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PostSubject: Travel   Travel EmptyWed Oct 28, 2009 12:40 pm

When traveling from village to village it would be appreciated if you actually post about your travel to said village. It does not make sense to one instant be in the village of sound and then miraculously end up in the village of cloud. It does not have to be an extremely long post of travel, but actually document the fact that you took a trip, you could even throw in a little back story as to why you are going to the other village in the first place.

Before you do any of that though, you must also consider what your rank is. A genin has no reason to be leaving their village and entering another one, unless of course they are being accompanied by someone of a higher rank. Also, you must consider that villages personally don't like the unannounced visits of ninja from other villages, as this could spark conflict. Even with a mission being your reason for going to another village, missions usually don't take place within another countries hidden village, for obvious reasons. Ninja with that are S-ranked and have not left there village are immune to this, since they are a sort of "representative" of their village, unless they have come to the village for the main reason of causing conflict.

So please, when posting about travels be realistic. Don't magically appear places, and don't go out of bounds with what you should and shouldn't be able to do.

Travel __Tsuna___by_JM
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