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 Shenai's Char app

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PostSubject: Shenai's Char app   Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:42 am







Rank:Genin >.> <.<



Personal Info

Family:Some people here some people there... No one too important... Since none will be listed in RP


Bloodline: 6 paths on reincarnation


Looks: (Picture or description) We will just go with w/e my ava is


Weapon(s): basic ninja gear and a trident spear


Equipment: Traditional ninja stuff

Extra Info

Bio: Throughout her entire life she was useless. She failed as a ninja as well. Her family soon disowned her due to her bringing dishonor to her family. From there... Well just wait and read through the rps. (I got lazy on the reedit of my bio lol.)

Rp sample:She was awake in the cave apparently next to the pool she got up quickly the spheres took her form.

This should be interesting....

Her shadow just grinned at her.

Fine... Not very talkative I see. Guess I will make the first move.

She grinned back and charge spear flying . Her shadow blocked it.She twirled it around her back for an attack and her shadow blocked it against. The shadow attacked with a thrust Kira grabbed the spear and transformed her weapon into a katana while swinging down. The shadow transformed her weapon as well into a katana just fast enough to block it. Everything they did ended in a stalemate. For technique over technique. Everything was copied. The only difference was she was getting tired and her shadow wasn't. She jumped back out of range of her shadow. She was breathing heavily.

Dammit... She knows my moves. I hate fighting a doppelganger... I gotta think of something.

The shadow didn't wait long and began to charge again. She brought her sword up quick. It was copying her earth breaker move. Kira felt the pressure from it since she was the one who created the move and barely dodged it. Her shadow transformed the weapon into a spear faster than Kira's body could react the shadow brought the spear down. It went into Kira's shoulder. But the would didn't stop Kira this was her chance. The enemies weapon was stuck in her. She grabbed her weapon out of her right hand quickly with her left. She gritted her teeth and pushed herself into the spear more. She screamed with the pain. She brought her sword up and slashed down. It connected... But the shadow reformed over it....

No... I can't fight much longer this wound is bad.

Her thoughts from beginning to now of the battle were going through her head. There had to be some way to defeat it. Nothing... Nothing... Nothing... Then suddenly the beginning of the battle came to her. The throne. The skeleton that was sitting there held something in his hand. If her assumption was correct. That was the master of this... This... Thing. The shadow pulled the spear out of her should and transformed her spear into the great sword. She swung down but due to the size she swung it slow enough for Kira to run by and charge towards the throne. The shadow was quicker. It jumped up and landed in front of Kira. The shadow just grinned.

Your are quick on your feet. But I anticipated this.

She had her normal wakazashi and her weapon in both her hands. She was barely able to hold the one in her right hand. Her weapon was in the form of a wakazashi as well . The shadow still had the great sword. Kira stabbed both and they both connected into the shadow. She tore both apart tearing apart the shadow for a second long enough for Kira to get by. She reached the throne and grabbed the object. She picked it up with her left hand and her right hand dropped her weapon due to it being damaged to much at this point she couldn't move it. She lifted it above her head. She then used both of her techniques and threw it to the ground shattering it besides a small marble sized gem.


The voice faded and the shadow disappeared. Kira breathed a heavy sigh.

That was close too close...

She quickly ripped her clothes around her shoulder and used the first aid she had with her to control the bleeding. She then got up and walked over and picked up the small gem as proof she got rid of the monsters. She slowly walked out of the mine. By the time she arrived back to Fujimara. Her vision was blurry. She walked into the dojo then passed out.

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PostSubject: Re: Shenai's Char app   Thu Sep 17, 2009 12:38 pm


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Shenai's Char app
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