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 Raikage's office [open]

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PostSubject: Raikage's office [open]   Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:53 pm

After a long day of working in the office Deva path one of the six paths of Shikamatsu, but most importantly the main path out of the six. Deva path was known as the Raikage and the other body's were just known as subordinates to the Raikage. Deva path took the appearance of a young man around the age of 25 or something close to it, he had bright orange hair and Chakra receivers plunged into his face but in a way that didn't make him look bad. Deva path also wore the Raikage cloak, along with the hat just in case while he was out and about people would know who he was if they hadn't already. The Raikage hat was slightly to large for his head thus blocking his dark purple eyes from anyone that tried to look at them, but Of course he was still able to see and what he was looking at wasn't nice. Deva path looked at a pile of papers that sat on his desk that he needed to complete within the week, but he hadn't had much time with handing out missions and just helping out the villagers. With a slight yawn, a grumbling sound could be head by the lower part of the path symbolizing that the man needed to treat his stomach to some food but he couldn't just leave with all of this paper work to be done. So Deva path was going to need someone to feel in for him while he stepped out for a slight second to get some food. Deva path made a couple of hand signs creating a large cloud of smoke in the office of the Raikage. The cloud of smoke slowly began to drift out of the open window that was located behind The paths, he then stood up while looking at the other man that stood before him in his office. This man that he had summoned was the second main path of Shikamatsu and its name was Human path.

Deva path, then walked to the other side of his desk allowing Human path to take a set in the Raikage desk. "I shall return soon" Deva path said while receiving a nod from the second path, then leaped out of the window that was behind Human path. As Deva path fell from the window he soon got closer and closer to the ground making him extend his arm downwards, then trusting it in the direction that he was falling causing him to fly back up, but then down landing softly on the ground with his knees bent and with his right palm touching the ground. Once he landed the bottom of his cloak flew upwards due to the wind but soon fell back into position. Deva path began to putting all his weight into his legs causing him to fully stand up and make his way towards the ramen shop. After about two minuets of walking Deva path had almost been to his destination but was being interrupted by the sound of the villagers and shinobi greeting him out of respect so he had to do the same. Once the path reached the ramen shop he stood in front of it looking at the banner that was used for kind of like the door, he then walked towards the banner extending his hand, pulling it up, then entering the ramen shop. The second that he entered the shop the owner began speaking to him from a distance "Welcome Raikage-sama, we are happy to have you here. Order when your ready sir" The man said while standing behind the counter making numerous bowls of ramen for the people who were already there. "Will do" replied Deva path as he stood a set in front of the counter as he waited for the man to not be busy but then a young girl came from behind a door and awaited the Raikage's order. "umm...i'll have the beef ramen please" Deva path said as the young girl began walking away but he hadn't been done so he continued knowing that she would of heard him. "Make that to go also" he said while waiting for his ramen to be brought to him.

Not to long after the young girl came back with the ramen in a to go box, then handed it to him. Deva path slightly smiled then stopped as he grabbed the box and pulled out enough money to pay for everyone's ramen "Put there tabs on me please" Deva path said as he walked out of the rame shop. With the ramen in his hand Deva path headed back to the office so that he could get to work on his paper work. As he approached the Raikage building the path entered the door, then made his way threw the building as if it was a maze. Coming up to the Office door, he put his ramen in his left hand allowing him to use his right to open the door, then enter. Deva path had entered his office looking at Human path reading over and doing some of the paper work, he then spoke to the path "thanks you may leave now" said deva path as he watched Human path leave the room leaving Deva path to do his work. But first he needed to eat a bit. Deva path opened the ramen box and pulled out the chopsticks, then brook them apart allowing him to us them. Deva path then began eating while reading over the paper work, he also awaited someone to walk threw the door looking for a mission which he had plenty to give out but tell then he would just continue doing what he does best.
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Raikage's office [open]
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