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 The first two realms... Hell and Asura. New power attained

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PostSubject: The first two realms... Hell and Asura. New power attained   Thu Oct 29, 2009 2:54 am

(This thread is my char telling a story up to the point she is in now. Which currently isn't that far after the story.)

Life... Death... I can't tell whats up from down anymore. The events that has taken place recently have given me great power... Nor could they be explained very easily.

The fun part is that I had no ability what so ever. I had zero chance to became a ninja before the event took place. This so called "event" was my death. Yet... Here I am today in the living world. But... During my so called death. I traveled to two different places not of this world. The realm of asura... And the realm of hell. Now to most this sounds ridiculous. I would so think the same exact thing if I wasn't standing here today. But all in all, I pretty much went to hell and came back. Doing this gave me power to become a freelance ninja of the moon village. The disappointing part is I can use nothing else besides the powers given to me by traveling to these realms, but I don't mind to much since my abilities given to me could be used for most situations. So, overall it makes up for it. I would go into more detail about my powers and what I could do with them, but that would ruin the fun wouldn't it? Anyways I will stop delaying with this useless information and get on with how I gained my first two abilities. Real illusions and combat ability. I call it combat ability since I have no specific name for it. All I know is it was the power I gained from the realm of asura.

Ahhh! Right did I forget to mention my name. How rude of me. My name is Shenai. I don't really have a last name for some reason. I think it was cause my family disowned me for being "useless." As you can tell my memory is faulty at times hehe. Anywho let's get on with the story.
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The first two realms... Hell and Asura. New power attained
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