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 Rikei Gesaku

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Rikei Gesaku


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PostSubject: Rikei Gesaku   Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:55 am


Name: Rikei Gesaku

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Rank: Genin

Village: Amegakure

Element(s): Rain/Water

Personal Info

Family: Near extinct.

Clan: None.

Bloodline: Inryoku no Ame.

Tattoo(s): The japanese kanji for Gravity on his right arm sleeve. The kanji for Rain on his left. And the kanji for science on his left ankle.

Scar(s): None.



Weapon(s): A large arsenal of senbon, kunai, shuriken, and smoke bombs.

Armor: Not much but the normal shinobi attire. However if one hundred percent focused, he can use his chakra as a shield to slightly reduce jutsu damage, and deflect weapons that would do minor damage, like the senbon.

Equipment: A sickle and an umbrella with a hidden sword in the bamboo handle.

Extra Info

Bio: Rikei was born into a relatively poor family, even compared to others in Amegakure. His father was an Akatsuki member. Without his father, and with his abusive mother he felt he lived a horrible life. His father was nice, but only came home about a couple hours every few months. His father then decided to betray the Akatsuki to live with Rikei, but was executed for treason, before Rikei's very eyes. He does not remember much of his infantry, and was never told how his parents met. Within the years his mother began to waste more money on her special sake. On his seventh birthday, all he wanted was to have a picture of his father but his mother only got him a rock with a poorly forged signature. The enraged Rikei knew there was no merciless law on murder, as it was run by the corrupt ''government'', Akatsuki. With the knowledge he had, he picked up a gardening sickle and called his mother into the room because he needed ''help'' tying his shoe. His mother swore him out for not knowing how and bent down to help. Rikei moved the sickle from behind his back and forced the blade into his mother's eye. As he heard her painful screams and shouts he lift her up by it and slammed her to a wall. A blackish purple chakra surrounded him as he removed the sickle and forced it up from the bottom of her chin. The sickle's blade tip was barely out of her skull before he tugged his arm back down and his mother's body slammed to the ground. Little Rikei could hear the ripping and crackling of the skull as he forced the blade out. As the blade slowly began to slide out easily, you could also hear the slight silent sound of the clean blade slip through the brain. The government eventually found out and had him sent into a mental Asylum for six years. From the day of his release, whenever he thought about his father's execution and his mother's cruelty, the same dark chakra would begin to flow for a short while, before causing him to become unconscious. After a month of hard training he decided he should join the Shinobi Academy, which he did. Because of his age, he easily became the top of his class.

Rp sample:

On a small day where most of the students were away from the Academy, his teacher ordered the stuents to practice taijutsu using only one wooden weapon of their choice. There was another student at the academy at the same ago by the name of Kyo. Because of the age range they had decided to fight. Kyo picked up a well balanced wooden katana. And Rikei had picked up a small wooden dagger. Rikei ran at Kyo at high speeds and jumped up into the air. He then stuck the blade straight out and slammed it on Kyo's shoulder. Rikei was originally in a zigzag formation for it, which through off the less intelligent Kyo. Kyo then used his longer blade and thrusted it out at Rikei. Rikei had nearly easily parried the attack and elbowed Kyo in the gut. When Kyo bent down in anguish Rikei was about to smash the wooden dagger against the poor boy's head. But before he knew it, Kyo and sweep kicked him and he fell on his back. Kyo was about to stab the wooden blade through Rikei, but before the wooden blade made contact, he wrapped his legs around the blade and forced his weight and muscle in it. He had forced himself in a sitting position and slammed Kyo's face in the ground as well. Rikei jumped back, thinking Kyo would strike, which he did, and missed. Kyo then ran furiously at Rikei and slammed the wooden blade against his wrist, causing the wooden dagger to go flying away from Rikei's reach. As Kyo was about to slam the wooden katana onto Rikei, he spoke, "What's the matter? Mommy and daddy didn't teach you to fight? Oh right, they're all dead because of you! You stupid psychotic orphan!!" And enraged Rikei caught Kyo's blade. As Kyo gasped slightly he was slammed into a tree a few feet away. This whole time, the teacher was not paying attention. Kyo then stood up and ran at Rikei again, "You stupid bastard! You'll pay!" he shouted, slightly limping. Rikei then picked up a random stick and charged at Kyo ferociously. He swung it rapidly, hitting Kyo in the face and hand many times. As Rikei swung once again, knocking Kyo off his feet on his back, Rikei leapt onto him. He put the stick to his throat holding both ends, choking him. "How would you like to see what you're made out of? It will be quite interesting.." he spoke grimly, and with enough hate in it, it made the air cold in Kyo's face where he spoke. He was a true psychopath, and as Kyo became unconscious, when the teacher looked. He rushed over and tossed Rikei off of Kyo. "That's enough! You pass!" As Rikei passed out from the rage he entered, he was again locked up, but only for a week before he was released again and realized he passed. Kyo however, turned out not to make it. The top of his skull was cracked open when he was slammed against the tree, and injured even more when he was knocked on the ground. And when Rikei knocked him unconscious, Kyo fell into a coma. With the coma, and the blood trauma, it was enough to purely kill him. But the good news was, Rikei passed. And that is all he cared about.

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PostSubject: Re: Rikei Gesaku   Wed Jul 08, 2009 1:08 am

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Rikei Gesaku
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