.

After the Hokage told them this each kage knew that they had to be aware and stop the fighting for the time being because the Raikage and Tsuchikage were never going to get along with each other. So they made a deal that just tell the Akatsuki was eliminated they would be cool with each other, and so did the other kages. After making the agreement they departed to their villages to let the village know that they would be on lock down and to watch for people in black cloak with blood red cloud on them. Other than that they was nothing that they could do but wait and see what was going to happen.

About a month passed and the Five Kages hadn't been attacked not even a attempt on their lives which made them furious because they weren't kages of leadership, only kages of War. So the kages were called back to the leaf, but this time they didn't go in talking they went in ready to fight because they had been lied to. The Hokage tried explaing to them that they couldn't lose their cool right now but they thought different. After a while of agruing they all calmed down and began to talk about the situation that they were in. But was interfered by the Akatsuki. The Five kages were shit out of luck because this time they hadn't brought guards which just made it easier for the Akatsuki to take them out, And that they did. Each Kage was discovered by the Leaf village council because they had spent to much time in the meeting room and the other kages needed to leave before sundown, but they were dead. It was devastating to the Five villages but they needed to elect a new kage before the Akatsuki attacked again.

Even though Akatsuki got what they wanted they got greedy and wanted to take over the Five great nations, so they attacked the villages while they were kageless. The Akatsuki started at the Hidden leaf village, they killed many shinobi but they couldn't kill them all but came close. All of a sudden a group of missing-ninja entered the village wearing all black cloaks with hoods on there heads. They were called Vendetta and their main point at life was to kill off the Akatsuki which they did, but since it looked like they were helping the leaf they killed the most important people in the village. The Village council because they were to missing-ninja they just resented the Akatsuki a lot. After that Vendetta disappeared and was never seen again as if they were ghost, but really they were planing something big but what was it?

As the year passed new kage's were elected for each village, and these kages WERE kage's of leadership unlike the past kage's that were out for war and war it self led them to death. The Kage's that were picked were wise ones, but it was also said that the Akatsuki had gotten more memberes becasue the leader hadn't been killed because he knew about Vendetta. But Obviously he had planned this out the whole time, but since they were growing did that mean that Vendetta was coming back? Did it mean that with the new group of Akatsuki members were going after Vendetta since the leader knew of them? Did it mean that the Five Great villages would team up and take down Akatsuki? or Vendetta? or did it mean that The villages were going to be at peace? or war? No one was going to know what was going to happen tell it actually did but would it be to late for that person? Who knows only you can make that choice.

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Shinobi legends.
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