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Kae, Ichijin

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Character sheet
Rank: Genin
Village: Mist

PostSubject: Ichijin!   Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:18 pm


Name: Ichijin

Weight: 29.3 kg

Height: 5' 2"

Age: 12

Gender: Female

Rank: Genin

Village: Mist Village

Element(s): Water

Personal Info

Family: The Kae clan, or force clan, are a clan that originated in the Mist Village, and fought alongside the Kaguya. Eventually, as the brutal Kaguya ended up waging war against their own country, the Kae were forced into practical extinction after defending them at the very beginning of the war, fighting the clan full on with surprise attacks from the newly found enemy, and former ally.

Clan: Kae (Force)

Bloodline: Using the hereditary kekkei genkai trait of an unknown clan, this ability allows the user of this jutsu to basically channel the force of an impact, to anywhere the users already doujutsu activated eyes focus on, allowing them to hit objects, targets, and possibly enemies from a long range. This ability can be activated at the users will. Although this is an already effective ability, it cannot be targeted on humanoids, in direct format, but things such as weapons and nearby terrain and surroundings. In addition, any attack made with this technique's power is increased tenth fold.

The children, at birth, are altered to grow like a "human puppet", as their body is considerably changed by the clans head doctors and leaders - Performing multiple surgeries and even placing Fuinjutsu/Juinjutsu seals all over their patients body to grant them future power. The appearance of the ninja would later resemble that of something along the lines of Kakuzu.

Tattoo(s): Multiple seals all over her body, not necessarily tattoos.
Scar(s): None

Looks: [img][/img]


Weapon(s): As well as standard ninja gear, a few sets of shuriken, kunai, exploading tags, smoke bombs, click shuriken/kunai, detonated C4 explosive clay, a medical kit, and soldier pills.

[~] - Special Features To Ichijin:
[~] - Puppet Features:
* Jaw 1A; Senbon Machine Gun
Capable of firing multiple poisonous needles at an extremely quick rate. Has multiple seal symbols along the jaw line, each one corresponding to a different jaw part.

* Jaw 1B; Poison Launcher
Capable of not only firing poisonous gas bombs, but spraying out the poisonous gas as well. Has multiple seal symbols along the jaw line, each one corresponding to a different jaw part.

* Jaw 1C; Taser
Has two blades that flip down out of the jaw line resembling mandibles. The blades may then generate an electric current to stun a target. Has multiple seal symbols along the jaw line, each one corresponding to a different jaw part.

* Right Arm 2A; Fragmentation Launcher
Is capable of detaching in a projectile fashion, then firing off multiple canisters, which open to send senbon flying every which way. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Right Arm 2B; Shuriken Launcher
The forearm expands off the arm in two parts, then both parts spin around the center, firing off a high precision round of shuriken at a fast pace. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Right Arm 2C; Sawblade
The forearm opens to reveal a sawblade, which can then be wielded near the hand of the puppet. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Right Arm 2D; Cluster Cannon
The hand flips upwards from the wrist, revealing a large cannon. This cannon fires off a spiked ball, roughly the size of a softball. This ball will then open releasing a large number of smaller bombs, before igniting itself, creating a chain effect.

* Right Arm 2E; Taijutsu
A very powerful athletic arm covered in a very strong yet flexible material. The material itself conducts electrical signals allowing for faster control and stronger attacks. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Right Arm 2F; Pneumatic System
Arm back by a pneumatic system for taijutsu. Though not as quick as the taijutsu arm, it delivers blows strong enough to shatter stone. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Right Hand 2a; Water Jet
A nozzle extends from the palm. Initially this fires off a large knockback blast of water. The arm may then twist however, concentrating the stream to a point where it is strong enough to cut through rock. This piece is not compatible with Right Arm 2A and has only one seal symbol, corresponding to the other right hand part. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Right Hand 2b; Flamethrower
A nozzle extends from the palm. This fires a large burst of extremely hot fire, hot enough to melt rock. This piece is not compatible with Right Arm 2A and has only one seal symbol, corresponding to the other right hand part.

* Left Arm 3A; Summoning Hands
Appears to be a normal arm, but can open to reveal multiple summoning tags, six exactly. When used in conjunction with Senju Soubu, nearly a thousand arms can be generated very quickly to capture and crush a target. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Left Arm 3B; Kunai Launcher
The forearm expands off the arm in two parts, then both parts begin to spin around the center, firing off a high precision round of kunai at a fast pace. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Left Arm 3C; Spider Web Bomb
The hand flips up at the wrist, revealing a tube. Multiple balled up explosive tags are then fired out, all attached back to the tube by thin strings. After the explosives have covered the desired area, the hand flips back down, tugging on the string and setting off the bombs before cutting the strings themselves, preparing to reload. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Left Arm 3D; Grappling Hook
Hand fires off and is attached to the arm by a long chain. Used to grab and bring in targets, or bring Ichijin closer to her opponent. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Left Arm 3E; Taijutsu
A very powerful athletic arm covered in a very strong yet flexible material. The material itself conducts electrical signals allowing for faster control and stronger attacks. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Left Arm 3F; Pneumatic System
Arm back by a pneumatic system for taijutsu. Though not as quick as the taijutsu arm, it delivers blows strong enough to shatter stone. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Left Hand 3a; Water Jet
A nozzle extends from the palm. Initially this fires off a large knockback blast of water. The arm may then twist however, concentrating the stream to a point where it is strong enough to cut through rock. This piece is not compatible with Left Arm Parts 3A and has only one seal symbol, corresponding to the other right hand part.

* Left Hand 3b; Flamethrower
A nozzle extends from the palm. This fires a large burst of extremely hot fire, hot enough to melt rock. This piece is not compatible with Left Arm Parts 3A and has only one seal symbol, corresponding to the other right hand part.

* Shoulder Blades 4A; Cables
Two spiked cable extend from the shoulder blades. These cables are strong enough to easily lift three to four hundred pounds each, and have a total reach of thirty meters. The seal symbol for this part is on Ichijin's neck.

* Shoulder Blades 4B; Blade Wings
Two large poles each supporting a triple bladed wing like device extend from the shoulder blades. By spinning these devices, hovering can be achieved, as well as turning them forward to increase speed. Defensively they’re highly capable of deflecting attacks, and even more capable of dealing them out. The seal symbol for this part is on Ichijin’s neck.

* Back 5A; Mask of Despair
A large red mask with a gaping mouth resides on the back. From the mouth, a large scorpion “tongue” like tail can be extended. This weapon is heavily bladed, armored and poisoned. The eyes of the mask are closed, but if one looks into them after they open, they will be caught in a powerful genjutsu. The tongue may also be disconnected and wielded as a sword. The seal symbol for this part is on Ichijin's solar plexus.

* Back 5B; Corpse Creator
A large bone like construction with four large hollow bones coming away from it. This part was modeled after Kimimaro’s abilities in combat. From the hollow bones, it can fire off multiple bone like bullets seamlessly, as well as create a large and powerful sound blast, forcing everything within three hundred and sixty degrees backwards. Finally, a sword designed to resemble a backbone may be withdrawn from the part. The seal symbol for this part is on Ichijin’s solar plexus.

* Back 5C; Spider Legs 1 2 3 and 4
A back part with four large spider like legs extending from it, each one with a poison dipped blade for a tip. The seal symbol for this part is on Ichijin's solar plexus.

* Back 5D; Pneumatic System
Backed by a pneumatic system, allows extremely heavy lifting. The seal symbol for this part is on Ichijin's solar plexus.

* Left Ribset 6A; Missile Launcher
The ribs open and expand outwards to reveal their points, these points then fire off and explode on contact. The sealing symbol for this part is just above the actual ribcage.

* Left Ribset 6B; Textile Crusher
The ribs expand outwards, forming a huge crushing like device with multiple spikes on it. The sealing symbol for this part is just above the actual ribcage.

* Right Ribset 7A; Missile Launcher
The ribs open and expand outwards to reveal their points, these points then fire off and explode on contact. The sealing symbol for this part is just above the actual ribcage.

* Right Ribset 7B; Textile Crusher
The ribs expand outwards, forming a huge crushing like device with multiple spikes on it. The sealing symbol for this part is just above the actual ribcage.

* Legs 8A; Spider Legs 5 6 7 and 8
A leg part that interchanges at the hips. This replaces Ichijin's standard humanoid legs with four spider legs, each with a powerful pneumatic crusher for well, crushing things. The seal symbol for this part is just below Ichijin's naval.

* Legs 8B; Taijutsu
Thin athletic legs covered in a very strong yet flexible material. The material itself conducts electrical signals allowing for faster control and stronger attacks. The seal symbol for this part is just below Ichijin's naval.

* Legs 8C; Pneumatic System
Backed by a pneumatic system, these legs are designed for taijutsu. Though not as quick as the taijutsu legs, they are capable of deliver rock shattering blows and can leap extremely high. The seal symbol for this part is just below Ichijin's naval.

* Right Eye 9A; Scope
Mechanic Scope, can zoom for clear sight up to three miles away.

* Right Eye 9B; Atom Eye
A part made out of the eye Miyuki gave Ichijin, this part is similar to a human puppet, as it was made while the eye was still operational. This part allows the user to see atoms, and by channeling chakra into it, reconstruct those atoms.

* Left Eye 10A; Scope
Mechanic Scope, can zoom for clear sight up to three miles away.

* Cranium 11A; Element Ring
A specially designed ring made of Sapphire, Ruby, Amber, Topaz and Crystal. The ring itself takes in Ichijin's chakra and regulates it, allowing him use of all five elemental chakras. Unfortunately, he doesn't gain any mastery, so while he may have a mastery over the lightning and wind elements, while the part is being used, that mastery translates over, into only a basic harness over all elements. The seal for this part is on Ichijin's forehead.

* Cranium 11B; Detection
A specifically designed part that allows for multiple types of detection. Generally, this functions by sending out sound waves and radio waves. When either of these bounce back to Ichiji's position, it allows him to virtually see whatever the waves are bouncing off of. This gives her a perfect three hundred and sixty degree range of vision, however the vision of the waves is limited, as the radio waves will bounce off anything metallic, she cannot see beyond anything metal with them. the sound waves likewise bounce from all surfaces. Using both simultaneously however, will give Ichijin a three hundred and sixty degree x-ray capability, which extends to the nearest solid objects within that field of vision. The seal for this part is on Ichijin's forehead.

* Right Arm 2G; Wrecking Ball
Arm part designed to destroy. Panels fold down from the forearm revealing a chain and surrounding the hand. The arm then has a summoning system allowing it to add more chain links as the ball is thrown, as opposed to storing a limited amount in the arm itself. The solid steel ball weighs close to three hundred pounds. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Right Hand 2c; Lion's Roar
Hand part designed to facilitate a jutsu. The palm of the hand opens to drop out an orb, which is then caught by the fingers. When the orb is thrown it expands to form the head of a lion, it's teeth bared. When the lion connects with an object, it will pin it to the nearest surface and spread out a seal. This seal saps chakra, syphoning it away from and killing whatever is in contact with it in a matter of seconds. The technique is an exact replica of one of the ten chikamatsu puppet's abilities. By having altered a hand part for himself, Ichijin no longer needs to call on all her abilities to use it. The hand part has multiple seals to corresponding parts on the back of the hand.

