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 fatal Attraction

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PostSubject: fatal Attraction   Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:15 am

Name of Bloodline: fatal Attraction

Rank of Bloodline: C

Description of Bloodline:

Calintz has the ability to create powerful magnetic fields of both positive and negative polarities. this allows him to repel and attract metal objects such as kunais, shuriken, swords, axe heads, armor, belt buckles, copper wire etc.

At Genin level Calintz can create these fields anywhere within 7 meters of himself and can maintain up to two magnetic fields at once.

each rank grants a 3 meter extension to the range of his ability.

Chuunin: grants +3 meters to maximum range and the ability to apply magnetism to the metal fibres within his clothing to enhance his speed of movement. Also able to sustain 3 magnetic fields at ocne

Special Jounin: grants another 3 meter range boost and allows calintz to propel his entire body at high speed in any direction- including upwards- in medium bursts. Able to use 4 magnetic fields at once

Jounin: +3 meters, ability for sustained movement through magnetism- including flight. Also able to use 5 magnetic fields at once.

Kage: +3 range, all abilities relating to magnetism are enhanced allowing for more extensive use and greater precision. Also able to magnetise metal filings to take on the shape and attributes of any weapon.
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PostSubject: Re: fatal Attraction   Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:23 am


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fatal Attraction
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