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 Xane Legend Fire Genin

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Flame Special Jounin
Flame Special Jounin

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PostSubject: Xane Legend Fire Genin   Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:51 pm


Name: Xane Legend

Weight: 130

Height: 5'2

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Rank:attempting for Genin (if my rp sample is good enough)

Village: Flame

Element(s): Eventually diamond. But for the sake of progression. Fire first then earth.

Personal Info

Family: Ryuken and Isadora Legend. Both parents are alive but only his mother Isadora is around most of the time. His father works as a spy and as work would suggest he is gone most of the time gathering information on other villages, kages, etc. When Xane was young he learned that within him resides great power. One that shined with such brilliance that it would show the world how tough he is. He is left with the quote from his father, "With strength comes the decision to use it for good or evil." While the choice seemed obvious to Xane at the time his father continued with the warning, "Sometimes people may test your will to stick with your belief and if that time should come you must use your strength to stick up for what you believe in." This small conversation between father and son stuck with Xane and has become part of his way of life.

Clan: affiliated with the Hitokiri clan

Bloodline: Hitokari Bloodline

Tattoo(s): Xane has several tribal blue tattoos across his face.
Scar(s):Xane has no scars yet, though he is young. Perhaps later on in his ninja career he will be exposed to something that will provide him with a scar.



Weapon(s): 3 Regular Katana, two strapped across his back forming an x as well as one strapped to his waste, for easy access. As well as standard ninja gear, a few sets of shuriken, kunai, exploading tags, smoke bombs and a medical kit.

Armor: For now Xane has a basic ninja garb. His hands have thin layer of metal atop of them. Same with his boots. He wears a basic layer of chain on his chest and legs under his clothes. He has his village headband strapped around his waist like a belt. Nothing else

Equipment: Aside from the basic gear within his backpack Xane keeps things streamlined. The only extra equipment he has is a poison vile he keeps stashed securely

Extra Info

Bio: Not having lived that long, Xane's past is not long. He was born and lived with both his loving parents in the great village of Fire. As he grew old enough to enter the academy his parents sent him to become a great ninja like his father.
As he went through the years of training required to take the gennin exam the day finally arrived when Xane could attempt to take his first step towards joining his farther as a part of the ninja world. As he began his test, he was placed in the squad 13 along with two other academy students, Sho Mizatoua and Nel Yamamoto. Their squad leader was to be a Special Jounin by the name of Akuma Zelleth. They began the test in the morning, fighting fiercely to complete Akuma's challenge in order to be accepted as his students.

Rp sample:Xane, Sho and Nel arrived in the grassy stretch of land before a roaring river as per Akuma's request. They all sat on a fallen tree near the bridge eagerly waiting for their teacher to arrive. The trio seemed to be well paired off suprisingly. Xane and Nel had been neighbors for several year now and were lucky enough to have become great friends in the process. While Sho and Nel were always paired up in class because of their exceptionally promissing skills. To have them both in the same team seemed like an unfair advantage to Xane, given that his skills were said to be quite good for someone of his age as well. "I guess Shizumaru wanted to create an allstar team that he could be proud of later on in life" Sho gleefully said as he grinned at his new companions. "I cannot complain though, having two people I can trust right off the bat will set me more at ease. I can't say that I'm suprised I got paired with Nel though, Hahaha." The three academy students continue their conversation for several more minutes, discussing their teacher, what life might be like if they pass his test and are lucky enough to become Genin. And soon a man tall in stature, with long flowing ivory hair came to stand before the group with a book in toe. " So you three must be Xane Legend, Sho Mizatoua and Nel Yamamoto correct?" The man said clearly in a gruff, weathered voice that they assumed could only be one of a great warrior, their teacher Akuma Zelleth. "Yes!" They said in unison. "Good, good . . . I'm glad to see this bunch listens to my instruction thoroughly. Arrived on time, and sat where I instructed they sit. Very good. Well since I'm sure you all would love to keep those headbands of yours and become full fledged Genin let's begin the test now shall we?" Again the three answered in unison, each nodding their heads at their teacher jubilantly.

Sho was the first to attempt his jutsu aplication to pass the test. He formed the proper symbols at a skilled speed of someone who had practiced this tech several times before. After which he slammed his hands together to form tiger shouting "Clone Technique!" As 7 clones appeared standing on either side of him, all grinning at their teacher. Nel followed suit, quickly using the same technique as Sho to create her own set of 7 clones. Akuma stared at the display of skill unphased, he simply nodded and returned to his notes. At last it was finally time for Xane to display his ability to conjure his chakra into a jutsu application. Xane felt abit sick to his stomach when everyone was staring at him to show his skills off. As he walked past the three a good 3 yards he kept his back to them for a few moments before turning around slowly, his eyes burning with great intensity. He formed only two hand symbols before shouting fiercely his jutsu, "Katon Gokakyu no Jutsu!" as he aimed his head skywards, the massive blazing ball of fire shot off into the sky like a reverse falling star. The group stared in amazement at Xane's display with awe, and to his fellow squad members a slight bit of resentment for not being able to use such a high level of jutsu themselves.

Akuma graded them all with passing scores welcoming them into the world of ninjas with a small round of applause. As they went home to their families to celebrate their accomplishment it was clear in some small way that this was simply the beginning of their journey. The world of Ninjas is not a forgiving one, if they were to become masters they would have to train hard to become ready.
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Akatsuki Leader
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PostSubject: Re: Xane Legend Fire Genin   Sat Oct 31, 2009 1:52 pm


How much evil must humanity do before it does good

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Xane Legend Fire Genin
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