* Left Arm 3G; Wrecking Ball
Arm part designed to destroy. Panels fold down from the forearm revealing a chain and surrounding the hand. The arm then has a summoning system allowing it to add more chain links as the ball is thrown, as opposed to storing a limited amount in the arm itself. The solid steel ball weighs close to three hundred pounds. Has multiple seal symbols around the elbow, each one corresponding to a different arm part.

* Left Hand 3c; Lion's Roar
Hand part designed to facilitate a jutsu. The palm of the hand opens to drop out an orb, which is then caught by the fingers. When the orb is thrown it expands to form the head of a lion, it's teeth bared. When the lion connects with an object, it will pin it to the nearest surface and spread out a seal. This seal saps chakra, syphoning it away from and killing whatever is in contact with it in a matter of seconds. The technique is an exact replica of one of the ten chikamatsu puppet's abilities. By having altered a hand part for himself, Ichijin no longer needs to call on all her abilities to use it. The hand part has multiple seals to corresponding parts on the back of the hand.

* Back 5E; Pulverizer
A back part equipped with a fold out chakra cannon. The cannon itself fires a 4 meter in diameter beam and must be recharged (while equipped) for five posts. The beam itself can be infused with Daedalus' chakra for other effects although is generally based on how much chakra is placed within it. At full power the beam is capable of cutting through mountains. Must be used with Leg Parts 8A. The seal symbol for this part is on Ichijin's solar plexus.

Extra Info

Bio: Birthing Arc: Ichijin was born of the mother from the hailed Kae clan. The father, Kimimaro, abandoned his position in the Mist Village when conflict came after the brutal ongoing war between the Kaguya and Kirigakure. Leaving his daughter, Ichijin, behind. Ichijin was forced to live and grow up on her own.

Academy Student-Like Arc: By the age of 8, Ichijin became a genious and incredibly powerful inheritor of the Wind-Force (Kae) bloodline technique, known as the ability to potentially attack things from afar, simply by manipulating the force of her own attacks.. She was able to take down people without seeing them, hearing them, or even knowing if they were there, and simply going off based on their spiritual 'essence'. She used her explicit and hard attitude in conjuction to help her survive during tough times when it snowed incredibly hard and rained in Kirigakure. After the Hunter-Nin and Mist ANBU tracked her down however, she went on the run for her life.

Genin-Like Arc: By the age of 12, she had successfully and completely eluded the Mist ANBU and Hunter-Nin, escaping to the forests of Konoha. She lived rather primitively, but it was a suitable life for an abandoned runaway child ninja. She had already completely mastered the Bloodline technique, Wind-Force. Taking on a new name sub-name Jackal, she underwent explicit training in the village of Konoha. Simply devising the plan to become a Chuunin and further benefit herself, she used many people in 'friendships' and 'quarter-allies' to gain what she wanted. Once obtained, she murdered them. As the Chuunin exams came up, she only had a single foe whose name was Jebiza. She defeated him easily, and passed the exam with noone else being capable of showing up, due to the fact that Ichijin had previously murdered them all.
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Kae, Ichijin

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Character sheet
Rank: Genin
Village: Mist

PostSubject: Re: Ichijin!   Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:19 pm

Rp sample: Ken’s feet shifted nervously where he stood, and his eyes were constantly looking around the area surrounding the Academy, trying to observe everything he possibly could. He and his team had already completed missions and a training session or two together, so it wasn’t like he was apprehensive about interacting with Akemi and Ken, but this time felt a little different. This time his sensei had specifically told him to meet her at the ninja academy in the village for some type of training, but it had sounded extremely vague at the time. And would Ken not be taking part on this particular training or something?

Red let out a deep breath, smiled, and let all of his concerns float away into nothingness. His worries were pointless, and it’s not like anything bad would come out of this. Becoming a part of Team Teikan was definitely one of the best things that had ever happened to the young Hyuuga.

Everyday after practice or after a mission had ended; he would rush home to his sick mother and kneel by her bedside, telling her detailed stories about his adventures and not-so adventurous experiences with his new friend and teammate Ken and Akemi-sensei. His mother would always smile so brightly when her son spoke that it was hard to believe that she was so weak and frail. But of course, that was only a temporary surge of strength and happiness.

A few young students training outside suddenly broke his train of thought, pulling Red out of his thoughts and back into reality. He remembered the days not too long ago when he was in their position, trying his hardest to graduate and move on to bigger and better things, all with the desire to make both his mother and the entire Hyuuga clan proud of him.

Not too much had changed since then. Red still worked tirelessly each day to grow stronger and gain more field experience in order to continue climbing the ranks and hopefully impress his clan and mother. And more specifically than just the Hyuugas in general, he wanted more than anything to prove himself even further to Akemi-sensei.

She had already spent so much time and effort to pass on her wisdom and experience to him and Ken, and Red would never forgive himself if he let her down. Besides, there was no way he could afford to fall too far behind and let Ken become too much stronger than him. It’s not like he had a constant desire to be more powerful than his teammate, but they could both become stronger if they continued to push each other and give each other the desire and drive to improve constantly. Friendly rivals were a hundred times more productive than apathetic teammates.

The genin quickly formed a fist and punched his open left palm, his expression becoming one of pure determination. No matter what special training would be thrown at him today, he would definitely master it quickly and thoroughly. For his own sake and for his sensei’s sake, he would make everyone proud!

He could already start to see the familiar silhouette of Akemi-sensei heading towards the rendezvous point, and Red quickly stood up straight and tried to look alert as his instructor approached. He was ready for anything, and absolutely nothing would take him off guard at this point, no matter how intense or unorthodox this training would be.

”Morning, Akemi-sensei! I’m ready to train!”

When Akemi had first been assigned team Teikan she had been reluctant, and even to a degree somewhat disappointed by the assignment, not due to any fault by her would be students, but rather because she felt it might slow her own pace in ANBU or in her own duties. Quite simply she hadn’t much liked the idea of being bogged down by a bunch of Genin…

These feelings though did not last long, being quickly replaced by anticipation at becoming the teacher rather than the student. By the time she met her team any reservations she might have previously held were long gone, leaving her anticipating finally getting this new chapter in her life started.

In the several months now since Team Teikan had come together, she had come to know her students well, they were bright Genin, promising shinobi, and exceptional young men. She had become quite fond of them… They had become as family to her, She was as proud of them as she was of Kaito.

Of the two students she had begun with from the start, Ken was definitely the greater mystery, his predilection for keeping silent and self imposed muting meant he was the one to open up the least and was the hardest to decipher. He often seemed distant and disconnected, yet at the same tended to demonstrate the most emotional attachment to them. Though often seemingly lazy, he’d none the less always came through for his team mates in the end, demonstrating uncanny loyalty despite his apparent detachment. Needless to say, he was a particular case.

Red for his part was nearly the opposite. Whereas Ken was often difficult for her to read, Red was like an open book to her. Part of this was due to just how similar they were. Aside from him being Hyuuga, his life was very similar to his own. Both had lost their father, both had been raised by their mother and trained by their uncle, both shared an affinity and aptitude for Taijutsu and had finished top of their classes in this domain. They even had the same natural elemental affinity to wind and fire. Akemi could even relate to the hardships he was going through with his mother, herself having lost hers after a prolonged period of illness.

It was almost an odd coincidence that he would be assigned to her tutelage, yet fitting, or so she though. IT was in part why she had called him to training alone without Ken today, hoping to, as a fellow Hyuuga, impart some of her knowledge and skill to one that so resembled her. Besides, Ken had come to her for private training a few days back, and she had been working with him quite a bit, it was only fitting that she would do so with Red as well…

When she had first asked him to join her for training on this day, Akemi had few actual details worked out, all she had was that felting that it was her responsibility to move him along the path of a true Hyuuga, as others had done for her. His uncle had done an admirable job thus far of course, but as his team Sensei, she felt compelled to do her part, it was her role after all. S

he had pondered greatly the previous night on what she would have him do until it finally came to her. By the time she found him in the Academy courtyard waiting for her, she was probably even more excited than he was…

”Morning, Akemi-sensei! I’m ready to train! ”

”Hello Red. Good morning to you to.” She replied with a smile and short bow before standing prostrate again, her gaze looking upwards to meet his own. The young man before her, though 4 years her younger, and still an adolescent, had several inches on her in height already. She could only image how tall he would end up at as an adult. This fact often left Akemi feeling a little stranger when looking at him as a teacher to a student. But she was beginning to get used to it.

”You seem energetic today, good! You’ll need it. Follow me.”

With that Akemi turned towards the outer gates of the Academy, heading underway towards one of the outer training fields... They’d need an open space for what she had in mind today... The field in questions was a few blocks away, and would take several minutes of walking to reach it. She had intended it that way, it would give them time to have a small talk as well as allow her the opportunity to describe what she had in store for him.

Her jovial smile eased as they got underway, talking on a more solemn tone, her gaze turning towards the young man once more.

”How’s your Mother doing today? I hope she’s feeling well. Please say hello to her for me when you see her later. ”

Akemi’s own mother had been ill for nearly 6 months before passing away, her illness slowly eating away at her body, sapping away at her strength and vitality. But an end had come eventually. And as hard as it was then, said end had at the very least brought closure. It had taken her a long time to truly come to grips with the loss, but it had perhaps been even more difficult anticipating the end and being powerless to stop it. At the very least now her mother had found peace after a long and arduous struggle and taken her place among her ancestors and the family had finally been able to grieve and mourn her passing.

As long as her own Mother’s suffering might have seemed, Red’s Mothers was ever longer. As Akemi understood it, she had been battling this illness gripping her for several years now. 6 Months had seemed like an eternity to Akemi, she could only image how difficult multiple years might be like for her student and his mother.

As a Med Nin she wished she could aid them but a simple field medic such illnesses were far beyond her expertise and knowledge. All she could do was offer whatever little comfort and support she could and pray for a positive outcome.

But enough, she had called upon him today for a different matter…

”I’m sure you must be curious as to what we’ll be doing today yes? Well the first thing we will be working on is your understanding of yourself and your capabilities. More specifically we’re going to be working on and exploring your blood heritage.”

She gave him a moment to consider the implications of what she had told him as they kept walking on. She wished him to understand the meaning of her words and what they entailed. Hyuuga in general were often considered geniuses and prodigies by the other clans, this was normal, and considering that Genin Hyuuga often held greater understanding and control of their own Chakra flow than even most non Hyuuga Jounin, it was no surprise that others would consider them so. But not all Hyuuga were equal.

Even among “Geniuses”, some were more gifted than others. Akemi for her part was often regarded as a prodigy among Hyuuga themselves, one of the clan’s brightest behind Neji they often said. She demonstrated remarkable chakra control even prior to joining the academy, and at the young age of 12, when most were only beginning to be able to perceive the chakra network, her eyes had been able to discern Tenketsus themselves, Not quite at the level as Neji had at the same age, but impressive none the less.

Yes, her Hyuuga blood ran thick in her veins, and she had great aptitude and talent, however she truly believed that much of her success was due in large part to the skill and knowledge of her instructors, as well as their ability to teach. From her Father, to her Uncle, to Akira-Sensei, to Neji-sama, to even Hokage himself… She had had the benefit of some of the best teachers in the clan and Konoha itself. Surely she would not be where she was today without them.

