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PostSubject: Gyouan   Thu Nov 05, 2009 11:02 am


Kyuui Tsukurite:
The Gyouan clan was formed by the five greatest elemental shinobi of their time. Kun, of fire; Shun, of Water; Fun, of Wind; Sun, of Earth; and finally, Jun of Lightning. These five shinobi banded together to form the "Kyuui Tsukurite" or, Peace Makers. They traveled throughout the five nations, bringing peace and preaching harmony. However, powerful as they were, it was difficult for them to stay alive. The nations that didn't fall to their preaching did not like the Kyuui Tsukurite, and placed bounties on all of their heads. The leaders who had placed the bounties knew that no one would succeed, but wanted to slander their name by pushing them to violence. The Kyuui would not fight back, though, and utilized the thousands of peaceful jutsu that they had taught themselves to stop the bounty hunters without actually hurting them. This only helped to improve their public image, and gained them even more support. After years of preaching and running, the Kyuui Tsukurite finally got all five of the main Kages to agree to sign the great treaty. The Kyuui Tsukurite had brought the world into a peaceful state for two decades before war broke out.

The Great War:
The nations broke out into war after Sunagakure attempted to invade the smaller villages of Amegakure and the River Country. They had already taken over the Bird Country before the great treaty, but they had gotten greedy. Infuriated, because Amegakure was under Kirigakure's protection, Kirigakure declared war on Sunagakure. There was nothing that the Kyuui could do to stop it, because Sunagakure had broken the treaty. Konoha took sides with Kirigakure, Iwagakure took sides with Sunagakure, and Kumogakure was divided. They split into two minor countries, Kumogakure and Raigakure. Raigakure took sides with Suna, and Kumo took sides with Kiri. The great war could not be stopped, and it raged on for hundreds upon hundreds of days. Days led into months, and months led into years, and finally the Kyuui said enough was enough. They broke apart and went to plead with each of the respective villages. Jun sent one of his masterfully crafted thunder clones off to plead with Rai as he went to plead with Kumo. The villages would not have it, and chose to capture and execute the five great shinobi. On the day of their execution, the five shinobi only smiled down at the protesters. These shinobi had been their disciples, and learned everything they could from their masters. As the blades fell upon the shinobi's heads they activated their final ninjutsu. Their souls broke apart and flew out to the shinobi that had been learning their ways. The last of the shinobi to die was Fun, and his voice resonated throughout the area. "We have blessed you, my children. Take this blessing, you are the new 'Gyouan'. A new hope for the world."

The Gyouan:
Most of the Shinobi had no idea what Fun had meant, but some did. These few banded together and formed a counsel, calling all of those who had been a part of the group of disciples to come to a meeting. It was there that it was decided that any shinobi who had been blessed that day would become a part of the newly formed Gyouan clan. The clan would work to make peace, in any way necessary. These peace preachers resorted to everything from civil disobedience, to war. They had great power, and they would learn to use it. They became a migratory clan, meeting once every year at sunrise to discuss the goings-ons of the world around them.

Clan Symbol:
Each and every clan member wears the traditional armor, which bears the kanji symbol for peace on the back and front of the chest plate. The armor is bulky, and white with golden trim. The shoulder plates are massive, giving plenty of room for the arms to move. The chest plate fits tightly to the body, and is very flexible to allow for movement. The plate legs are less flexible, but have plenty of joints for the user to move their legs. There is no helmet that comes with the armor.

Kekkei Genkei: The Gyouan kekkei genkei is a unique one. It lies in the user's mastery of the elements. They have an innate talent for using the elements they are born with at a level no one else could ever hope to learn. They also gain extra elements as they develop, tapping into the deep innate talent given to them by their founders. Most of their mastery comes through intense ninjutsu training, also eliminating most efficient chakra use. The third and final aspect of the kekkei genkei is the melding of elements. Depending on what their elements are, the user can combine them to form new elements. This is not an ability, but every member of the Gyouan clan takes the traits of an animal. ((ie, Birds=wings, Cat=Ears and tail, etc.)) Elements are listed as such:






Acad-Genin=1 element
Chuunin=2 elements
Jounin-ANBU=3 elements
Sannin-Kage=4 elements

Drawbacks: Members of this clan are unable to use any elemental ninjutsu above A-rank. Also, they are unable to master any one element, sacrificing perfection for diversity. This means that when matching rank and element, their ninjutsu will fall to an opponent's who only has one or two elements to master.
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PostSubject: Re: Gyouan   Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:13 pm


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