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 Warui's Bloodline [[Done]]

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Nagare Warui
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PostSubject: Warui's Bloodline [[Done]]   Sun Feb 28, 2010 10:52 am

Name of Bloodline: Pantheon

Rank of Bloodline: I don't know if it can be given one rank, as each level of the release has its own rank.

Description of Bloodline: Pantheon is an ability that takes the form of body part transformation. Or at least, that is what they say. In actuality the user is breaking their seal, and releasing part of their true form, which is a demon of some sort. The appearance of the demon differs with the person, but the basic abilities remain the same. No matter what animal or other representation/theme their demon follows, they don't get any special abilities, only the abilities provided below. Each level of the release provides certain boosts and come with their own rank, meaning the user has to be at the proper level to use it. The releases go as such:

E- This level of the release allows the user to either change the property of their hands, feet, teeth, or eyes. This means that they can develop claws, fangs, or their eyes would change. If they develop claws the boon that they gain is rather obvious, being that they can scratch and slash at people and tear into their flesh. If they develop fangs the boon is, again, rather simple in that they are able to bite with more force and possibly tear flesh away. The morphing of the eyes is a bit more complex. The eyes are a gateway to chakra, and as such if they release the eyes they are able to produce a small amount more chakra than before, meaning that they can preform a maximum of one more D-rank jutsu or two more E-ranked justu.

D- In this level the features being changed remain the same, but they are able to choose two things to morph. Should they choose claws, they can morph both feet and hands while still being able to morph one more thing, unlike E-rank which only allows for either the feet or the hands. The boons remain the same.

C- In this level of release they gain access to a clan-specific element, which takes the place of a natural element(like Doton or Katon), this element is wax. They can utilise the element only in release form at this level, and while in sealed form have access to no elements, as they have used up their element for the wax element, or Wakkusuton. They can, however, choose to not take on the wax element at this level and retain their original element. In the C-ranked release, the user's limbs and eyes both morph. Which limbs morph is up to the user of the release, whether it be legs or arms. The boon in chakra is greater this time, allowing them two D-ranked jutsu or one C-ranked jutsu higher than they could normally use. Their limbs changing has varying effects, depending on the animal they choose. This only means that the appearance of the release changes, the boon remains the same. The boon is simple, if they change their arms their strength and taijutsu levels are enhanced, and if they choose the legs their speed and jumping levels are enhanced.

B- In this level they are now able to use Wakkusuton outside of the release state. They also gain a new element, one of the five natural elements. If the person had chosen to not take on the Wakkusuton at C-rank release, they may choose to do so now instead of gaining their second natural element. In B-ranked release they may morph both sets of limbs, as well as their eyes. The boon from the eyes increases once again, allowing them two C-ranked jutsu or one B-ranked jutsu more than they usually would have. Wakkusuton will also cost three fourths of their natural chakra cost at this level, as it becomes more natural to them and less difficult to utilize.

A- This state allows the user to morph both sets of limbs, the eyes, and even sprout a demon-specific trait of their own; this meaning that they might sprout a tail, cat ears, wings, or possible a weapon that comes naturally with the demon release. The boons they gain in this state are obvious, as they have been stated before. Unlike the other states, this time the chakra boon does not increase with the eye release, but their Wakkusuton techniques will cost one-half less chakra outside of release state, and three-fourths less inside of release state.

S- This state is not recommended unless used with a Fuuinjutsu expert nearby. Once they release this state they go full demon mode, doubling every aspect of their statistics(power, chakra, speed, etc.). They will no longer have any human aspect left, unless of course their demon form has human aspects, and will no longer be in control of themselves. The demon form of theirs will take over. Chakra for Wakkusuton techniques will now cost three-fourths less indefinitely, unless the technique is S-ranked, in which case it doesn't get a discount on chakra. The only way to return to human for after this release is to have a Fuuinjutsu expert utilise an A or S-ranked seal on the user of the release, sealing away their demon form once again.

Limits on Release time:

Academy Students - Can release E-ranked kekkei for three posts with a five post cooldown

Genin - Can release E ranked Kekkei for four posts with a six post cooldown, D-ranked Kekkei for four posts with a five turn cool down, or C-ranked Kekkei for three posts with a five turn cooldown.

Chuunin - Can release E-ranked Kekkei indefinitely, D-ranked Kekkei for five posts with a six post cool down, C-ranked for four posts with a five post cool down, or B-ranked for three posts with a five post cool down

Jounin- Can release E-C ranked indefinitely, B-ranked for five posts with a six post cool down, or A-ranked for four posts with a five post cool down.

Kage/S-ranked Ninja- Can release E-B indefinitely, A-rank for six posts with a seven post cool down, or S-rank at the risk of completely losing their mind. After using S-rank they will be limited to only C-ranked release for the next four topics, should they return to their human form at all.

This is less a Kekkei Ability and more of a Clan-specific Element, except that it manifests with the Kekkei and doesn't require mixing elements. Wakkusuton is its own element involving forming the user's chakra into melted wax. It acts very much like the water element, except that the user can harden their chakra into solid wax at any point in time, making it function more like the earth element techniques. The wax can be produced at a heat so high that it causes up to third degree burns, or can be made a little bit more dense than glass.
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Ryusaki Uchiha
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PostSubject: Re: Warui's Bloodline [[Done]]   Sun Feb 28, 2010 11:47 am


How much evil must humanity do before it does good

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Warui's Bloodline [[Done]]
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