And that was the trick, looking at Red, she believed she saw the same talent and thickness of blood as existed in herself and all those that were deemed prodigies by the clan, all that he needed was a good teacher… Hopefully she would prove adequate to fill those shoes... This would be as much a test for her as it was for him.

” There’s a reason Hyuuga is considered the strongest clan in Konoha, and today we are going to explore why. I’m going to help you tap into that strength and show you how to use it to its full potential. if you will, we’re going to develop that strength within you. Do you understand? And are you up to it? ”

”Hello Red. Good morning to you to.”

Redcontinued to smile down at his sensei, his rush of energy remaining strong. He was already well accustomed to being taller than people much older than him, and he never really paid attention to it. He already knew that Akemi’s superior skill and knowledge were a hundred times more important than his physical height, and that’s obviously why she was the instructor. This training was going to be awesome.

”You seem energetic today, good! You’ll need it. Follow me.”

“Sure thing, Sensei!”

Slightly surprised that they were not going to be training at their meeting location, Red quickly picked up the pace and walked side-by-side with Akemi. He had to shorten his usual strides slightly to avoid getting too far ahead, but this was hardly an inconvenience for him. His senior clan member and teacher had taken time outo f her schedule to give him an individual training session, and he would walk halfway across the world to get to wherever they were headed.

And then without warning, Akemi’s face suddenly lost the smile and gained a more somber look. Red blinked and wondered what had suddenly altered her mood.

”How’s your Mother doing today? I hope she’s feeling well. Please say hello to her for me when you see her later. ”

Well that explained it. Red’s smile disappeared just as fast as it had appeared, though he refrained from showing any sorrow in his eyes. Instead, his expression simply blanked out into a sort of neutral state, devoid of both joy and sadness.

“She’s doing pretty well, even after all this time. She can move around the house a few times a day, but most of her time is spent in bed. I think she tries to smile more and appear healthier when I am around, so I don’t know the full truth. I wish she would stop trying to protect me like that. I’m not a kid anymore…”

Red quickly shut his mouth when he realized that he probably shouldn’t be talking so much about this topic, at least not right now. This wasn’t the right time or place to discuss this subject in-depth. He had heard the stories of Akemi going through an extremely similar situation to his, and she could probably sympathize with him, but he could always find a more appropriate time in the future to talk about that.

“Sorry for going off on a tangent. I’ll make sure to pass on your regards to her when I return home later, Akemi-sensei.”

”I’m sure you must be curious as to what we’ll be doing today yes? Well the first thing we will be working on is your understanding of yourself and your capabilities. More specifically we’re going to be working on and exploring your blood heritage.”

Red blinked a few times and tried to comprehend exactly what his teacher was trying to tell him. Understand himself and his capabilities? He was pretty sure that he already knew almost everything about his own level of skill. He had already sparred with other genin several times, and he had been on a couple official missions already. How else could he possibly figure out how far his abilities went?

And as for exploring his bloodline, that was slightly more understandable. The Hyuuga clan abilities were deep and extensive, and even the most prominent members of the clan could always continue to improve their skills and learn even more about what their Byakugan and Jyuuken can do.

So then was Akemi going to try to help him expand the limits of his Hyuuga abilities? Truthfully, he still had a very long way to go. He knew how to control the chakra being released from the tenketsu in his palms and other areas of his body in order to perform strikes to his opponent’s chakra system, but he still could not really see the tenketsu in another person’s body. Sometimes he could see small dark blurs on his opponents’ bodies, but usually it remained useless in battle.

He could certainly learn a lot more about the Hyuuga and how to use his own strengths to his advantage, and Akemi was certainly the right person to help him in that area. She was probably one of the strongest Hyuugas in the world, and Red was incredibly honored to have the chance to train and even complete missions forh is village with such a respected and powerful person.

”There’s a reason Hyuuga is considered the strongest clan in Konoha, and today we are going to explore why. I’m going to help you tap into that strength and show you how to use it to its full potential. if you will, we’re going to develop that strength within you. Do you understand? And are you up to it?”

So his guessing really had been correct! Now an even greater excitement filled Red in anticipation of this new training. He would definitely become a famous and powerful Hyuuga in the future and make everyone proud, especially Akemi, since she was the one who was trying her best to help him reach his goals. Nothing would get in his way now, and then he would be able to show Ken how much stronger he had become. Now he was really pumped up for this.

”I understand completely, Akemi-sensei! I am ready and willing to complete any training exercises that you give me!””

”Very well then” Akemi smiled, pleased at his resolve and determination. They would have a lot of work ahead of them, she had a lot to teach him, and he would have a lot to discover on his own. But she was confident he could do it. Either way, they’d take it one lesson at a time, and one day at a time.

As their training ground came into sight, Akemi sped her pace and proceeded to give him greater details of what was to come.

”Our clan are blessed with many gifts, many advantages, The Byakugan is the best known of these gifts but its only one of our blood inheritances. The ability to control our chakra like none other can is another one of those gifts granted to us, and is in itself a potent weapon. Without it, our clan’s most advanced techniques would be impossible. ”

She then stepped off the road onto a grassy path and through the gates leading into the training field. She raised her hand just under two feet in front of her, her palm facing up and began emitting a gentle steady stream of Chakra of enough intensity to be visible to the naked eye. Turning her gaze towards him to make sure he could see what she was doing, she went on.

”Chakra control could imaginably make you invulnerable to Genjutsu, and could grant you a counter to nearly all Ninjutsu. How? Simple, how can an enemy alter your chakra flow to trap you in an illusion if you can completely control that flow in its slightest… And remember the basics of Jyuuken that you have learned, anything made of Chakra can be destroyed by infusing another chakra into it. This is true of an opponent’s body or an opponent’s jutsu. Anything made of Chakra is vulnerable to a Hyuuga master... ”

Indeed Akemi had had plenty of chances to test this theory, from destroying puppeteer’s chakra strings, to countering a Nara’s Shadows by infusing her own chakra into said shadows as they attempted to ensnare her. In terms of defense, the Hyuuga clan’s superior chakra control and their remarkable eye sight and ability to detect everything in their surroundings meant they were on a league of their own, or at least had the potential of being so.

”By enhancing your chakra control you’ll be able to stand against your foes in ways they you haven’t even begun to imagine yet. You’ll be able to push your body far beyond what is possible to you now. Not to mention many other possibilities and advantages that in time will become clear to you. ”

They were finally here, having walked onto the field she did not stop, rather making her way towards the center of it, putting the final touches on her little speech.

”First however, we will begin with your eyes. Your eyes are the key, they will reveal to you the reality surrounding you, they will allow you to see what you need to to achieve your potential. Perception is the first part of knowledge, it leads you to awareness. As a Hyuuga your abilities to perceive are unmatched, the Byakugan’s gift of insight unequaled. These eyes are a our clan’s most precious gift… They reveal the world to us as it truly is with crystal clarity. They are the foundation of everything for us. Without them we would not be able to control our chakra as completely as we can, and we could not wield Jyuuken as we do. ”

Coming to a stop she turned to face him, her stare now intense and focused, locked onto his own eye.

”You are going to learn a bit about how and why your eyes work as they do, and then I’m going to show you how to use them to see even further, to see even that which is invisible to them…”

Taking a few steps back from him she give him a quick smile and nod.

”Alright, let’s begin… Show me your eyes!”


Red did as his sensei asked.He charged at her with all his foucse as he slams his fist into the sensei, making it vibrate slightly before making contact to cause internal damage as well.

She quickly made handsigns and turn to mud advioding the attack."Good Red" She said to him."Your form look amazying.

Red used his Byakugan to spot her out and flicker infront of her.He performs a spinning kick to sweep his snsei off her feet.But he dose not stop their he leap into the air and slams his heel into her chest.

The attack chaught her off graud she fails to the ground and moans when his foot hit her chest.His sensei gasp for air as it becomes hard for her to breathe.

Red's sensi was suffering from a sever heart probelm this why she was only traing genin.But her doctor di not want her sparing or fighting because blows to the chest could be harzdous. But red didn't know this when he attacked her.

"Ok thats enough for to day" she said to him

What a year it had been, since graduating from the Academy, he had for the first time stepped foot outside of rice patties country, traveling as far as Snow Country. he had gone under cover as a Prince, helped protect a queen. he had fought against assasins, Black Lotus villains, Rogue Hyuuga’s even an Akatsuki. he had participated in a tournament, and done quite well. Become a member of the ANBU Med-Nin Unit. had signed a Summoning contract with the Mountain Hawks and made a whole host of new Friends. Ranmaru, Neiklot, Renzen, Ryoku, Hikari, Axel, Tsuneo, and so many more…

he couldn’t believe just how much had happened to his, how much He had accomplished, how much he had learned. Some times looking back at it all it almost seemed impossible that he should have seen so much… this one year had seen more happening to him…with him, then nearly the entirety of the rest of his life. It was all so overwhelming. One thing was certain however…he wasn’t that same person that had graduated from the academy all those months ago. he wasn’t the same Redany more. he was Growing up.

Yet for all that had happened it seemed to have gone by in a flash, Some times he wondered if it had all truly happened as he remembered it, perhaps some of it had only been in his imagination, or embellishments of the truth…Well it all seemed real enough. and it was all just the beginning.

The Monday morning, one week ago, he received the letter, an invitation of sorts. Apparently some one had seen fit to nominate him for this year’s genin exams, perhaps Akira Sensei?... And apparently the Kage…or who ever it was that had made the final decision to allow him to participate had agreed. he couldn’t help but be excited by the whole thing. he had rushed to tell his mother the news, then his Uncle followed by his team mates. and friend. he had been beaming the entire day, the entire week even. Their was little that could have happened to him that could have possibly removed that smile from his face. It was one of the most exciting and happy times of his life.

That was then. This was now…

The morning had started on a bad foot, well technically the previous night had ended on that bad foot and had simply kept going into the morning. he hadn’t been able to sleep more then a few Hours. It was exam time. All the excitement and joy He had been feeling about being nominated had faded away, replaced by anxiety and apprehension… What if he failed, how then would that reflect on his record, on his accomplishments. What if not only did he fail but fail miserably…

he was keenly aware that failure rates at these exams were rather high. Even Neji, the Best and brightest young mind of his clan, had failed his first exams, beaten in his match by Naruto Uzumaki… Well he wasn’t the genius that Neji was, he knew that. How then would he be able to do what he had failed to… His best chance would come from proper planning and preparation, but how was He supposed to do that when he had no idea what the test would consist of… one worry after an other invaded his thoughts, one doubt followed by the next. This wasn’t like his, at least not like the “new” him…

A slight mercy was shown to him when he finally managed to fall asleep around 3:30AM, allowing him at least 2 hours of sleep. ”Better then nothing” he thought to himself when finally waking. Getting dressed and ready was an arduous process, each muscle, each fiber of his body begging his to return to bed. ”Now your tired…Pfff!”

His mother was already up, he was always up first, without fail, making breakfast, and being annoyingly optimistic and encouraging.

”Oh sweetheart you must be so excited! This is the big day”

Too much energy this early in the morning, too much liveliness… his half asleep mind thought. he just wanted to forget about the exam, at least for now, he’d have all day to think about it, particularly when he’d actually be doing it. Ughh…Why hadn’t he slept more!... he could cry. His head falling between his arms resting on the table. he’d wake up some 10 minutes later, his mother sitting beside him gently taking him by the chin and raising it to meet his eyes.

”Don’t be worried.” He reassured ”You’ll do just fine. He gave Red a quick kiss on the forehead followed by a warm smile.

”Now hurry and go see your uncle, he wants to see you before you head out for the Exams.”

half an hour later He stood at the gates of the sound along with a number of other Genin, all hopefuls about to take the test along with him. he recognizes a number of them, none from hisclass though. One Genin in particular caught his eye, Zatoichi, the blind young man he had faced off against at the Ninja world tournament, he was here. good he though, he deserves it…

It took a good twenty minutes before the exams actually began. A teady flow of Genin coming in, their total numbers growing. he had plenty of time to try to imagine what would happen, what they would have to do… but for once, whether due to fatigue or just plain anxiety he couldn’t come up with anything… he was drawing a blank. It was with quite a degree of surprise that Red, in I single blink inexplicably found his self no longer standing by the Gates to the sound with a number of other Genin but rather in the middle of a dense forest, alone.

This is it… he thought, The test has begun!

he found himself in a remote location of the woods. Where exactly He could not tell.

”How the hell…”

Funny how suddenly finding ones self seemingly teleported without explanation to an unknown location could shake away sleepiness. he was fully awake now, trying to understand what had just happened. One thing he was pretty sure about, the exam had begun. something caught his eye, a scroll laying on the ground a few feet from him. was that for him? of course it was… It had to be. he reached for it, picking it up hesitantly and bringing it up to his eyes for closer inspection. “Genin Hyuuga Red” he read on it's side. Openeding it to find a rather simple looking map indicating where he was, it also indicated that Sound was due north, a big red dot marked “Sound Gates” contrasting from the all black ink map drawing.

That was it? he had to make his way to the gates? could it be that simple? he pinpointed the sun still relatively low off the Horizon, “East… So north is that way.” Simple enough. With a strong chakra enhanced leap he jumped onto a large branch some fifteen feet of the ground for a better vantage point. Before doing anything he needed a better idea of his surrounding, if the test was about getting to the Gates then surely their was a catch. Were their traps? hidden Proctors waiting to ambush him, obstacles, etc…

For this he had an advantage over the other Genin…”Byakugan!” His sight reached out into the forest in all directions, he had recently increased his total awareness zone to around 100 meters around him. seeing everything within that radius, perfectly. Nothing! Their was nothing he could see within that distance. Ok... so instead he used his telescopic vision to reach out to over a mile directly ahead of him, still nothing… The path was clear. What kind of test was this?... A first year Academy student could find his way to Konoha with little difficulty from here… what kind of Chunin exam was this? It couldn’t be that simple… their had to be twist. It dawned on him that this might all just be a race. They had been 8 at last count at the gate. was that it? all eight were spread out at equal distance from the gate and it was a race to see who got there first?

”Damn it!”

he bolted forward. If this was a race he had wasted too much time already… Stupid lack of sleep…why hadn’t he realized it before, who knew how much of a head start the others might have over him now… From branch to branch, tree to tree, he leaped from one to the next as fast as he could, pushing himself to the top speed s\he could manage. he’d slap himself for having been so slow to get going, if he failed his exam because of such a stupid mistake he’d find it hard to forgive himself.

some 20 minutes in, regardless of how he felt, He had to admit he had covered an impressive distance rather quickly…Wow At this rate he just might make it! he relaxed a little, his anxiety lessening, he was going so fast surely he had made up for any lost time. This wasn’t so bad… might just work out after all. he could feel his confidence building up within him. Incredible he was actually feeling lighter, faster…

Feeling rather good about himself at his point, a surge of energy spreading across his entire body. He felt great. how long had He been running? He turned east towards the sun, to see how much it had risen.... Odd it didn’t seem to have moved at all. in fact… it hadn’t. He came to a sudden stop. looking around his. He had been on the move for at least a half hour, He was sure of it, yet the sun hadn’t moved any higher in the sky. That was… ”impossible.”

He examined his surroundings carefully, He might even have been running for more then half an hour. The sun had to have moved! yet it hadn't. Their was only one explanation…

”Genjutsu!” With the realization came a sudden flash forcing his to close his eyes, opening them moments later to discover that He was still at the spot He had started from, the scroll with the map open on the ground at his feet. He had never left! How could that be?.. A genjutsu so strong that even his Byakugan had not been able to see through it. The scroll… The Genjutsu ensnared his after opening it!.. Damn thing!” He kicked it away in disgust. Looking up to find the sun… East was still where He had thought it was, meaning so was north. Their was no time to waste He had to get going! With that He was off.

1 hour into his run, his progress was steady, a decent sheen of sweat on his brow. It had been a cold morning, He had worn an under kimono for the extra warmth. a decision He was regretting now. He took no pride at his pace this time, no satisfaction, some thing He felt had cost his last time. He wasn’t sure just how much time He might have lost due to that Genjutsu, He just hoped He hadn’t been the only one to fall for that kind of trick. if He was lucky then the other Genin suffered a similar fate, if He was even luckier, then He was one of the first to figure it out and break free.

She’d look towards the sun every 10 minutes or so just to make sure that it was in fact moving in the sky. It was, thankfully. Still, It was rather strange that the Proctors should place such a potent Genjutsu seal on a scroll and have that be the only obstacle keeping the Genins from reaching the gates… Their had to be more, but his Byakugan couldn’t see anything. however concidering how that Genjutsu had fooled even his eyes then it was a distinct possibility that their were plenty of other things out there that He couldn’t see.

He stayed focused on his task, annoyed at his arrogant pride from earlier, a pride that had in part contributed to keeping his from realizing that He was in an illusion. He wouldn’t let that happen again. An observer might actually think He was brooding, and to a degree He was. if their was one thing He hated, was when his vaunted eyes seemed outdone by something. He always took it as a personal insult, a personal failing.

He was advancing quickly, so far no troubles presented themselves, every thing seemed alright… normal… real. Still He felt uneasy, the prospect of his Byakugan not being able to see what was out there troubled his greatly, who knew what He might fall into next. He was very well aware that He relied on his Doujutsu far too much. the Proctors seemed to know this about his as well, and were using it against his. Sneaky bastards. He had to do something about that, lest it bite his in the ass sooner or later. So what to do, take an indirect route, one the Proctors would not have expected his to take therefore less likely to be booby trapped? no! He had no assurances that they didn’t spread their traps out wide, nor that they weren’t out there themselves laying those traps as He progressed. Besides, if this was a race then last thing He needed was to loose more time by taking an indirect, longer route. He had to think of something else…. He came to a stop. ”Almost forgot” a smile made it’s way onto his lips. He reached into his Weapons pouch to cut his thumb on a stowed Kunai… followed by forming a number of hand seals and finally slamming his hand on the branch under his feet.

”Summoning Jutsu!”

…………….. Nothing………………….”What’s the meaning of this” What the hell had happened? why hadn't Yiga been summoned?.. Were the proctors some how blocking his Summoning jutsu? they couldn’t… their was no way to do that… it wasn’t possible… Something wasn’t right. Had He already stepped into one of their traps without realizing it? He fired off his hands seals once again and slammed his hand down as before.

”Summoning Jutsu!!”

…Once again, Nothing! "Crap this isn’t good". He was getting nervous, He had definitely unknowingly fallen into some something, it was the only explanation. He quickly dropped off the branch down to the ground below and raced to conceal himself behind a large near by tree with a bush at it's base. He pushed his eyes more forcefully now, He had to see what was happening, their had to be something out there. He wouldn't risk moving until He found it. Several moments passed by as He searched. Nothing!... Wait... A flash... Like last time... not just one, many flashes... Over and over. "what the..."

"He he, I think He breaking through it... like last time"

Where was that voice coming from? It sounded as if it was coming from some one standing right beside his... But their was nobody there or any where else to be seen.

"No surprise. The Drug must be wearing off by now"

Where were these voices coming from?... and what were they talking about… what Drug? Damn it! He wanted answers, nothing was making sense. The very world around his began melting away, Twisting and distorting as it tore itself apart. The scene was quite disorienting to his , but slowly reality began shining through, as the false world faded away.

He had felt Genjutsu’s before, this one had been quite different, now that it was gone, true reality had emerged, what He had perceived moments ago as reality seemed little more then a dream to his now. In fact He felt as if He actually was just now waking up. On top of that He felt an unusual grogginess, and disorientation…

”I told you to give his another dose…”

There was the voice again, Who was that. as He attempted to turn, his as yet still numbed mind, realized that He was still somewhere in the woods, laying on the ground and could hardly move. his hands and feet were tied. He shook his head to try to focus his thoughts..

”Nah, that dose was enough, it did it’s job, let his wake up, it doesn’t matter any more. besides, look at her… the drug’ll keep his messed up for a while still.”

They had given his a drug?.. Was that why He felt so odd, so disconnected…

”Come on let’s go get the other the other one, these two ain’t going anywhere.”

He finally caught a quick glimpse of the two men who’s voices He had been hearing, distorted, unfocused glimpses. He watched as they walked away until finally loosing sight of them. The drug they had spoken about, it was messing with his sight, with all his senses. Had all that running just been a figment of his imagination? Had He been hear from the start? damn it. He needed to be able to think straight… He needed to get rid of the drug in his system.

his Med Training had covered Drugs and their effects on the body with quite a bit of detail, and had taught his a number of methods to counter their effects. He knew several antidotes of sorts, all mean to drive the drug out of the body, but that was useless right now, He was in no position to gather the ingredients needed, prepare the potion or administer it with his hands tied up as they were. He had seen Chakra used by a medic to force a drug out of a patient as well, but that too was useless, their were no medics around to do that with his. so what else. A very basic method of to get rid of a drug in a system, He had learned, was to have that system in a sense "metabolize" it out, burn through the drug, until it was finally worn out. That was it, his only option, luckily for his, the drug, from what He gathered from the two men’s conversation, was nearly done. That meant his system had gone through most of it, burning through the rest shouldn’t be to hard. at least He hoped. He just needed to concentrate.

his chakra network began firing up, It’s flow increasing steadily. He would use his chakra flow to increase his metabolism, his heart rate, pulse, respiration, etc... He hoped that this would prove efficient, burning through the drug faster. Their was a problem though, He couldn’t get his chakra flow to increase to the point He wanted it too, it was as if He was being blocked from using chakra beyond a certain limit. Odd… was that an effect of the drug? It didn’t matter however, within five minuted his focus improved his vision became clearer. He was finally able to think properly.

Next problem were the binds on his hands and feet. Academy training 101 “Nawanuke no Jutsu” also known as “Escaping techniques” The name some what misrepresented the actual technique, it wasn’t a Jutsu or technique per say, but rather many different techniques to attempt to escape many different possible confinements and restraints. It was a class of it’s own during the first year at the academy. She’d be putting several of those techniques to use on these binds, attempting several methods of breaking loose before finally finding one that worked. his hands were free. He quickly sat up and got to work unbinding his feet. That was when He noticed He wasn’t alone. Another Genin, tied up as He was laid no more then half a dozen feet away from his. his feet free He jump up to rush over to the other captive. The movement was too swift, He was struck by severe dizziness all of a sudden and fell to the ground . The drug, though nearly gone from his system wasn’t completely so just yet, his faculties were still very much being affected by it. once his dizziness subsiding He tried again more slowly, this time He made it just fine, and headed to the other Genin.

He didn’t recognize him, but he was leaf, or so his head band indicated. Shaking him He tried to wake him up, ”wake up!.. wake up! He whispered close to his ear trying to make as little sound as possible. but it was no use he was still too heavily sedated by the Drug. Water… maybe if He splashed water on his face… reaching to grab his canteen… it was gone, all his pouches were, his weapons, Med supplies, all gone. ”Arrr

Voices again, those men were returning…

He formed a quick succession of hand seals…

Bunshin no Jutsu!

A clone materialized beside his and headed to lay on the floor where He had been earlier, pretending to still be in binds. Red himself jumped to hide on one of the upper and more leaf concealed branches on the nearest tree.

”great plan..great plan. place a drug in the scrolls placed through out the forest for the Genin, when they open it they breath in the Drug and all we have to do is go collect them… Except what about if they don’t open the Goddamed Scroll!!!

So that was it….

”Relax! So one idiot kid just bolted without picking up his scroll… We don’t need to catch them all anyways, that was never the plan. we just need a few of them. once we show up with 4 or 5 Genin hostages, Konoha will give us what we want. We’ll get that Jutsu scroll, don’t worry.

These guys weren’t proctors! This was trouble. if these guys weren’t proctors then this wasn’t part of the test. Oh man, He had to do something. He was still too groggy and disoriented from the drug to consider going in with hand to hand. Best to take them with a long range attack. “Raiton Shuurai” would do just fine. Forming a series of 7 seal and readied his hands expecting the customary arcing surges of electricity to surround them … this time however their was nothing… He couldn’t call up sufficient chakra, some thing was still limiting how much of it He could use… Damned Drug! Most of his more potent Ninjitsu required quite a bit of Chakra, as did all of his Hakke techniques. More chakra then He could call upon at the moment, this was very bad. it meant that He would be limited to more basic techniques, E and D ranked stuff most likely. He sighed… what a day…

”So Red, you’re too disoriented due to the drug still to go in with Taijutsu and you’re Ninjutsu is limited to basic techniques only… so…what’s the plan then?”

He wasn’t sure but He had to think of it fast, one of them men was heading towards his Clone. ”Retreat… the plan is to retreat until we can regroup or find help!” great now move!!!! He leaped out of the branch heading straight for the ground between the two men, both looked up in surprise to see what it was that they heard coming towards them.

”What the hell…”

The moment He hit the ground his right hand reached for the sky.

”Hirameki no Jutsu!”

A blinding flash fired off from it blinding all that saw it. the two men pulled back to protect their eyes moments too late. they had fallen victim to his technique, but He had to hurry, they wouldn’t stay blinded for long, and the jump and long fall down had dizzied his again significantly. He rushed towards the still unconscious Genin and picked him up.. ”Crap he’s heavy. Complain later… Run now!!! He rushed into the dense woods running as fast as He could. He could hear the two would be hostage takers yelling out obscenities at his from where He had left them. Trying to activate his Byakugan to see behind his, to see what those men were up to it didn’t work his vision just distorted. No!... focus, worry about it later… He couldn’t waist time with that now, He had to run, a task made all the more difficult by the spinning in his head.

The Genin on his shoulders began to stir, well at least that was something, hopefully he’d wake up soon because He wouldn’t be able to carry for too much longer, and He could definitely use his help.

some tn minutes later He couldn’t run any more. the young man’s weight along with the pace He had taken and the drug still coursing in his system exhausted his. He looked for a god concealed spot to hide for a while, finding a small spot against a large bolder hidden by heavy bushed He headed in and put down the young man.

”5 minutes… just to catch my breath.. then we head out again…”

Two hour’s late

his eyes slowly opened to the now noon day sky. He had fallen asleep. his eyes quickly moved to scan the scene around his, They were still safe, still where He had stopped off for a rest. Well..No harm done, He thought, though still not too proud of having not been able to stay awake. Still though, He was feeling much better now. his vision and senses were back to normal, his head and thoughts much clearer. That was a relief.

Another piece of good new was that the Young man He had rescued was now conscious, if still quite a bit disoriented. realizing that He had never cut his binds He did so now. before looking him over. His pupils were still quite dilated, He’d be feeling the effects of the drug for some time still.

”Are you ok?... how are you feeling?... How many fingers do you see?” He asked with his hand raised. It dawned on his that his questions had come out out rather cold sounding… his Med training having kicked in, He had been less then reassuring.

”It’s ok, take it easy… You’ll be fine, just relax.”

He sighed, what was He supposed to do next. Was this all part of the test? or were those two really out here trying to kidnap Genin… What ever the case He needed to treat it as real. So assuming that it was, now that He was feeling better should He go and confront those two kidnappers? leaving this young man behind in the mean time. Or should He try to go get help and most likely allow those bastards enough time to go collect other unsuspecting genin?... Who knew how many might have fallen into their hands while He had been here sleeping. Well maybe, if He was lucky she’d be able to catch a glimps of them from here.


his efforts to activate his Doujutsu were met with the same distorted vision as the previous time, hitting his with numbing dizziness. Why?! what He still suffering side effects from the drug? Frustrated He ended his attempt, his eye sight returning to normal. Just great! How much worse could this day get…

”Where…where am I…Who are…Who are you”

his gaze lowered to meet that of the young man laying on the ground in front of his. Realizing just how confused he must be, He tried to comfort him.

”It’s Ok, your safe. My name is Akemi… Hyuuga. you’ve been drugged, but the effects are wearing off now. just relax, you’ll feel better very soon. He might be reassuring him, but he wasn’t so sure himself. his inability to use his Byakugan left his very uneasy, without it He almost felt blind. those Two men could be anywhere right now, they could be moments away from finding their little hiding spot and He couldn’t tell. It was quite unsettling.

”Druged?... What drug…I’m taking the Chunin Exam.. I’m…” The boy spoke without so much as moving, just laying there on the ground, to look at him one might think him exhausted of all energy. He had to keep him quiet though, at least have him keep his voice down, lest they use it to find them.

”Shhh, It’s ok, please kept your voice down, we don’t want the proctors finding you now do we…” that seemed to work... for now.

Ok… First order of business, He needed intel quick. If He couldn’t use his eyes to find those two, then she’d call some one in that could.

Biting down on his thumb to draw blood and forming the needed seals He slammed his hand to the ground.

”Summoning Jutsu!”

The summoning seals appeared where his hand had struck but then suddenly pulled back and disappeared. No! not this again!.. He wasn’t able to focus enough Chakra, just like when He had attempted to use his Raiton earlier, meaning He still couldn’t use his more potent Jutsus. What kind of drug was this?

Actually He was hoping that it was in effect the drug, or otherwise i might very well mean that He was still under the effects of a Genjutsu…
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He let himself fall onto his back. looking towards the sky… What a day. Resuming his options. He was without Byakugan, without his Hakke or more advanced Jyuuken maneuvers, and without his more potent and advanced Ninjutsus, and He was without weapons. Fantastic… So what did that leave her… That left his with a whole list of Academy grade techniques, a drugged and incapacitated ally. and little else. At least He would still be able to use his standard Jyuuken techniques… well most of them, He wouldn’t be able to use those that required the sight granted by the Byakugan, not for now at least. He exhaled forcefully… Just great…

”Are you a proctor?... his companion asked and he forced himself into a sitting position. He looked at him carefully, at least he had kept his voice down. Did that mean is was sobering up?

”No. I’m taking the exam as well.”

The look of confusion on his face lasted for a few moments as his reduced faculties fought to seize onto the information He had provided. Finally seeming to understand he continued.

”You’re one of the examinees… What’s happening. I was at the gates and then… then I saw you… no wait… their was a scroll...”

Exactly how it had been for his. From what He could gather, what ever technique it was that they had used, the proctors had knocked out all the students and spread them out into the woods leaving each with a scroll indicating their objective. Apparently, before they could regain consciousness, those two men had tampered with the scrolls, placing a sort of Drug within them. Probably in the form of a powder. When the Genin opened it then the powder would be released into the air and get inhaled by the him. and that was that. they’d be ensnared at that point. of course this could all be a part of the test, it could all have been set up by the proctors, He had no way of knowing. if it wasn’t then the proctors would soon begin wondering why none of the Genin were crossing the finish line, they’d probably send people to find out what was happening. So much for this years Chunin exams… If it was part of the test and was still a sort of race then their was no way He could win while carrying the young man He had rescued, and He wasn’t about to take the risk of leaving him here, So again.. so much for the Chunin exams. The young man was still awaiting his answer…

”I’m not sure what happened. all I know is that I woke up and was tied down and had been drugged. I managed to free my self and found you there as well. I escaped and carried you here. That’s where we’re at… I don’t have any other answers for you right now.

They both went silent at that point neither talking again for some time.

He couldn’t stay like this. He had to do something. Run, fight, what ever… but staying here wasn’t an option. sooner or later they would either need to move or end up being found. He needed a plan. Sitting up He turned to his companion.

”What’s your name? Can you stand?”

He tried getting up… It was a slow process, but he finally managed it. Good, that was a first step. He wouldn’t be running any races for a little while longer but still.

”My name… It’s Hiro”

He gave him a smile before standing up himself.

”Nice to meet you Hiro… We need to get moving. It isn’t safe to stay here.”

They were making decent progress. Slowed slightly by the dense woods and his companions limited mobility, but still, they were doing good. So far they hadn’t seen any sign of pursuit nor found any traps neither one placed by proctors or the Kidnappers... which was both good and not so good. Good in that it saved them the hassle of having to take care of them, and not so good because it just didn’t seem right that their should be none.

They had been moving for nearly an hour now, heading North, towards the Konoha. Red hoped that the closer they got to the gates the more likely they would find help, whether help in the form of Genin, Chunin or what ever to help hunt down those two bastards and mount a rescue if need be of other Genin captives. Or help could also come in the form of a medic that could help Hiro… Any thing would do really.

Hiro was breathing heavily, but his pace steadily increased as time went on, his motor functions became more and more stable, smooth, controlled. Not only this but his wits and reasoning skills seem to improve quite a bit, he was almost sobered up now, though his senses were still heavily being affected.

As they moved along He had asked for any info He mind be able to give him to shed some light on their situation, He had told him every thing He knew, every thing He had seen. keeping nothing from him. It seemed only fair. He was in the same boat after all, and if this was a test and he was a proctor then he would already know anyways so it didn’t matter.

”So… You think this is part of the test? I mean, do you think this is all some kind of scenario…”

It was of course a distinct possibility or course, probably even likely. He just didn’t know for sure, and didn’t know what to say. He just gave him a shrug.

”Cause you know if it is then this sucks… It's not fair, I mean right off the bat drugged and knocked out. How’s that fair… if you hadn’t gotten me out of there then I’d still probably be out cold.”

He had a point there, what kind of unfair test would that be… Maybe it wasn’t so likely that this was part of the test after all. That didn’t particularly comfort his. What was He doing! He should be trying to take those bastards down, but He couldn’t just leave Hiro alone, what if they found him. He had to take care of him first.

”Akemi… I need to stop. I need a breather…”

It wasn’t a good idea, but He could see the exhaustion on his face. He wouldn’t be able to go on for much longer.

”Alright… 10 minutes”

They stopped and discretely made their way behind a tree. Sitting down Hiro took in several deep breaths. Red himself sat a little further keeping watch. The drug was still slowing him down. He was surprised he had been able to go on so long. He didn’t want to stay here too long, not out of fear of being found but rather because He wanted to find help for Hiro as quickly as possible so as to be able to head out to find the two bandits and any other Genin that might have fallen into their trap. It left his uneasy just sitting here, who knew what was happening out there.

”So… Do you think we should go back? maybe we should do something to stop those guys…”

Yes they should He thought. or rather He should. Hiro himself was in no position to do anything right now. it would probably be several hours before he would be in any shape to get into a fight. He on the other hand, though far from 100% could do something, He felt like He should but the Medic in his told his to take care of his patient first. The ninja in his told his to find back up, in his condition He couldn’t give it his all, and if He failed and fell in combat then who else would warn Konoha?..

”Maybe.. but neither of us is in much shape to do anything at this point. Getting help and warning the Proctors is the best option right now.”

He knew that to be true as much as He hated saying it.

He tried to focus chakra into his eyes to activate his Byakugan, once again it distorted his vision utterly, forcing his to turn it off once again. “Ughhh…” frustrated by the attempt He got impatient... Surely they had been sitting here long enough, It had to have been 10 minutes now… they had to get moving, others were most likely depending on them swiftly warning Konoha.

”Alright Hiro… let’s get going.” He said as He stood up briskly… their was no time to waste.

”Right!” he responded, taking in a deep breath before getting up in turn. He put his arm onto his shoulders to help support him as they traveled. easy enough, he was quite a bit taller then He was…

”How the hell did you carry me anyways?...” he asked laughingly.

He couldn’t hep but let out a laugh of his own… ”Chakra.”

”Chakra... He did get to finish his sentence, the moment they stepped out from behind the tree they were met by a barrage of a dozen Kunai racing for them. He through Hiro clear to the ground before himself leaping clear of the incoming projectiles. Damn... they had been found!

Landing to role on the floor once before bouncing to his feet, one of the two kidnappers was immediately on his coming in with a punch… Damn it! He jumped backwards trying to put distance between the two of them but he kept coming. Normally He would have activated his Byakugan for this fight, allowing his to perfectly see and track all of his movements with precision, no matter where they came from. but He couldn’t, his Doujutsu wasn’t working. Rather He would have to do this the same way every one else did it. with normal vision. The difference was of course more then evident to his, movements harder to follow, harder to see coming. not to mention how hard it had become to follow multiple movements at once. He wasn’t used to fighting like this. retreating He almost tripped twice, once on a root He hadn’t seen as He walked backwards into it and the second time as He stumbled on a rock.

Despite his difficulties He was managing to block most of his blows, his hands moving to meet as many of them as possible while the rest He dodged skillfully. A kick came rushing towards his head, seeing it a moment after it left the ground He let himself fall into a crouch which He immediately translated into a spinning foot sweep, causing his opponent, now wit hone leg high in the air, to fall on his back, hitting the ground hard. Not as easy as with the Byakugan but still it wasn’t so bad… or was he just not that skilled?..

”Akemi!” He turned to face where the scream had come from ”Hiro!!” the second man had grabbed him. He didn’t have much time, quickly before he leaves with him! his right hand rose towards the sky.

”Hirameki no Jutsu!” Flair Technique

Too late, before his technique could be activated a hand reached to grab his by the wrist from behind, pulling on his hard lifting his off his feet and launching his several meters away to slam violently into a tree trunk.

”Not this time dumb young man!”

He hit the tree hard, hit ribs-first into its massive trunk, his arm had still extended out for his jutsu. Immediately falling to the ground, the air had been knocked out of his, He was having difficulties inhaling, on top of the sensation of his lungs compressing, each time He force air in He felt a stabbing pain on his side, where He had impacted with the tree. Had He broken some of his ribs?…

”Uugghhhhnn ...” Groaning as He lay rolled up into a ball, unable to let go of his abdomen and side, each time He tried He felt a rush of excruciating pain shoot up and down his body as if to punish his for even thinking about it.

”Stop fooling around and grab his already!” the one holding on to Hiro called out. This one was the bulkier of the two men, far more muscular then the one He had just fought. he also seemed to be the brains of the operation. his own opponent was tall but rather scrawny, but his legs and arms were very long granting them exceptional reach. An ugly man, with his messy short brown hair, last few teeth and wretched look on his face.

”Ha ha… did you see how I through her… like a freaking feather heh…” He laughed as he approached his.

He couldn’t believe he had gotten his so easily, that would never have happened with his Byakugan, he could never have snuck up on his like that ”Deal with it!! You can’t use Byakugan right now!” That was true, He had to put aside all these useless considerations and deal with the situation at hand, He didn’t have his Byakugan nor did He have his more potent Taijutsus or Ninjutsus, nor did He have his weapons either, but He was hardly defenseless…”Here he comes… Get up girl! get up!!! Move… move…move!! As he reached to grab his He bolted upwards using chakra to plant his feet onto the tree trunk He had impacted against moments ago and began running up it’s length. his stomach and right lung protested, firing off waves of pain throughout his body, but their was no time for that right now, He was fighting for his life. He had to ignore it!

Once his surprised had passed he bolted up the tree after his. He had gained a head’s start but he, unhindered by pain was moving much faster then He was, he‘d catch up momentarily. Once he had his he’d take great pleasure throwing his off the tree to crash on the ground below. A sick grin crept across his lips.

Looking back He could see him closing in… Perfect. That’s right, keep coming you sick bastard. He veered off the trunk onto one of the trees larger branches. finally running horizontally once again. Academy Basic Training… Use your environment and what you find within it… a smart ninja is never unarmed. As He ran along the branch their were many smaller branches growing out of it. He grabbed hold of a thin flexible stem breaking it free while still on the move. He had a 3 foot length of it, a half inch think at it’s widest. the branch itself was rather moist, wet, meaning it would be very flexible making for an excellent make shift whip... He had his weapon. Time to stop and turn to face his adversary. It took no more then three seconds and he was on his, trying to grab his. He somersaulted into the air over his head swinging his make shift whip at his face hitting hard dead center between the eyes. With a screech he immediately brought both his hand to his face in response to the stinging pain.

Perfect, there was his chance! He immediately moved in sliding the make shift whip around his neck, grabbing both sides of it and twisting from behind him. With a kick to his legs He forced him off balance, and pushed him on the branch they were standing on while He let himself fall to the opposite side of it still holding on to his make shift whip wrapped around his neck. His body falling to one side of the branch while his head was pulled to the opposite side. His neck snapped as it impacted with the branch while being pulled in opposite directions. He was dead… He had his own problems his make shift whip snaped along with the neck it had been wraped around leaving his to fall towards the ground far below. ”Oh oh… think.. think.. think.. think…

Luckily the forest in this regions was particularly dense, heavy with crisscrossing branches and trunks. half way down He came just close enough to a branch to reach out and grab hold of it, stopping his fall. Pulling himself up to safety He made his way to the trunk and ran back down to the ground to face the second of the two men… the one with Hiro.

” Don’t get any closer or he dies you little young fool…” He was holding a Kunai to a now unconscious Hiro’s throat.

”Besides… What do you think would happen to the other Genin we’ve captured if you killed me. just laying there in the middle of nowhere tied up and drugged.” He added arrogantly.

He halted his advance, clutching once again at his ribs. his breathing heavy… He hoped he was bluffing, but knew that he probably wasn’t. If they had gotten to all the scrolls then they most likely had captured most of the participating Genin. He wasn’t too sure how to proceed from here, that bastard had a hostage, many of them, and He didn’t have all of his usual tools available to his.

”We’re leaving! I see so much as bark that reminds me of you and this one dies. Best you not to follow.” With that he and Hiro flickered away and were gone. He fell to his knees, clutching more tightly to his ribs and gut. The pain He had been ignoring, trying to suppress flooding back in to be heard and felt once again.

”Oh crap.. that hurts…! He groaned. letting himself fall to the ground.

He had been near motionless for what must have been 10 minutes now. Pain still very much letting his know He was hurt… but it was subsiding slowly. Not slowly enough however, she’d have to fight with that pain… As if He didn’t have enough problems right now.

It was time to get up… He lifted himself to a sitting position, breathing in deep breaths. He have to get under way if He hoped to catch up with Hiro and his captor. He had to rescue him… He had to rescue them all. Their wasn’t time to look for help any more. It was up to his.

Standing up He took a quick look around his. Academy Basic Training, Tracking! All travel left a trace behind… something to indicate an individuals passage. Whether disturbed leaves, broken branches, foot prints, etc… Their were ways of hiding ones passage of course but He highly doubted that that man had had the time or disposition to do so… not while carrying Hiro on his shoulders. He got underway and started his search. Within 5 minutes He had found his first sign. Several broken branches on a small bush. From there He found more, and more leading his South again… Of course, it’s where they had come from earlier on and where other Genin would probably be kept.

He tracked the two as fast as He could. Apparently Hiro’s captor was in a hurry, he was being careless. it could of course be a trap, but Red didn’t think so… Rather the problem most likely was that he needed to get back to his other captives before the Drug that incapacitated them wore off and left them to try to escape. But a trap was always a possibility… She’d have to be careful.

Nearly an hour now He had been tracking them, moving as quickly as He could. their was no time to waste. the sun would soon be setting… The dark would make tracking them that much harder. Luckily He didn’t have much further to go. some 15 minutes later. He found The Kidnapper’s camp… oddly enough they hadn’t moved it very far from their last one He had escaped from… not very bright…

He needed to do some reckon, If their were no traps set up around here then this guy was an idiot, as much as she’d like him to be, it wasn’t very likely. Indeed He found his first perimeter trap a couple of steps towards the camp. and several more as He progressed even closer. Disabling each of them, He then marked his cleared path by passing a sharp rock against a near by tree’s trunk barks while trying not to make too much noise.

The camp consisted of two small camouflaged tents, and a small over head screen covered area where the Genin were being kept under. He could see 5 of them. Hiro was sitting and tied up a little further. Apparently having been roughed up some since last He saw him. He was conscious though… That was good. The other Genin were also awake… Apparently the Drugs having worn off on them… that was VERY good! It would make their escape much easier. Especially if He couldn’t manage to beat their captor.

Next step was to find the bandit responsible for their pitiful condition. That was easy… He stepped out of his tent to come and sit outside in the open near the captive Genin. Crap!...

So what now... Well, first step was to free the captives, then she’d have to face off against the Bandit, At the very least trying to hold him off while the others made their escape. If He tried to fight him first before freeing the Genin and lost then then no one would be around to free them.

”Ok… So how do I get him out of here long enough to break Hiro and the others free?”

Alright… He had to figure something out and quick. He had begun taking down the camp site… of course he would, it was getting late, the Proctors would begin wondering why the Genins hadn’t made it to the gates yet. They’d come looking. The last thing he would want was to have to go up against a bunch of Konoha Chunin and Jonin Ranked Ninjas.

his time was running out… He had to act quick.. but what was He supposed to do?... An opening made itself for his when the kidnapper entered his tent and seemed to be packing his belonging that were within it. This was it. He snuck over to where Hiro was, using every technique that He could think of to approach without being spotted or heard. making his way to his side He began undoing his bonds. He looked at his questioningly, to which He responded by bringing up his finger to his mouth indicating to remain silent. He then signaled for him to follow his into the woods. Hiro seemed to want to protest leaving the others behind but He insisted. Reluctantly he submitted and followed his.

They made their way to a location relatively covered by leaves and bushes… a safe distance to finally whisper without fear of being heard.

”I won’t leave them… I”

”Relax!.. We’re not leaving any one. He reassured him. trying to calm him down He had just wanted to be able to tell him his plan so as to have every thing go down smoothly.

”We need to get him away from the other Genin if we’re gonna have enough time to get them all out of there…. Can you make a Bunshin?

Hiro, hearing this calmed down some what. He fired of a number of hand seals and attempted to make a clone in response to his question… but nothing happened. Most likely a combination of side effects of the drug and shear exhaustion. He shook his head in disappointment.

Damn… Red would have to do this himself. his plan was to use a Clone to draw the kidnapper away long enough for them to free the Genin and get them to safety, If He sent a clone of himself, most likely the kidnapper would head straight for a Genin, put a Kunai to his throat and threaten him lest He surrendered himself. But if it was a worn down and beaten Hiro that he saw free and running away then he’d most likely run after him. At least He hoped

”It’s ok Hiro… I’ll take care of that. Once That bastards gone we’ll have to move quick to free the others. after that you’ll have to lead them to safety. I’ll take him on and hold him off for you guys.”

” Why don’t you run with the rest of us?”

”Because we won’t be able to fool him for long. once he realizes it’s a trick he’ll come running back. If he catches up to the group… Well do you think that their in any shape to fight? are you?”

He had to admit that he wasn’t… and probably neither were the others. His eyes fell to the ground and he shook his head in the negative.

”Exactly… That’s why I’ll stay behind to fight him… Give you guys time to get away. Understood?”

He nodded in the affirmative. Good. He then pointed to the path He had cleared of traps

”That way. That’s where I came from. I cleared the traps in the area, you’ll see scratch marks on the trees to indicate the path. It should be safe, but obviously be careful.” He studied Hiro closely, trying to memorize each of his features as He spoke with him. He thought He had it... his gaze turned towards the camp, drawn in by movement. The bandit had come out of his tent. It was time. He turned back towards Hiro.

”Alright Hiro, this is it. Ready? Good luck!

He formed several hand and concentrated his chakra. to the max that He could manage at the moment, hoping it was enough...

”Henge no Jutsu!”

Coming out of his tent, he should be ready to leave soon. by this time tomorrow he would have that forbidden Jutsu scroll he so coveted. Things hadn’t exactly gone according to plan, but hey… no plan was perfect? In general however things weren’t going so bad. His stuff was packed and it would be time to move soon. he was just about ready to go. he’d take a final look outside make sure not to leave anything valuable behind an he’d get underway. Stepping out of his tent he took in a long deep breath, holding it for several seconds before finally releasing it. He scanned the camp, one final time he thought. just to make sure he hadn’t missed anything.

Didn’t seem to be anything he forgot to pack that he would want to anyways. Wait a minute…. His eyes stopped at the spot where Hiro had been left. The Kid was gone! His head and eyes quickly moved from one direction to the next trying to find any signs of the young man…He had been there just a minute ago! He couldn’t have …

Something caught his attention, in his peripheral vision.. His head immediately turned to see what it was. It was the kid! just off in the bush! As if on cue the young man seemed to notice him as well and ran for it.

”Damn you boy! Come back here! His order was ignored. The Young man was running for it. ”Shit!” He bolted after him. No way he was gonna let that kid escape a second time. He readied a Kunai and ran as fast as he could. Damn the boy was fast… but he was pretty sure he'd catch up to him. The boy had been beaten good and drug, He wouldn't be able to keep it going for long. Nah he was pretty damned sure he’d catch up soon enough. Just the drug’s side effects alone that he knew were still hampering the kid would be more then enough to garanty that. Looking back, he couldn’t see his Camp sight's lanterns any more, they were getting too far, Not a good thing in the dark forest around them.

”Get back here boy. come back now and I won’t beat you too much!”

Damn this kid was stubborn. Surely he knew he couldn’t escape... And where did he find all this energy from anyways… They had been running for several minutes now, This was taking longer then he had expected it to. It wouldn't be to smart to keep going for much longer...

Something happened to caught him off guard for a moment. The Boy… he had come to a full stop. Just standing there motionless staring out into the darkness, his back to him. Had he given up?.. Good, he was sick of running after him. Coming to a walking pace a few steps away he reached to grab the young man by the hair with his left hand. Just as he was about to take a hand full, the young man spun in place with lightning speed delivering an elbow to his gut. He fell back letting out a groan. Pain causing anger to boil up within him.

”How dare you hit me!!” He shouted out, running in head first to tackle the young man. He was not too sure just how it was that he missed, all he knew what that the boy had just leaped over him kicking him to the back in mid air. he fell to the ground clutching his back for a few moments before getting back on his feet. No way the kid had this much energy... What trickery was this?..


”Henge no Jutsu”

A puff of smoke overtook his momentarily before fading. had it worked? He looked down at himself. It had! Thank God. He was ready for the first step. With a final nod to Hiro He moved in closer to the camp, finally allowing the bandit to see his. The moment his eyes came upon his He dashed into a run. heading south bound, the opposite direction that his fellow Genin would be taking.

He ran for some time, trying to keep ahead of him but not get any further lest he lose his in the dark. Normally with his Byakugan, this run would be so easy, as easy as if He were running at mid day. but He couldn’t use his Byakugan right now, meaning He was stuck running in the dark. The sun had set nearly an hour ago the forest was pitch black, making each step a dangerous one if He were not careful. what a time not to have his Doujutsu...

He had been chasing his for about 7 minutes now, He began to fear he might decide to give up and turn back… that was not an option, He had to keep him away from the camp for as long as possible. This would have to be far enough. hopefully Hiro and the others were already under way. Their pace would be slow due to the drug but they were ninja on their Chunin exam, They’d know how to remain unseen, hopefully.

He came to a stop, but did not turn to face him, rather He just waited for him. As soon as He sensed him behind his moving in He launched his elbow at him connecting hard. sending him falling backwards. He managed to remain on his feet however and lunged at his. with a quick leap He was airborne above him sending his foot towards his back and connected again.

Landing on his feet He watched him crash to the ground with a certain satisfaction. He wasn’t as fast as He was… Getting back up he readied his Kunai and examined his closely , obviously he hadn’t seen through his transformation yet, he still saw Hiro.

He took on his normal Jyuuken Stance. Readying for his next attack hoping the others were well on their way.

He realized He had made a mistake the moment He raised his hand. He recognized the stance…

”So you little brat, decided to come back for your friend huh… Well then, enough with the masquerade, I know it’s you girl”

The little smile He had on his lips faded, so much for the little advantage of surprise He thought He had. A puff of smoke surrounded his once again, fading within a second later to reveal his true self. No matter, He had already ascertained that he was slower then her… He could take him! She’d have to avoid being hit to the upper body at all costs however. It was painful enough just maneuvering, Actually getting hit might put an abrupt end to this fight.

The two opponents faced off for several moments without sound and nearly without movement, that suited Red just fine, He was in no hurry to get this fight going. The longer it took, the further the others would get from the camp safely. He just made sure to adjust his stance so as to remain facing him when ever he took a step to either left or right.

In hand to hand combat He was used to taking more risks then He could permit himself now, She’d have to consciously keep himself from doing that this time, He had no enhanced vision to help his, and He had no Kaiten or other techniques to fall back to. The first to connect would most likely win this battle and He knew it. No mistake could be allowed.

The stand off was over, things were about to begin,

”So… You thought you’d buy time for your fellow little Genin by drawing me out here huh…And what?.. now your gonna fight me. You think you can beat me? or is it that you want to keep me from heading back to stop them from escaping?Heh… He broke into laughter. his hands coming together to form hand seals

”Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

Three solid clones appeared around him in large puffs of smoke. Oh… This isn’t good.

All four identical bandits jumped into action. He stepped back uncertain of how He would manage these, He needed his Byakugan! The real bandit and two of his clones came after his, the third clone broke off and headed towards the camp. She’s have his hands full in a second, nothing He could do to stop that one for now. He had to focus on the three identical opponents coming at his, She’d had to keep track of the original, that was key, above anything else, He had to stay with the real one. It would take at least 7 minutes for that third clone to reach the camp, give or take, After all it had taken them that much time to get this far away from it, even then, he’d still have to find Hiro and the others, who would hopefully have already put some distance between themselves and the camp.

The first of his opponents reached his, quickly followed by the other two. He took several steps back and prepared for the barrage of fists and kicks that would soon attempt to overwhelm his. He blocked the first three punches first with his right then left and right again, jumping to avoid a leg sweep, while in the air He blocked another two blows and managed to deliver one of his own, a kick right to the throat of the clone to his right reducing it to a puff of smoke. The other two didn’t relent however, the moment He landed on the ground a round house kick was heading towards his mid section. He couldn’t let that one hit, or it would be over, his already battered ribs and abdomen wouldn’t be able to take another blow. Both arms extended to block the kick unfortunately leaving his open, the clone… No... the real Bandit lifted a hand to his mouth, blowing hard as he opened it, releasing a cloud of dust towards his face.

Had their been more light He might have better seen it coming, but in the dark, it took his a little longer to register his movement. ”Don’t breath it!!!” He quickly held his breath, but it was too late. He had taken some in, just a little but enough. He was suddenly struck with a strong sense of vertigo and disorientation. It was the drug! A fist made it’s way to his left temple impacting hard and pushing his off his feet to crash to the ground. The odd sense of pain and disorientation causaed by the blow flawlessly merging in with that caused by the drug. He could afford to remain on the ground, He had to keep moving!”Get Up!!” Kicking dirt at his opponents as a distraction, He immediate dashed clumsily into near by heavy bush. to finally climb some 12 feet onto a tree on the opposite side from the two identical foes. He needed to regroup, but couldn’t afford to take too much time to do it. He couldn’t let him get out of here and head back towards the camp. Mind and sight spinning, He had to come up with something fast, He had to some how counteract the Drug if He could, and come up with a strategy…


He had quickly taken out one of his clones but he'd have his, he was sure of it. He had his own little secret weapon after all. Reaching into his pouches, pulling out a vile of his knock out drug, a substance he had come up with himself. he was quite proud of it actually. waiting for the perfect opportunity, he finally found it as his clone sent a kick to his side pulling his attention towards it, leaving him to blow the dust into his face without too much trouble. He got his!

He had turned away rather quickly, he doubted that He took in too much of it, but just a little it would be enough. His clone connected with a punch sending his to the ground obviously dazed.

With a sense of satisfaction he approached the girl as He lay on the floor. Surely He had inhaled at least some of it. The drug would be taking effect shortly, even if He had just breathed in the smallest amount, she’d be too dazed to fight. This fight was… A hand full of dirt came rushing as his face. he pulled back for just a second before turning back towards Red just in time to see his clumsily jumping behinds a bush and tree. The dizziness plaguing his evident even in that split second.

His clone was about to pursue. but was stopped in mid step.

”Don’t bother. He ain’t going anywhere.”

Nah, all this was was a desperate last ditch effort to get away. while He still had some sense of balance left. He wouldn't be getting very far, especially not in the dark. ”easy as pie.”. Well this fight was a good as over, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have himself a little fun…

”You know Kid, if only you had listened and not followed me back. I was gonna forget about the whole thing, You’re escape, the hassle it was to find you guys and even bout you killing Noki. But no… You had to be the Hero and come to the rescue. Well I’ll show you what happens to Heroes. I’m gonna burn you kid, And I’m gonna enjoy doing it!”

He took a perverse little pleasure at taunting his. Sure it was petty but a man had to enjoy the little things…he liked it. His pleasure quickly faded when a rock came flying at him from the dark hitting square on the forehead.

”Son of a…” That had hurt damn it! ”You freaken kid, you just WANT to die don’t you?!

He rapidly fired off a series of hand seals, finally bringing his right hand over to his mouth, his clone mimicking every move.

”Katon: Housenka no Jutsu”

A rapid hail of 1 foot wide balls of fire, coming from both real and clone bandit, bombarded the forest around them. Their was no aiming involved, this was more of a carped bombing. He wanted to hide behind a tree? he’d burn them all down. He wanted to hide in the dark? he’d set the whole place ablaze bringing the fire’s light.

It was rather surprising that He had apparently managed to counteract or avoid the drugs effects but it didn’t matter now, He was going down one way or another.

A full 10 seconds of fire bombing , finally came to a stop. Much of the forest around them was ablaze, the dark that blanketed the area moments ago pushed back by the brightness of the flames. Both he and his clones scanned the area, looking for any trace of movement, any trace of the girl. He was looking north bound, towards where he knew the Camp laid, would He be trying to get back to it… No He wouldn’t back down now, not if He wanted to help his friends, and if the drug was affecting his then He wouldn’t make it anyways. No.. He had to be around here somewhere. He could see his clone in the corner of his eyes, some 10 feet to his left searching a patch of bush. He turned to his right, all the way to see behind him, Finding his second clone heading this way. "Odd..." His attention was immediately ripped back to the first clone, interrupting his train of thought, it’s voice shouting out. ” This way! I see his, she’s on the run!” just before it jumped into pursuit. A small smile creped onto his face, just for a second, before sinking away, his mind shouting at him, trying to warn him. ”She took out the second clone earlier… Their should only be one of em left... He spun as quickly as he could towards the second clone behind him, too late, in time only to see what appeared like himself rushing in on him with a smile. The last thing he felt was a tearing surge of pain ripping at his chest before finally passing out.

Standing on the Side of the tree, He could hear his taunts, but their meaning was becoming difficult to discern… The drug’s effects were taking hold. He didn’t have much time. He had to think of something quick. She’d have to finish him quick, because soon He wouldn’t be in any position to do anything anymore.

his chakra flow fluctuated, almost loosing his footing on the tree He was forced down to the ground. The bastard was laughing, getting cocky, over confident. This could be good if He managed to focus long enough to take advantage of it. ”Focus!!! He took in several deep breaths collecting himself as best He could. ”A little bit longer, Focus!.. He’s cocky, and over confident now, good, now you just need to get him mad, force him to make an mistake, create an opening…”

an idea came to his as his right hand, planted on the ground, felt a nice round shaped rock under it, Picking it up, He aimed and through it at the bastard, connecting right on his forehead. good shot!.. He didn’t seem to appreciate it though. Both he and his clone began forming hand seals and started shooting off a rapid fire barrage of fire balls. ”Well he’s definitely mad…” He ran deeper into the woods to try to take cover. Trying to figure out his next move. Fighting off the steady strengthening drag of his "high". He could think of a few thing, not necessarily good plans of course... actuall really bad one... but still, better then nothing. The problem was his clone, it would get in the way of most of the ideas that came up with. It was then that in his partially delusional state that the idea came to his, ”Stupid clone… it would be nice it if was on my side...” The part of his still rational and clear headed saw in this a possibility. Sheformulated a plan and set it into motion… He didn’t have much time.

First He would need a distraction, something to keep the bastard’s mind busy with just long enough for his ruse to work.

“Bunshin no Jutsu!”

First attempt wasn’t so pretty, damned Drug was making it hard to focus. Second attempt still wasn’t perfect but it would do. Next was the disguise. Using the "Henge no jutsu" She’s transform into his spitting image... Well as close as He could get with how difficult it was to focus. He was going to pass himself as one of his clones.

Obviously it wouldn’t work for long, he'd remember quick enough that their shouldn't be a second clone out here with him, that’s what his Bunshin was for, to keep them distracted, preoccupied, force him to think of other things just long enough to get close to him, even if it was only good to by his a second or two. Hopefully the unexpectedness of seeing an extra clone along with the distraction from his own Bunshin would be enough to allow his to get close to deliver his blow.

Funny He thought, the way He was fighting now, He might as well just have come out of the academy, because the skills He had then were the only ones He was actually putting to use or could even use now.... Time to move.

Using his fire bombardment as cover both He... now looking like him... sort of… And his clone moved into position. He made his way behind them while his clone headed towards area where He could easily be seen. As the fire bombardment ended He starter his approach. He slowly stepped out of the bushes walking towards the bandit. Who was now inspecting the damage he had caused. He turned towards his for just a moment, his heart nearly stopped, if he was quick witted then He was done for, Hopefully his distraction would prove enough, He heard his real clone calling out that it had spotted his, or rather his clone, in the woods and ran after it. That grabbed the real bandits attention just long enough to make him forget that their shouldn't be a second clone of him out here with him. His confusion lasted for only a second, but it was enough, He used it to close in as fast as He could readying his hand for his blow. He turned back just in time to stare into his face, or his own, as his blow connected right under his heart releasing a strong flow of Chakra into it.

The man winced in pain as his eyes rolled up, before falling to the ground. In the distance some where in the dark woods, both of his clones, the one chasing his own clone and the one heading towards the camp, disappeared in puffs of smoke. He had gotten him!... Fantastic… Dream land awaited....


his eyes opened, greeted by the morning sun. He was laying on his back where He had fallen the night before. It took his a moment to realize where He was exactly. due to the Drug, the last nights excitement was all rather vague. The smell of smoke and burned wood surrounding his, helped remind his however. Pushing himself up into a sitting position He surveyed the carnage around his. The immediate area of the forest around his was quite badly burned, the foliage, bark all but gone, leaving behind deadened trees still smoldering . ”That’s right… he used Fire…” He realized just how lucky He was not to have been killed by either flame or smoke as He lay unconscious.... Odd....

Laying not to far beside his was the man He had fought. Face down into the dirt. He crawled over to him to check his pulse, He was dead. Memories of the previous day began flooding back it. The Chunin exams, waking up bound and drugged, their escape and Hiro’s recapture…That’s right, Hiro!

Bringing his self up to his feet ignoring his soreness and fatigue as best He could, He starter his run back to bandits camp. his pace wasn’t as quick as the night before, He was exhausted, worn down by exertion, the drug, his injuries and lack of food. But He was determined to find out if they had escaped. It took his a full twenty minutes to get to the now deserted camp. The Genin were gone… They had made it out! A sense of relieve came over his.. their plan had worked.

his hands came down to his knees as He took in several deep breaths. It was over. He could take a breath and rest. He fell asleep for another hour, waking up starving, He searched the camp for food and water, finding several loafs of bread and some fruit. He couldn’t remember ever being this hungry. In practically the blink of an eye the food was gone, his stomach full.

A more thorough search of the camp allowed his to find his own possessions, taken from his previously. his Med Kit, Weapons pouch, backpack and canteen. every thing was here. It came as an odd relief to find these, He hadn’t thought about them much during the ordeal but his possessions held value to his, loosing them would have been displeasing to his, they were hers after all.

That done He took the time to tend to his injuries, having dressed his wounds it was time to go. It was mid day as He set off, He still had a long way to go. Part of his hoped to run into Hiro and the others, so as to confirm that every one was safe and Ok. But He knew that to be unlikely, unless their skills as remaining hidden were so poor. He could always try to track them, but He didn’t have the energy for it right now. He just wanted to get home.

The trip, done at a steady jogging pace took just over 6 hours. the trip itself was uneventful. Disappointingly He didn't come upon Hiro or any one else for that matter, In fact He didn’t come upon the slightest trace of Human passage what so ever, that worried his some what but He hoped it rather meant a they had been extra cautious.

Finally, as the sun was setting He exited the special Academy reserve. It didn’t take long to finally come into view of Konoha and his gates. The overwhelming sense of relief and joy at seeing them pushing his forward, He was Home! He would sprint the last distance. finally crossing the threshold as the sun was just off the horizon on it’s way to setting. He sought out the first person He could see, which oddly enough was his Uncle… Was he waiting for his? He ran over to him, addressing him with an air of urgency. He still had to make sure.

”Uncle… I’m so glad to see you. In the woods We were taken Hostage… We managed to escape but… Did the other Genin make it back?”

He stared at his for a few moments before finally giving his a smile. ”It’s alright Red. Every one is fine. You did well.”

He let out a sigh of relieve. The others had made it, and they were all fine… Thank God. taking in a couple of large breaths of air He exhaled the last one forcefully. before facing his uncle again to speak.

”So then they’ve explained what happened?”

His hand reached to rest on his cheak, as he let out a soft laugh. He lowered his head towards his, while reach behind his head to undo the knot of his Konoha head band. He wasn’t sure what he was doing… why was he removing his head band?... He did not protest or resist however. Finally as he took it off he addressed his.

”Not exactly… You see, their were no Kidnappers red… This.. was your test.”

He said nothing, just stared at him intently. He had thought as much at first, but the situation had seemed so real, so dangerous to his, after all a man had died at his hands, that He had come to believe it to be truly happening. So was He angry at this revelation? or was He happy?… He was too exhausted to tell. Seeing his niece speechless, he continued.

”Akemi, what did it tell you yesterday morning, before you headed out for the exams?”

He reached into his memories, recollections of his words to his returning

”You said that that true skill and power as a Shinobi doesn’t come from his techniques but from how he uses them.”

He smiled at his nodding in the affirmative.

”Exactly! Jutsus are tools, nothing more. Even the most powerful Jutsu in the hands of a fool who does not know how to use it is worthless. A true Ninja can take the simplest, most basic jutsu and turn it into a potent and deadly weapon. A truly skilled Ninja relies on his wits and intelligence. Jutsus are tools that aid him, they don’t “make” him… or his.”

He raised his head band to his eyes, showing his the inside of it to reveal to his a tag that had been placed on the inside of it. The tag read “Suppress” surrounded by several symbols matching his own Cursed seal on his forehead. his eyes opened wide as He realized what this meant. The tag had been pressed against his cursed seal, the Cotton cloths He wore to conceal that seal keeping his from feeling it. He turned to look at his uncle in the eyes.

”That’s right, we suppressed your Byakugan with this tag, and limited your Chakra flow with the drug. Being a Chunin Is about how many Jutsus you know or how powerful they are. It’s about knowing how to use what you have to it’s utmost. It’s about intelligence, wits, competence, daring and ingenuity, and so much more. That is what you were being tested on. ”

He tore off the tag from his head band before handing it back to his. He stared at it in his hands for several moments motionless, He shoudl be feeling something... Any thing, but He ws to exhausted to, instead He just took in the information and filed it.. Maybe He'd be angry tomorrow... His hand came to gently rest on his head as to comfort his. ”You did very well on this Red, pass or fail, I am proud of you, so would your Father be.” his gaze turned up towards him. He only smiled gently but spoke no word.

‘Now. Pass by the infirmary to get look over. A proctor will come along soon to let you know how you did.”
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